Departing Sept. 12, 2005

The Bear Keeper

Jenny – Jenny’s Childcare - Ohio

Serenity's Hosts

April - Tiny Tots Funspot Child Care - Minnesota

Andi - Caution! Kids At Play Child Care - Maryland

Angie - Angie’s Child Development Home - Washington

Sara - A Ton of Fun Childcare - Michigan

Vicki - Busy Bee Preschool - Colorado

Jenny's Childcare

September 12, 2005

We dropped her off at the post office today around 2:30. She wasn't sure she liked the dark box and is anxious to arrive at Tiny Tots. She went out priority mail and her delivery confirmation number is 03043490000130039461. Let us know when she arrives safely. Thanks.


Tiny Tots Funspot - Minnesota

September 14, 2005

Thank you so MUCH for the AWESOME GIFTS!! My dd is already attached to Serenity the traveling bear :)!! The kids were so excited and my dd has already cried on Serenity's shoulder a few times ;)! Serenity and the kids loved the GREAT snacks! THANKS Ohhh my dd is going to cry her eyes out when we have to pack her up! Even my 6 yr old boy is loving her! Serenity has already adopted a blue necklace from my dd!! Serenity looks great too!!! LOL!! More to come!!!


September 24, 2005

Serenity is on HER WAY!!!!!!!! Serenity should be arriving at Andi's daycare either Monday or Tuesday!!! Have fun with her!!!


Caution! Kids At Play Child Care - Maryland

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

We got Serenity Bear today! The kids were so excited. The mailman brought him during nap time and left him on the front porch. My little ones didn't notice the box as we headed to the bus stop, but when we came home from the bus stop the all noticed it as we headed up.

I am sending some pictures from today. The first one is Matthew carring her box in the house and then the next is David trying to pick the box up to bring in further in the house.

After that we have a group shot while they are waiting for me to open her up and then one as we started unpacking.

April - Thanks so much for all the goodies that you guys sent with her - the kids were thrilled. They wanted to do everything with her right then. It was a dreary afternoon as it was trying to rain so it was a great day to get her and the box of goodies. Thanks so much for brightening their day today :)

October 12, 2005

Hi all: After we came home from Emilee's surgery - Serenity Bear was very comforting to her and spent a lot of time snuggling with her - under our supervision of course.

The next couple pictures are all from a trip to the park. The kids love to go and play there and this was a day where we had some outstanding weather. Matthew and Serenity on the sliding board. He was going down with her so she wouldn't be scared or go down too quickly. David trying to rescue her from the sandbox. She was sitting on the side watching the sand, thinking of the beach, and she fell "overboard". Mickey pushing her in the baby swing so she could swing by herself :) Kirsten, Mickey, Ivy and Serenity hanging out at the top of "pirate ship" they all love to play on at the park.

Enjoy and we miss her.

Andi Campbell
Caution! Kids At Play Daycare

Angie’s Child Development Home - Washington

October 15, 2005

Serenity arrived at my home Saturday afternoon, 10-15-05. The package was on the counter when I got home, late last night.

I will probably wait until Tuesday to open the box because Kayla - the only dcg - is not here on Mondays and she will be very disappointed if we open the box when she is not here. Kayla has been anticipating Serenity's arrival and asking me often, "When will Serenity be here?"

Tuesday, October 18

The children were so excited to finally meet Serenity. They had been anticipating her arrival.
The children had a snack with Serenity and then they all danced to the Shreck CD that Serenity
had with her. They enjoyed the music with much laughter and dancing. Serenity went home with
Carl on Tuesday night. When she came back to daycare with Carl Wednesday morning, she had a cute
lil hat on that Carl loaned her to keep her ears warm on her way here. It's really cold in the mornings now.

Tuesday, October 19

Serenity spent most of the day with Sean. Here they are in the language area. They had written on the chalk board, read some books and talked on a telephone. Serenity took a nap with Sean and she let him use her like a pillow. They slept pretty hard. Sean protected Serenity the entire day and he made sure she was with him everywhere he went. Serenity went home with Sean for the night.

Tuesday, October 20

The children played outdoors a lot today. It was a warm day and
the children prefer to be outdoors whenever possible. Serenity
played a lot, too. Kayla took Serenity for a ride in the car.
Serenity rode one of the smaller trikes all by herself.

Then she played Hide-n-Seek with the children. But, they
couldn't find her until she peeked out from where she'd
been hiding. They couldn't figure out how she got up in
the corn stalks. They didn't see her climbing at all,
Kayla said. Serenity went home with Kayla for the night.

Tuesday, October 21

The children and Serenity played all day. But, they paused long enough to have their picture taken. Sean is holding Serenity, Carl is standing behind Sean and Kayla is on the right.

The children painted a teddy bear with chocolate frosting and then added chocolate sprinkles for fur. Then they glued the bear to construction paper. They turned out pretty cute. The children, including Regan, who was visiting our daycare for the day, had fun making their bears and tasting the frosting and sprinkles. They got quite messy.

We enjoyed having Serenity here to visit. We hope to host a visiting bear again sometime.

Angie's Child Development Home, Washington State

A Ton of Fun Childcare - Michigan

October 31, 2005

Serenity arrived safe and sound (although a little chilly, but that's what her fur's for!!) at A Ton of Fun Childcare in Michigan today!! She's happy to be out of the box and is playing with the awesome new Twistable Crayons that came from Angie's Child Development Home. Thank you soooo much for the goodies, Angie!!! I'll send some pics and an update soon!! Sara didn't have any daycare kids becasue she closed early due to trick-or-treating. But we took Serenity out of the box anyways. We figured that it probably wasn't any fun in that stuffy old box. Serenity was happy to show us everything in the box, from her snuggly blanket to the wonderful treats that she brought to share. We loved seeing her in her splarkly jewelry & enjoyed reading her special Thomas the Train book. Serenity didn't want to stay home by herself on Halloween night, so she went trick-or-treating with the Dutcher family. She stayed in the car with Jon so she wouldn't get lost among all the kids.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Serenity woke up with Sara's 7 year old daughter Heather this morning. After getting dressed they had french toast sticks for breakfast. Serenity and Heather were sad when Heather and the rest of the kids went off to school, but Serenity had fun with the infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers once they woke up. Sara's other daughter, Taylor (5) came home from school just before noon and hogged Serenity the rest of the day. She did, however, share Serenity with Chyler (2), who slept with Serenity at naptime. After supper, Serenity enjoyed coloring with the new Twistable crayons and doing homework with the kids. She got to sleep with Taylor tonight.

Wednesday, October 2, 2005

Serenity woke up with Taylor this morning. They had their cereal for breakfast and Serenity helped Taylor remember how to correctly bursh her teeth. They colored again before school. They just can't get enough of those new Twistable crayons!!

For morning snack, Serenity, Chyler, Caleb, and Samuel enjoyed the Scooby Snacks with some juice. Serenity played good in the playroom with the kids today. Serenity stayed in the house watching the kids from the front window while they went outside. She couldn't quite see the kids all the time, so she sat on the front porch with the pumpkins.

Friday, November 4, 2005

As always, Serenity woke up with Heather and Taylor this morning. She hung out with Samuel, Caleb, and Quinn today. They played in the playroom and went outside again. She played Sorry with Taylor and Heather. She did a teapot craft with Samuel. She even helped Heather do laundry!! Serenity is going to sleep good tonight!!

Saturday and Sunday, November 5 & 6, 2005

We had a pretty low-key and un-eventful weekend. Serenity spent the weekend saying her goodbye's to the children. She and the kids had some more cake and we turned it into a goodbye celebration. We did take a trip to the store for gifts for Serenity's next stop.

Busy Bee Preschool - Colorado

November 10, 2005

Sara...I got Serenity today! Can't wait until tomorrow so that we can open her!!


Jenny – Jenny’s Childcare - Ohio

November 30, 2005

She is here! On the porch in the cold but I can't bring her in until after the kids go down for nap. My afterschoolers would be crushed not to be here when we open her. And the little ones will drive me nuts about her. I am sure she is fine as the box looks fine. Will report more later!

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