Departed September 11, 2006

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The Bear Keeper

Jenny – Jenny’s Childcare - Ohio

Serenity's Hosts

Christina - Sunshine Child Care - Washington

Dianna - Nanny’s House Daycare & Learning Center - Arkansas

Colleen - Kid’s Korner - New York

Becky - Just Kids Daycare - Iowa

Sheron - Nana’s Nest Family Daycare - Pennsylvania

Jenny – Jenny's Childcare - Ohio

September 11, 2006

Well our little lady finally got on her way this afternoon. Today no other day care kids were here but Gregory had preschool and I just didn't have the heart to send her without him getting to say goodbye. When we came back to get her little Miss Jillian had a meltdown and it was naptime.

Serenity was very excited for her journey and we took extra special time getting her ready for her trip to Washington. Enjoy her and can not wait to here of her safe arrival.

Christina - Sunshine Child Care - Washington

September 13, 2006

Hi :)

Serenity came to daycare at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. We live in a very small town so the mail man came in person and the daycare kids really like it when he brings boxs. The kids loved the box and wanted to open it up so we all sat down and opened it. All the kids Love the bear and they shared very well. The toddlers gave it lots oflove. The baby is only 7 months but she wanted to see the bear so she waited tell the toddlers put it down and crawled to it and gave it a love it was really cute. The 4 year old built a tent and put the bear in it. The kids took turns puting the bear in the grocery cart and and wagon.

The kids loved the M&M's and the goldfish. All the kids took turns playing with the puzzle they loved it.The kids also enjoyed washing there hands will the cool soap and thanks for the teacher soap. Also the kids loved looking at all the great stuff you sent with the bear. The toddlers put the bear in a cute dress and she now is resting in her special bed. Thank you so much it was so fun for the kids. This is very tiny town only 895 people way to small still geting used to it just moved here last year. Have a great day.

This is a picture of Jayden And Paige playing with Serenity.
Jayden and Paige love having Serenity at daycare.
Their two new words are Bear and Ohio. Its really cute when they say Ohio.

September 14, 2006

Hi :)

The kids were so happy to come to daycare today and see Serenity. Serenity ate breakfast with everyone. The kids wanted to paint so we painted big rainbow bears they turned out so cute. Serenity enjoyed the day. The kids took Serenity in the stroller and in the wagons for rides. Mason wanted to play with the road and car tracks today and so the Paige and Jayden played to. It was really cute Paige and Jayden gave Serenity lots of cars to play with. We ate lunch with Serenity today. We had Tacos and other foods for lunch today. Mason said You can't feed the bear tacos. I asked him what we should feed the bear and he said fruit,fish,and honey. We went got the pretend food out for her. We played some more. It was naptime so all the kids got to sleep with a bear. Each kid will get a change to sleep with Serenity andthey are looking forward to that. After nap we read bear stories. It was time to go home. Serenity had tons of fun so she is relaxing now in her very special place a crib with the kids favorite blanket. Thank you so much for sharing Serenity with us. I told the kids we can't keep her but we get to give her to a another daycare. The kids love her but when I told them we could send her home with a tractor they got very excited about that.I told them we can play with her on friday. I have a surprise for them on friday. We are going to have a teddy bear pinic :) Yeah!!!

This is a picture of Mason playing with Serenity on the army truck and puting cars on.
Mason really enjoys driving Serenity around the daycare.
Serenity is helping Mason get used to his new daycare.

This is a picture of Jayden playing with Serenity.
Serenity is enjoying her ride on Jayden's favorite toy the horse trailer.
Jayden's favorite animals are horses but Jayden loves the bear so much she took out the horses.

September 15, 2006

Serenity had fun at the teddy bear pinic and the kids had lots of fun. Jayden enjoyed sleeping with serenity at naptime.

Serenity is in her favorite spot at Sunshine Childcare.
Serenity is relaxing after a fun day playing with all the kids.

September 16, 2006

Today was a very exciting day. Johnny and Jesse came to visit me from Spokane. I watched Johnny & Jesse for 7 years in spokane :). I got to show the kids Wilbur and it was fun. The kids enjoyed seeing Wilbur and enjoyed the bear. The kids showed me there new house on their digtal camera which was really beauitful.

This is a picture of Johnny age 8 and Jesse age 6 making
silly bear faces with Serenity. Johnny and Jesse had fun at Wilbur.

September 17, 2006

It's Sunday So Serenity is relaxing.

Dianna - Nanny’s House Daycare & Learning Center - Arkansas

September 21, 2006

I can not believe how fast she got here. All the kids are asleep, so I think I will wait till all he after school kids get here to open her up. I already peeked! Shhhhh.. Thanks Christina for all the neat stuff, I cant wait till the kids open her up. You did such an awesome job on the box.


"Hi from Wilbur, Washington"
"My Name is Serenity!"

"I'm from Wilbur!"
"I'm from inside this little box!"
"Serenity has gifts to give all of you inside!"

"Papa Bear says, 'Somebody is going to eat
all of my treats inside this box!'"
"Hope you ALL like ME!"
"I had a good trip in this box full of presents for you!"

"I am from Washington!"
in Wilbur, Washington!"
"Goldilocks says 'Hello Arkansas!'"
"I am happy to be visiting your daycare center!"

This next picture ( below ) is of Serenity with Benjamin Bear.
Benjamin Bear traveled in September 2005. You can view Benjamins travels HERE

Colleen - Kid’s Korner - New York

October 4, 2006

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to let every one know that Serenity has arrived safe and sound in New York! The kids are having a ball getting to know Serenity and introducing her to all their friends!

October 5, 2006

Serenity's first night at Kid's Korner was a pleasant one. She is becoming very good friends with DeeDee (our stuffed dog). The kids made a nice little bed for Serenity to sleep in and DeeDee stayed with her until she was feeling nice and comfortable in her new surroundings. Pictures to come soon!

Becky - Just Kids Daycare - Iowa

October 13, 2006

Serenity has arrived in Iowa. She is so happy to be out of her box. It is cold here so we have her wrapped in her blanket. Thank you to Colleen for the crayons, coloring books, playdoh and Teddy Graham snacks.

This next photo is a picture of Serenity with Ted E. Bear.
Ted E. Bear traveled from February til April 2006 and his route may be viewed HERE

Sheron - Nana’s Nest Family Daycare - Pennsylvania

October 23, 2006

The doorbell rang @ 9 AM and there was a box that we all recogonized. The children were all excited to have the TBE come again to Hanover, PA. We immediately opened the box and let Serenity out. We sat the box aside until everyone arrived. Everyone introduced themselves to Serenity and Serenity was happy to meet everyone here. Serenity went home with Brady on Monday night. They shared a McDonald's Happy Meal.

October 24, 2006

Today we opened the box and found a whole bag of really cool treats from Ms. Becky and all the children @ Just Kids Daycare. Everyone @ Nana's Nest loves to blow bubbles and they were excited to find lots of bottles of them in the box. Animal cookies are a favorite here also. Thank you daycare friends. The children were all leaving early today to get ready for Trick or Treat. Serenity hid in Brady's bucket and tried to go along but we convinced her that it was just too cold for a little bear to be out so she decided to stay home with Nana and Pappy and stay warm.

October 25, 2006

Today is Nana's birthday so all the children are excited. Brady brought cupcakes for treat. Serenity thinks they look very yummy. Today we sang lots of Halloween songs and made spiders-Serenity was not sure that she liked the big, black spiders. Tonight Serenity is going home with Kaitlyn. They are excited and are already planning their evening.

October 26, 2006

Serenity returned to Nana's Nest with Kaitlyn @ 5:45 AM. They were both fast asleep. As the other children arrived Serenity woke up. Thursday is library day and all the children were excited. It is very cold out today and the wind is blowing so Serenity will have to bundle up too. Tonight is Hanover's Halloween parade. Serenity doesn't ever remember watching a Halloween parade before. She listens carefully while the children talk about the bands and the fire trucks. It is very cold so we must all dress warm.

October 27, 2006

Today will be a quiet day @ Nana's Nest. The children are very tired from watching the Halloween parade last night. Today Serenity finally got to meet Miss Lilly. Miss Lilly is the bear that lives here at our daycare. Last year Miss Lilly was chosen to be a TBE traveler. She welcomed Serenity and they spent the morning discussing the daycares that they have visited.

Click HERE to see Lilly's travels!

October 28, 2006

Serenity woke early today to an empty house-no daycare on Saturday. Nana and pappy had a full day planned though. Serenity was buckled into the back seat of the car and off they went to Penn State University. Serenity thought that this was a good idea. It is never too early to begin checking out colleges. Serenity enjoyed walking around the campus very much. The old buildings were neat to look at. Serenity, Nana and pappy got to visit the Penn State Creamery. This is where the students make all kinds of dairy products. Serenity had a cone of "Peachy Paterno" ice cream and loved it. Pappy bought butter, cheese, and ice cream to bring home for later. In the afternoon, Pappy took Serenity and Nana to lunch @ Duffy's in Historical Boalsburg. Then it was time to head home. It was a long ride but everyone enjoyed the beautiful fall leaves. The mountains were covered and it looked like a picture of reds, yellows and oranges splashed on paper.

Jenny – Jenny’s Childcare - Ohio

November 6, 2006

Serenity arrived safely home will all kinds of goodies. Thank you Sheron and her kids and to all the kids and teachers along the way. The halloween costume was a big hit as was the sweater. They love magic nuudles and can't wait to play. And of course the animals and candy were hits. Also thank you for my present.

Serenity is happy to be home and can't wait to share with each child her trip story. Thank you for choosing her again in this wonderful project.

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