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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hi I am Ted E Bear. I was named Ted by my family. It stands for TravellingEducationalDearBear. The daycare kids helped name me. This is what they had to say. Roswell says sweet bear - he looks like a Ted. Johnny says - good name - cool. and RaeAnna says - nice name for a cuddley bear. I have had fun with my family. Yesterday we had a valentine's party. I am looking forward to visiting everyone and meeting all the kids. I LOVE Kids. See you all soon.

Ted E Bear.

A Ton of Fun Childcare - Michigan

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

We received Ted E. Bear today!!! Thank you sooo much Becky, for the treats!!! The bear fruit snacks are delicious and the kids loved them with snack tonight! And OMG, those bear cookies that you sent, well let's just say that I almost hid those in my secret stash spot so I wouldn't have to share!! They're YUMMY!!!! Ted is sleeping peacefully now with Heather, and I'm sure will have many pictures taken tomorrow with his new friends!! :)

Sara Dutcher

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ted had a delicious breakfast of waffles, grapes, and milk this morning. He got his fur and teeth brushed, too. Ted spent time playing in the playroom with Calvin and Zachery. They all colored and did a clown craft, too. He wasn't real helpful cleaning up the playroom, but that was ok since he was our guest. Ted really wanted to go to gymnastics, but we decided that he should stay home and kep Jon complany. They were fast friends.....

Friday, February 24, 2006

Ted woke up and had breakfast with Heather, Taylor, Scarlett, and Charity. After they left for school, he had breakfast with Sara. After the other kids got up, he had breakfast with Quinn, Chyler, Zachery, and Calvin. He was one stuffed bear!! We went outside to play and Ted watched patiently on the porch. After getting Taylor off the bus we went inside and had hot cocoa with marshmallows. After taking a nap, Ted did homework with the school-agers when they got home. He had a fun-filled day.

Homecare for Little People - Kansas

Friday, March 3

Ted E Bear arrived safely yesterday afternoon. The kids said they heard a noise like "tap, tap, tap" so we searched around. It was coming from the box!!! We opened the box and Ted E Bear was wiggling around in his bag. Once we opened the bag, he jumped right out singing "yay whoopie! I'm in Kansas. Now where is that Dorothy and Toto everyone talks about?"

Lynda Forcum
Homecare For Little People

Caution! Kids at Play Childcare - Maryland

Wednesday, March 15

Ted E. Bear arrived safe and sound on Monday - we opened him up yesterday and the kids were thrilled to see him safely here! Kirsten and Marisa looked through the box and hugged and snuggled him first and then David got his chance with him and the box and then Cameron finally got his chance. Even little Emilee got into the action and grabbed Ted E Bear for a hug.

Lynda and kids - the kids have had the best time with those pip sqeak markers - they were definately a huge hit! Thank you! Kirsten wasn't sure why Toto was in the box with Ted E. Bear - so I explained to all the kids that he had just come from Kansas where Dorothy and Toto were from.

He spent the night Monday and Tuesday night with Kirsten so we have him back here today with us. Today is our friend Markus' last day :( so there is a picture of Markus, Kaleigh, David and Ted E. Bear together. . . those are three friends that have been here together since August and they each miss each other so much when they aren't together. Ted E Bear sat in the middle of the table watching the kids eat their special lunch today. He was hoping someone would leave him some pepperoni pizza :)


Tiny Tots Funspot - Minnesota

Friday, March 24

The door bell rang and the kids went running to the door to find a box!!!! So they ripped open the box (we will be getting a new one LOL) and they found Teddy E !!!! Of course everyone one wanted to hold him, so we all took turns hold him and taking pictures. The older kids really enjoyed looking at the pictures of the other daycare children in the photo album. So the kids finished watching the movie "The Incredible" with Teddy E. and Soon it was 12:30pm and it was naptime at Tiny Tots Funspot Childcare. Teddy E. is now taking a nap with the kids because he is soooo tired from his long trip. After naptime I promised everyone that they could eat the fruit snacks that Caution! Kids at Play Childcare sent them. Along with the crayons and notebooks! Thanks for making this Friday a great DAY!

Your friends at,
Tiny Tots Funspot

Monday, March 27, 2006

What a great day! We are playing house and having a lot of fun with Teddy E. Here's a picture of Teddy E. in the swing!

Tiny Tots Funspot

Little Leggs Home Daycare - Colorado

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

We received TED E BEAR late this afternoon. We got home from the park and he was sitting on our front step. When we pulled up, the kids got excited to see a package waiting for us. When we got out of the van, the kids heard crying. They all went up to the box and heard the crying coming from inside. We rushed inside and opened it and Ted jumped out. The kids were so excited. We started to look thru the box, but parents came to pick up, so we put everything back in and we are going to look thru it together tomorrow morning.

April, Thank you soooooo much for all the goodies. The kids were so excited to see the juice boxes and teddy grahams. And a HUGE THANKS for the extras for me. After this week, I can really use them. Thanks so much. I hope we can return the favor some day!!

Hope everyone is having a super week. Our high today was 85 degrees, so I feel sorry for all of you getting snow!!

Carol in CO

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Just wanted to let you know what Ted E did the last couple of days. Well, Friday nite, he ate supper with my family and then played with my son's and the neighbor's little boy. Then he spent Saturday at soccer games. He thought that was pretty exciting. Then today, we took him fishing with us. He would have probably done better than us. My 4 year old caught two fish and that was it all afternoon. We ate a nice lunch at the lake and spent about four hours there. We all got sun burned bad, so we came home and BBQ'd and then are heading to bed early. That sun really zapped us, but we had fun and got lots of pictures.

Have a great week.
Carol in CO

Step By Step Child Care - Ohio

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ted E Bear arrived today right in the middle of nap time! Boy were the children excited to see a box when they woke up! Ted was very happy to be let loose after his long trip clear from Colorado. Savannah took a special liking to Ted and immediately claimed him as her own as soon as she got a hold of him. That was fine with Sascha, who preferred to check out the treats that came in Ted's box.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Step By Step Child Care was closed 3 days for the long Easter holiday weekend. On Friday Ms. Jana and her daughter Tori took Ted shopping and bought him some clothes to wear. Ted rested the remainder of the weekend while he took a back seat to the Easter Bunny! Today, he sure was happy to meet some more children.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

We took Ted with us to Story Time at the library today. It is our last day with Ted - we will be mailing him back home to Iowa tomorrow morning. We sure will miss him!

Just Kids Daycare - Iowa

Monday, April 24, 2006

Ted E Bear has arrived safely at home. My kids were SOOOOOOOOO excited to see Ted E Bear again and learn of all of his adventures while he had been away. Thank you again to everyone that was on Ted's route. You all made it such a fun adventure for my kids and me.

Becky in Iowa

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