Kayla left Once Upon A Time Daycare in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, on February 12, 2005.
Follow her travels along below in her online journal. Enjoy!

The children at Once Upon A Time Daycare prepare Kayla for her journey around the country.

Kayla Makes The Paper!!

The Stops

Little Bears Family Day Care
Chula Vista, California

Tue, 15 Feb 2005

Kayla is here!!!!!!! She came at at 230pm today>>>>>>>>>> Thank you sooooo much for the all the goodies . We love it !!!


Fri, 18 Feb 2005

We are having a lot of fun with Kayla, I am going to try and get more picture's taken for her visit here. She has gone To school today for show and tell and also she took her little puppy her mom sent her and the coal to share with the other kids in Chances school. And also has went shopping last night for the next stop at Jenny's Daycare !!!!!! We are really going to miss her. She will be going to the movies tonight and also Saturday she will be going to spend the night at Chances house. She will have a lot of fun there chance said he has a lot of toys, :) and that he will take very good care of her.

Tammy Mayo

Jenny's Daycare
Galloway, Ohio

Fri, 25 Feb 2005

Hi all! Kayla arrived safely today - earlier than I expected too as I figured she would be here tomorrow. It was just before nap and my big kids weren't here yet so we only pulled out her out. When my afterschoolers get here we'll look at the rest of the box. Photos to follow!

Sat, 26 Feb 2005

Thank you Tammy and everyone at Little Bear's Family Daycare for the treats and book. Everyone listened as I read to them about Kayla's journey, we added our line to our map, and the coal was a big hit. Especially for Gregory who loves Thomas and had never seen coal before. Last night Gregory and I took Kayla to Hollywood Video to rent some movies as no one around here is feeling 100%. We got a Blues Clues movie and Piglets Big Movie - we thought Kayla might like those. We are just hanging out today trying to get better. They are watching Thomas right now.

Mon, 28 Feb 2005

Kayla had a good, relaxing weekend. She got a new dress - one of Jillian's old ones and she spent the night with Anna and Nick (my schoolagers) who live across the street. Today she is meeting Kaihlyn for the first time. Their names are so close that sometimes feels like a tongue twister.

Wed, 2 March 2005

We have been so enjoying our time with Kayla. She has spent the night at each of my kids homes but Bianca and her turn is tonight. Then she'll spend the night with us for the remainder. We have been playing computer learning games online and reading alot. She has learned all about us and Ohio. Kayla says she is having fun. She misses her home and all the kids she met at Tammy's. She is looking forward to her next stop!

Wed, 2 March 2005

Hi Jenny, I am so gald that you are enjoying the things we sent to you. Tell Kayla That we all miss her a lot too. We had so much fun with her. She is so sweet. I know that she is having a wonderful time with you and your daycare. Give her hugs and kisses from all of us here At Little Bears Family Day Care !!!!!!!!

Tammy Mayo
Little Bears Family Day Care

Sat, 5 March 2005

Well everyone had a wonderful last two days with Kayla. Yesterday was quiet around here but today we had a full house. Less Bianca who was sick and will be very sad when Kayla is not here Monday. The kids shared toys from home with Kayla. We also made teddy bears that I am putting on the front of a cd-rom case to give to the kids with all the pictures so their mom's and dad's can print them if they like. I'll post pictures of the final project next week. I have posted new pictures in the photo file, too.

Becky, I have been meaning to mention that we loved the fact that Kayla had a blankie bear. My son, Gregory, has had one since he was a baby and still carries it every day. He picked out a pink blankie bear for his sister and brought it to the hospital for her the day she was born. I managed to get a shot with Greg, Jill, Kayla and their blankies.

I'll post one more time to confirm that Kayla is on the road. Have a nice weekend!

Mon, 7 March 2005

Well the little lady is on her way. We will miss her and so enjoyed having her. We hope she has fun at Busy Bee. We can't wait to follow her journey back home to Becky. Thanks for the experience!

Busy Bee Childcare
Runnemede, New Jersey

Fri, 11 March 2005

Kayla Arrived yesterday during nap time and was not opened until after kids have all went home. She is safe here. This morning already the kids are playing with her. I will upload the pictures as soon as I can.

Johanne Norton
BusyBee Childcare

Michelle's Kidz
Bennington, Vermont

Sat, 2 April 2005

I received her today. I am waiting until Monday to open her up when all the chidren are here. I will keep you all posted.

Thank you,

Little Seeds Preschool
Mountainburg, Arkansas

Sat, 16 April 2005

Just wanted to let you know that Kayla has arrived safe and sound this morning. Boy was she excited!! She said that she got hot during her trip, so her and my girls got on their swimsuits, and went down to our spring creek for a little swim, she cooled off quick and loved it! She is just hanging outside with me and the girls now relaxing and enjoying the sun! I got some pictures of her in the creek! (don't worry she didn't get wet) Thanks for the bubbles!! She will be wearing her new sundress I made her to church tomorrow with us!

Oh I just wanted to let you know too, that Kayla will be going to the Zoo on a class field trip on Friday, I just found out about it yesterday!!So me and her get to tag along to the zoo!


Mon, 18 April 2005

Well today Kayla went to school with Emilee at Sonshine Christian Preschool, they had class pictures today, and after class I got there and took Kayla's picture with some of the kids and the teacher.

Then she went with Emilee to get her shots and physical for Kindergarten, this was Emilee's first time at the new pediatrician here in Arkansas, he was great, they even gave Emilee a hospital gown to wear, so we have a picture of Emilee and Kayla in the doctors office. Kayla was a great friend to Emilee after she got her shots, she gave her a great big hug, they both got bracelets for being good patients.

Tomorrow Kayla will go to school with my oldest at Mountainburg Elementary...


Fri, 22 April 2005

Well Kayla survived the zoo today, well it wasn't actually a zoo it was a drive thru wildlife place, but I got a picture of her with the kids, we couldn't take her around the animals, it was like a big petting zoo, and they were trying to eat everything we had in our hands, so she stayed behind. I have to take my daughter to cheerleading tomorrow, then I will mail her out. I need something for 16 kids is that correct?? Wow what a lot. But your busy! I will also be dropping of the film of her tomorrow too, so as soon as I get that back later this week and if I have time before I fly to colorado I will scan in the pictures, who knows what is on the film, my daughter took the camera to school with her. But the kids in the class all wrote about Kayla in a special journal that they made for her..


UPDATE - Kayla is "lost" - all attempts to contact Christina in Mountainburg, AR, have failed.................... where is our Kayla??? ..............

Debby's Giggles & Wiggles Childcare
Mora, Minnesota

Bunny Patch Daycare
Huron, South Dakota

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