Departing Sept. 10, 2005

Patches is anxiously awaiting his travel.
He has his blanket, binky, journal, photo album and a flash light in hand
(for those long and lonely times in between) ready to start his journey.

The Bear Keeper

Lavonne – Bunny Patch Daycare - South Dakota

Patches' Hosts

Kelley - Kelley’s Little Heroes - Maryland

Angie - Angie’s Child Development Home - Washington

Tresia - Tresia’s Country Critters Child Care - Illinois

Tammy - Little Bears Family Daycare - California

Nancy - Nancy’s Home Daycare - Iowa

Bunny Patch Daycare - South Dakota

September 9, 2005

Patches was shipped this eve. Probably won't actually go till tomorrow morn. Kelley's Little Heroes should be getting him the first part of the week. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend everyone.


Kelley’s Little Heroes - Maryland

September 13, 2005

We just got a package delivered to the door!!! But all the kids are gone, so we will open it tomorrow!!! We are so excited. One dcg was here when it arrived, but she said we should wait for the other kiddos!!! We will open when she returns at lunchtime! Hope Patches can wait to eat until then!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A box arrived today. What could it be? A postmark indicated it was from South Dakota!! Who do I know in South Dakota? Patches! Unfortunately, upon his grand arrival this afternoon, there was only one daycare child present. Like an eager little girl on Christmas morning, I wanted to open up the box right then. It was the daycare girl who suggested we should wait until tomorrow – "because more of the kids would be here." Amazing. Patches only just arrived and he’s eliciting good behavior and providing an opportuntity for learning and compassion. As this daycare girl doesn’t arrive until lunch time, I suggested we greet Patches (as a group) tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully Patches won’t be too lonely for much longer.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It was a tremendously long five hours. Finally, we were all here and we opened the package at lunch time. Out popped Patches! We asked him about his journey and he said he had books to keep him busy, his flashlight (so it wasn’t soooo dark), and his blanket and binky for security. He said that Everyone at Bunny Patch Daycare said "Hi" and said he had some yummy gifts from them to give us.

Everyone got to hug Patches (and hug Patches and hug Patches) and we invited him to have lunch with us. After lunch, it was time to get ready for naptime. This was good for everyone. The daycare kids were probably more tired from the waiting than anything else. Patches was still a little tired after his trip. After naptime we took Patches to the bus stop to introduce him to more friends and show him the neighborhood.

Patches got to meet many of the neighborhood children and my two boys. We came home and all had a great afternoon dancing and playing.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Patches woke up still a bit tired from his adventures, but he was ready to go and meet even more daycare kids. We had circle time, calendar time, and learned about circles. We also got to learn about the colors red and brown, and the letters D and P. Patches was very helpful – showing us his brown fur, and telling everyone how his name begins with the letter P. Patches also told us about the children he met at Bunny Patch; how much he liked them and how much he missed playing with them. He also talked about how excited he is about his upcoming trip. Finally, he told us how much fun he was having with us, right now. All the kids got to take turns sitting and letting Patches be their special friend for the day.

Patches got to share some of his books that he brought along with him. The children loved them! We all decided that, each day at naptime, the kids get to tuck him in for a nice long rest! As each child leaves for the day, they give Patches a hug good-bye.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Today was a "Bear Day!" -- we played, and sang, and danced all day. Patches taught us what a Bear Day is. On a Bear Day, you should make sure you tell at least one person you love them and give a great big hug. We all practiced making today a Bear Day! After lunch we had story time and puppet theater. After story time, we had share time, where each person says anything that is on their mind. It could be a feeling, a thought, something fun we did, something funny we saw or heard… anything. We all told Patches how much we liked him and were going to miss him. Patches told a joke. "How many bears does it take to change a lightbulb?" "None, bears aren't afraid of the dark."

Monday, September 19, 2005

Today was a sad and fun day. It was our last full day with Patches and we knew how much he had come to mean to us in so short a time. We can't imagine what it will be like when he leaves. Patches told us something else today. He told us how we can, "Dare to be a Bear." He said it means that you can be happy even when you want to feel sad. It means to be brave when you want to be scared. It means to smile instead of frown. It means to, "Dare to be a Bear."

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Patches went out this morning about 9:15 via priority mail with delivery confimation and he was insured. Be on the look out Angie. . . We know he will have a wonderful time on the rest of his journey.


Angie’s Child Development Home - Washington

September 22, 2005

On Thursday, September 22 late in the afternoon, Patches arrived. The dck's were already gone for the day. :O( So, I waited until Friday to open the box; after morning snack time.

On Friday I had 3 dck's absent. Two for illness and one no show/no call. And one of the (only) two kids I had here unexpectedly went home early in the morning. :O( So, I decided to wait until Monday and hope that all my kids show up.

Monday, September 26

By AM snack time all of the dck's had arrived. Patches was so excited to be set free! YAY! The kids took turns hugging him and passing him around. Which pleased me as I have three 2-year-olds right now, who share nothing. lol They tell each other No! and MINE! all day long. They have shared Patches and taken very good care of him.

Carl tried to show Patches how
to pick up his snack to eat it.

And Sean shared his Superman
costume and danced with Patches

Tuesday, September 27

Patches spent time following and sometimes participating in the children's daily activities. He chose to watch the children paint so he wouldn't get messy paws. He participated in music time. Carl showed him how to play the drum and maracas. Patches slept with Carl for quiet-time and went home with Carl for the night. He went shopping with Carl and had dinner and danced with Carl. Carl read Patches a bedtime story before climbing into bed.

Kayla took Patches to her cot for quiet time.
However, Patches had enough quiet time over the
weekend and had no intentions of being quiet.
He tried to wake Kayla by watching her face to
face while she slept. But, she didn't budge. lol

We had Monday at the Movies Day and Kayla made
sure that Patches was right up front to see one
of the kids favorite movies playing; 'Tim Noah
In Search Of The Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie
Woodle Woo!' Try saying that a few times in a row.
lol The kids don't even say the whole title, they
just ask to watch Tim Noah in the Wow Wow. lol.

September 28, 2005

Patches is enjoying his visit with us. And we enjoy having him here. We will be sad to see him leave.

Kayla giving Patches a welcome hug

Patches having some Teddy Graham snacks
that he brought with him to share with the kids

Thursday, September 29

The children showed Patches how to put thread spools on string. They all counted and stacked the spools. The children were excited and proud of how high they could stack the spools. Patches was excited too. The children and Patches played with lacing cards and boards with zippers, buttons, laces and snaps. They played with these for a long time.

Elijah, Sean, Hayden, Kayla, Patches, and Carl

Friday, September 30

Today is a sad day. We have to say goodbye to Patches. We are also saying goodbye to one of our daycare friends today. But, we kept busy and had fun. We tumbled on the mats and twirled, rolled around and had lots of laughter.

Thank you Kelley for all the goodies. The children enjoyed everything. Patches will be bring goodies with him to his next visit with Tresia's Country Critter's Child Care.

Angie's CDH
Angie, Kayla, Carl, Elijah, Sean, and Hayden

Tresia’s Country Critters Child Care

Tuesday October 4, 2005

Patches arrives safe and sound at Treisa’s Country Critters Child Care. She was a bit scared because the mail carrier drives too fast, but very thankful that she was out of the box. All of the kids gave her lots of hugs and kisses to make her feel better.

Patches brought along with her some snacks, stickers and crafts from Angie’s Child Development Home. Thanks so much Angie. The kids just love them and cannot wait to do the crafts at our Halloween party.

Wednesday October 5, 2004

The kids have had fun playing with Patches all day. She loved being free from that box and playing outside with the toddlers. They slid down the slide, climbed on the climbers, played house in the playhouse and drove to town in the “big red car”.

Patches loves being out in the cornfield and is very surprised at how quiet it is out here. We explained to her about the corn is drying out so that the farmers can bring in their combines and pick it. She hopes to be able to see it. We have promised to take her for a ride to see some combines picking if the farmers are not here before she has to go. She also said she loved the fresh country air, that is until the wind changed and we got a whiff of some of that “real fresh country air” while visiting Waldo and Cocoa up by our barn.

Thursday Oct 6, 2005

Patches is a bit disappointed because two of our daycare children have been ill and she has not gotten the chance to meet them. She is hoping they feel better soon. We had a cold front come through last night and Patches woke up freezing. We found some nice warm clothes for her to wear. She loved the little dress and matching tights. Today we had fun working on our preschool projects and played with puzzles. Patches is quite fond of the bear puzzle.

Friday Oct 7, 2005

Patches is still cold today. As much as she likes being here, she cannot wait to visit with Tammy’s Daycare in California. School was out early today so; we packed up all the kids and Patches into the van to wait for the school bus. Nap time today, Patches asked if she could sleep with one of the babies. She loved cuddling up with her and her little pink pig. In the afternoon, we had all had fun painting pictures. Patches was very good putting on her paint smock so she would not get dirty.

Saturday Oct 8, 2005

Patches had a busy morning with just our family. We went to the Apple Orchard down the road to buy some fresh apples, Bumble Berry Pie, Apple Cider Donuts, Apple Fritters and Cherry Streusel. She really loved the Pie because it was hot out of the oven. On the way back Patches was able to see some farmers combining corn and beans. She thought it was really neat, but worried about the farmers keeping warm.

Sunday Oct. 9, 2005

It has been a very quiet day for Patches. She has enjoyed playing with the kids in the playroom and later watching football. We have explained to Patches and the kids that she will be saying goodbye to all the children in the morning and then off to the post office and to Tammy in warm sunny California.

Monday Oct 10, 2005

Patches said goodbye to the kids this morning and we packed her up in her box. But, then we forgot that post office is closed and she will be mailed out in the moring. What can I say except that it's Monday. LOL

Little Bears Family Daycare - California

October 20, 2005

Patches arrived safely at Little Bears Family Daycare.

October 21, 2005

Today Patches had a very busy day. First he had circle time, calendar time, and learned about pumkins. Then we went to the school to pick up my daughter .. Patches sat in the car seat by K and she talked and talked to Patches. After we pick my dd, we went to Wendys and then to the park. There Patches got to ride in the stroller with A. He had a lot of fun. We fed the ducks and watched a guy train his two dogs for a show they would be in on the weekend. After that we went home and got the babies ready to go home. At 3pm my son, who plays high football, had a game and we went to the game. It was kind of cold so Patches had to wear a sweater and hat that was one of my dd's when she was little. He had a lot of fun. After that we took him out to dinner and went home to bed.


Nancy’s Home Daycare - Iowa

November 1, 2005

Patches arrived yesterday right before lunch. With all the excitement of his arrival and Halloween, I just didn't get to the computer. He was really excited that he got here in time to go trick-or-treating with my daughters and granddaughters. He was afraid that he was going to be stuck in the Post Office and miss out!! Darn Nancy forgot her camera though. The kids loved the play dough. Thanks so much. They are really looking forward to playing with it this morning along with getting Patches oriented into our day. I'll have to borrow my daughter's digital camera and will try to get some pictures taken today and tomorrow to send off if I can figure out how to do it. Might have to put out an SOS....I'm not very computer literate!!

Bunny Patch Daycare - South Dakota

November 30, 2005

Patches arrived safely today finally. No school and ice and snow outside he has had a wonderful day playing games, watching little ones, and doing mazes. The children were glad to have him back home again. He has had a very tiring day. Will let him rest this eve and read through his journal and post what he has done this past month.


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