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Andi - Caution! Kids At Play Child Care - Maryland

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Patriot Bear was Cameron's special friend today. He helped out at our Preschool time and helped catch Cameron up from what he missed yesterday. They both fell asleep quickly today! I don't know who enjoyed whose company more today.

Caution! Kids At Play Child Care - Maryland

Stephanie - Little Tots Family Child Care - Wisconsin

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Children have been waiting all day for Patriot the bear the arrie. Alyssa and Trent could hear the mail truck coming up the street. We all watched out the window when the mailman pulled up to the front of the house. We saw a huge box and knew that Patriot the bear had arrived. The children helped open the box. Patriot was excited to see us he jumped out of the box. Since it was the end of the day each child got to hold Patriot and give him a kiss as they left for the day. Patriot was able to get some rest and play with Baby Aidan. Patriot need to rest so he could play with his new friends tomorrow.

Little Tots Family Child Care - Wisconsin

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The children got to look at the goodies that Ms Andi and the children sent with Patriot. He had snacks and goodies for the children. We enjoyed our snacks with Patriot. The children showed Patriot the toys and had some free play. They played house and Patriot was the baby. He enjoyed all the hugs and kisses from his friends.

Friday, September 14, 2007

We had another busy day with Patriot. It was a nice day so we went for a walk. Afterwards we all played outside. Patriot enjoyed going down the slide, and swings were fun too. He got pretty dirty in the sandbox.

Saturday/Sunday, September 15-16, 2007

Patriot spent the weekend resting. He was exhusted from playing with his friends. Patriot got to play with baby Aidan. Aidan liked to look and grab onto Patriot. Patriot loves babies and was happy to play wiht Aidan while Ms Stephanie cleaned the house and did laundry.

Monday, September 17, 2007

We played with playdough today. Patriot likes the yellow playdough. His friends helped him make shapes out of his playdough. Patriot learned Ring the Rosie and he loved it. It was fun to fall down with all friends.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We colored with Patriot today. Our theme was Friends and we made pictures of ourseles and our friends. We talked about being nice to our friends. Patriot was telling us about his friends in Maryland and how he was going to make some new friends in New York.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This morning we packed up Patriots box to go to New York. We are sad to see him go. All the children gave Patriot a hug and a kiss. We love you Patriot!!! XOXOXOXO

Debbie - New York

Friday, September 21, 2007

The mailman just dropped off a big box at my house and I hear a little voice calling us from inside.....hmmmmm, I believe it is Patriot!! We have not opened the box yet as the children are having a picnic outside in the absolutely beautiful weather we are having today! Will fill you in when we open the box! The kids now know they have a surprise waiting for when they finish lunch!


Friday, September 21, 2007

Patriot was welcomed with open arms....many of them! Right now he is taking a nap with the others because he was very tired from his journey from Wisconsin and he also has my own children to meet as well as 2 of the school-age day care kids, so he still has a busy day ahead of him! Oh, he also has to meet the new 2 month old since she was sleeping when we opened the box! (he said he wanted to look his best for the others so he needed to nap!!)

Stephanie ~~ the kids loved the goodies you sent us and will be having the snack when they wake up! Thanks!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Patriot was loved by all when he was here. He spent each night sleeping with all the other bears my daughter has and also spent some nights with the 26 (yes, thatís right!) stuffed pigs my youngest son has on his bed! The day care kids seem to really like him here and asked for him every morning. He enjoyed many activities with us, especially our daily walks, where he sat very nicely in a stroller! During nap time he was even given his own cradle to sleep in! Even the older kids seem to get into it, which was nice for the younger ones. Patriot had a little trouble keeping his clothes on thanks to one of the day care kids, but he didnít seem to mind! We hope Patriotís next family enjoys, not only him, but the treats that Patriot is bringing with him. As the kids left on Friday I reminded them that Patriot was moving on to other friends and of course, they wanted him to stay. Thanks for letting us share in Patriot the Bearís travels!


Dawn - Lamb Home Child Care - Illinois

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What an exciting first day Patriot had here at Lamb Home Child Care. Patriot arrived by mail truck. Kilee (3) and Tait (3) were here to greet him. Patriot did preschool with us. In the afternoon Patriot met Brendan (5), Amanda (5), Christopher (7) and Nathaniel (5). He had lots of fun playing and eating snacks with everyone. After the kids went home, he had some quality snuggle time with Ms Dawn's kids: Brian (10), Ashlee (7), and Kaylyn (14). Patriot spend his first night here sleeping with Ashlee.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Patriot had a wonderful night sleep cuddled with Ashlee. She was sad to go to school and leave Patriot behind. Kilee was so happy to see Patriot this morning. She hugged him & carried him everywhere she went. Patriot watched Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed with Kilee, and Ms Dawn read his book, "Ten in the Bed" to Kilee and Patriot, and then Kilee read it to us. Patriot went with us to pick up Brendan from kindergarten, and then later he went with to drop Kaylyn off at dance. He sure is getting tons & tons of love here! Tonight was Brian's turn to sleep with Patriot. I think Patriot comforted Briam more than Brian comforted him.

Friday, October 5, 2007

We've got a houseful today! It's teacher conference day, so Patriot has all day to visit with all the kids. He met a new friend today, Jesse. She is 7 yrs old and in 2nd grade like Ashlee & Christopher. She's only here every once in a while now that school started. Today we're mostly playing pretend and Patriot takes his turn playing with the boys and the girls. Ms Dawn planned on doing the crafts today that Debbie's Daycare sent, but everyone is so happy to be playing together and not at school that we'll save the crafts for a day we're bored. We had a family night here, complete with pizza and the movie, "Are We Done Yet?" Patriot slept with Brian again tonight.

Saturday & Sunday, October 6-7, 2007

Happy Weekend! In a nutshell, the Lamb family is BUSY! Patriot spent the day going from one place to another. First it was Kaylyn's volleyball practice, then Nathaniel came over. Dance for all 3 in the late afternoon. Patriot hung out with Ashlee and Brian, while Kaylyn went to a party. Sunday started with church. Then Patriot played with Brian while Ashlee went to a party. In the evening Patriot went with Ashlee and Brian to Busha's house. She is Ms Dawn's grandma and Kay Bri & Ash's great-grandma. The spent the night there and were completely spoiled by Busha. Patriot slept with Ashlee on Sat & Sun night.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Today, Patriot visited Ashlee's class at B.J. Ward. Miss Renfro's class was very nice. Patriot got to watch the 2nd Graders read and learn subtraction. He even participated in a fire drill. The alarm was so loud! Patriot is tired after a long day!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today was a sad day. Just knowing today was our last day with our friend Patriot brought tears to all our eyes. Our job today was to celebrate this past week and help Patriot look forward to his trip to North Carolina. We are sending Patriot with a special home-made Cubs hat. Ms Dawn is a huge Cubs fan and Patriot helpted get her thru their recent loss. We hope Patriot wears his hat with pride & remembers his week here in Bolingbrook. Ms Cheryl and friends please give Patriot a huge from us and take good care of him. Please enjoy the gifts/treats we sent and know they were sent and picked out with love. Ms. Andi and friends thank you so much for sharing your dear Patriot with us. This has been a wonderful experience for us all. We can't wait to see/hear the rest of Patriot's adventures.

All our love from Lamb Home Child Care,
Ms Dawn, Coach Ed, Kaylyn, Brian, & Ashlee
Nathaniel, Christopher, Amanda, Kilee, Brendan, Tait, Markia and Franki the dog!

Cheryl - Cheryl's Childcare - North Carolina

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Patriot arrived on Sat 10/13/07, and no children were in attendance that day, except for Mrs. Cheryl's daughter, Kyosha. On Monday 10/15/07 when Bethani & Bailey arrived they were so excited to see Patriot. We are talking about farms this week, because we will be going to the farm on Wednesday 10/24/07. Bethani was telling Patriot about all of the fun things to do at the farm like the hay rides.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Patriot got to spend some time with the older children today. Patriot and China spent some time working on the computer.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Today we made special treat bags for the children on the next stop that Patriot will be going to. All of the children at Cheryl's Childare have really enjoyed having Patriot spend the week with us.

Cheryl Martin
Cheryl's Childcare
North Carolina

Kim - Kim's Kids Family Child Care - Texas

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Patriot Bear arrived today! Didn't check the mail until late so we will open it in the morning. I know the kids are going to be so excited to see the package in the morning.

Kim in Tx

Thursday, October 25, 2007

We opened Patriots box right after breakfast, the kids were so excited to see what Patriot looked like and look as all the fun things inside the big box he arrived in. It was fun going through all his traveling gear. Patriot has sure made a lot of nice friends on his travels.

Thank you Cherylís Childcare for giving us such a fun morning, everyone loved the treats and foam stickers you sent in the Halloween bags. It was almost like a warm up party for our Halloween Party coming up next week. Ms. Kim let everyone have one piece of candy (they really enjoyed those lollypops) and then we made spooky scenes using our foam stickers and black paper.

Of course Patriot is very popular with my day care girls, Ava, Carmen and Ashley, they love holding him, hugging him and snuggling him in his blanket. His new friend Ethan gave him a nice fast ride down the slide, they took turns going first. We played an exciting game of Hide -n- Seek. Patriot liked hiding in the tunnel of the climber the best. He showed each of his friends this cool hiding spot.

After a nice lunch, Patriot took his afternoon rest with his new friend Ava. They were both pretty tired after a busy morning and our outside time.

Patriot got nice good evening hugs and kisses from all his new friends and now he will settle down in Ms. Kimís nice comfortable reading area with a pillow and his blanket to read and rest until his friends return in the morning.

Kim in Tx

Friday, October 26, 2007

Today was a beautiful day in central Texas so we spent most of the day outside. We played Hide -n- Seek again because that is one of our current favorite games. We pretended the playhouse was a fast food restaurant and sold cheese burgers as they ďdroveĒ their vehicles by the window. Patriot liked to ride shotgun and order vanilla shakes. Ms. Kim even brought out some play food and a toy cash register to add to the fun.

We finished up our Halloween t-shirts today. We made Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate on the front. Everyone will wear them home on Halloween after our party. Patriot was helpful in teaching the hand motions and the words to Five Little Pumpkins. We all like singing it together.

Saturday & Sunday, October 27-28, 2007

Ms. Kim and Bobby went camping at the motorcycle races and Patriot was a little worried about all the noise and dirt so we decided it would be best for him to hang out at home with Ms. Kimís daughter Carly.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Another beautiful day in Austin! Today we went outside and made a huge but fun mess! We made ghostsí using plaster of paris, gauze and soda bottles (with the top cut off). We each took turns smoothing the gooey wet gauze over the bottle and leaving them to harden and dry. Tomorrow we will paint faces on them.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What a fun and exciting day! After everyone arrived today we all changed into our Halloween t-shirts and Patriot put on his Halloween visor. Then we went outside and cleaned out and then carved 2 pumpkins. Those seeds sure were slimy! For our celebration we made and decorated pumpkin cookies. Sang Five Little Pumpkins and played a game called Melt the Witch and played ghost tag with our plaster ghosts. It was a fun day! Patriot was on hand to help pass out candy to all the little trick or treater that came to Kimís house.

Tomorrow will be a sad day as that is the day the Patriot will have to be packed back up in his box and head on out to California. It's been so much fun Having Patriot visit with us. We will miss him.

Kim's Kids Family Child Care
Austin, Texas

Yolanda - Smiling Star Childcare - California

Monday, November 5, 2007

Patriot has arrived!

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