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Route #3 --- Hope -- Robin Berseth --- Arizona
Robin’s Nest Preschool & Professional Child Care

Departing September 11, 2008

The Stops

1. Betsy Carter - The Crayon Box - Ohio

2. Tami Beaudry - Under The Apple Tree Christian Preschool and Daycare Home - Florida

3. Colleen Winters - The Children’s House Family Child Care - Minnesota

4. Kyle Wolfe – Child’s Play - New York

5. Krissy Higgins - Busy Bugs Dayhome - Saskatchewan

6. Robin Berseth (home) - Robin’s Nest Preschool & Professional Child Care - Arizona

    Friday, September 12, 2008

    Hope left Arizona on September 11, 2008. Her first stop will be to the children in Glendale, Ohio at The Crayon Box, under the direction of Betsy Carter. The children at Robin's Nest Preschool here in Surprise, Arizona had a wonderful week with Hope before her departure. We had fun making wishes and giving kisses to the hearts that we stuffed in Hope before she left. She joined in on our grandparent's breakfast and had fun in our classroom as we learned all about farm animals. Hope even made a visit to the nursing home to visit the 98 year old great grandmother of one of our students. We will certainly miss Hope (a few tears were shed over her departure), but we know she is going on a wonderful journey and will make many new friendships before returning to us.

    ~ Miss Robin

    The Crayon Box - Ohio

    We had severe weather come through on Sunday and it caused a Blackout and we were without power all week. The kids were only able to enjoy Hope for one day then we shipped her off to Florida. Thanks for sharing Hope with us, she is absolutely adorable and she definitely reminded me to have "hope" during our dark situation.

    Take care,

    Under The Apple Tree Christian Preschool and Daycare Home - Florida

    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    Hope arrived today during naptime. Miss Tami had a hard time not opening the box before the kids woke up. She reassured Hope that she would be out of the box very soon! When the kids woke up we still had to wait for the school girls to get home. Miss Tami's granddaughter was also coming over with Barney Bear. Barney is Ashlyn's class bear at her school. The kids each get a turn to take Barney home for 7 days and write in a journal telling about their time with him. (kinda like TBE) How wonderful that Ashlyn got picked to have Barney the same week Miss Tami get to have Hope! The kids were very excited to get Hope out of her box and hold her. (she was anxious to get out as well and see the Florida sunshine). All the kids agreed that Hope is a cuddly bear and fell in love with her immediately. Thank you Miss Betsy for the crayons and to Miss Robin for the gift to Miss Tami. Hope enjoyed the homemade applesauce we made today for our snack time. Then at music we sang "Follow Me to the Apple Tree" by Jack Hartman. We marched around with the apple tree puppets we made. One of the kids shared her puppet with Hope so that she wouldn't feel left out. Nathan and Ashlyn stayed late today and got to enjoy some extra time with Hope. They took Barney and Hope along to go get pizza. Then we ate outside on the porch. Hope also enjoyed playing house with the kids before they went home. It has been a very busy first day for Hope. She will have to get use to it because Miss Tami's home is a very busy place!

    Love, Miss Tami and the Apple Tree Gang

    Friday, September 26, 2008

    Hope was awaken early today by the sound of girls giggling. Brianna & Alyssa are our first arrivals at 7 am. Today was Fun Friday, which means our day is less structured. By 8:45 am everyone had arrived for the day - 7 kids today. After we took the school girls to the bus stop we went for a walk in the neighborhood. The kids all took turns pushing Hope in a stroller that was just her size! The weather is starting to cool off just a bit. We actually think it is cold at a whopping 70 degrees. Most of the kids came in this morning wearing jackets. :) Today was Johnny Appleseed Day. We made "cooking pot" hats. Hope thought it was silly to wear a "pot" on her head. At snack time we made edible apple trees. Papa sat with Hope and helped her eat hers. After daycare was finished for the day Miss Tami & Hope went to the pet store to buy food for the gecko. We came home and Hope helped Miss Tami feed all the animals which are: 1 dog - 4 cats - 2 dumbo rats - an African Fat-Tailed Gecko - a cage full of crickets - and a fish tank. Hope relaxed on the couch with Miss Tami the rest of the evening. We have an early start in the morning. We will have two daycare kids and will be going to watch another little girl play soccer. Good night....

    Miss Tami & the Apple Tree Gang

    Saturday, September 27, 2008

    Today Leanna arrived early and we went to watch our friend, Kate, play in her very first soccer game. The weather is nice and cool this morning so Miss Tami made sure I had my blankie along. After the game we went and picked up Ashlyn and we went to the Florida Aquarium. Hope got a chance to see all kinds of native Florida sea animals. She wasn't too sure about seeing an alligator for the first time, but Miss Tami assured it that it was okay because the alligator was behind the glass window. I think her favorite animal was the giant sea turtle. Ashlyn and Leanna got to play on the water playground. Hope had to watch with Miss Tami because she cannot get wet as she is still recovering from her back surgery. :( We stayed at the aquarium all afternoon. When we came home Hope played in the playroom with Ashlyn. Leanna had to go home but Ashlyn is spending the night. Ashlyn says she is lucky because she got to play with Hope all day and sleep with her tonight.

    Sunday, September 28, 2008

    9/28/2008 Today is Sunday - the day we go to church. Hope went with Ashlyn to Sunday School. She is in Miss Rita's 4 & 5 year old class. They learned about day six of creation when God made the animals. Hope helped Ashlyn glue cotton balls her lamb craft. Then during the church hour Hope went to Miss Tami's class. She teaches the 2 and 3 year old Tiny Tots Class. Hope got to see Kate again and also met a new friend named Hannah. In Miss Tami's class we learned the story of Zaccheus, who was a short rich man that no one liked. When Jesus was coming in to town , Zaccheus climbed up a tree so he could see Him. When Jesus saw Zaccheus in the tree, He told him to come down because he wanted to go to his house. We made a craft and then went outside and acted out our story. Hope got to be Zaccheus up in the tree. :) After church we went home and had a big family dinner. Then we all watched the Rays and the Bucs games simultaneously. Hope got to wear a blue Rays wig! Miss Tami's family loves sports! Later we went back to evening church. This time Hope sat in the big church with Miss Tami. Everyone at church was nice to Hope and enjoyed hearing all about her Teddy Bear Express journey. Hope is sleeping in Ashlyn's bed tonight even though Ashlyn is gone home to her own house. Tomorrow the kids will start arriving at 7am so Hope wants to get a good nights sleep. We had a fun weekend.

    Miss Tami @ Under the Apple Tree

    The Children’s House Family Child Care - Minnesota

    Monday, October 20, 2008

    Hope arrived in Minnesota today. She is safe and sound and sleeping with my daughter, Meaghan! The kids were VERY excited she is finally here! I know the anticipation is the worst for the kids, especially since they have zero concept of time!! Tell them not too much longer now!!


    Friday, November 7, 2008

    Hope's visit with The Children's House was so much fun!! The kids all loved her, but my daughter Meaghan loved her best, I think!! She was very sad to see her go! During her time here she went with us to the Jordan Library for Under the Sea storytime. She was a very quiet listener during storytime!! She then went to Rainbow Preschool with Meaghan and Luke--their friends and teacher, Mrs. Beth had so much fun with her! The children here love to dance and play games--so, of course, Hope joined in that fun as well!! We played at the park and all the kids enjoyed taking turns showing Hope the ropes!! On Friday, we went to Emma Krumbee's Scarecrow festival, it was a chilly day here in Minnesota, but Hope was kept warm by the kids! We had fun going through a corn maze, riding on a tractor, petting animals at the petting zoo and of course, checking out all of the creative and interesting scarecrows. We all said goodbye to Hope on Monday, it was very sad to see her go. Meaghan actually kept hiding her, so I couldn't get her in the box!--Ms. Colleen was going to send her to New York on Tuesday. . .but the Flu hit Ms. Colleen and her family and we were all out of commission for 3 days. We finally got Hope sent out, though!

    The Children's House LOVED having Hope with us!! We'll miss you Hope!

    Ms. Colleen & Mikaela, Meaghan, Luke, Savi, Jack, Maria, Emma, & Micah

    Child’s Play - New York

    Thursday, November 6, 2008

    Hope has arrived safe and sound from her long journey from MN. Thank you Colleen for our goodies, stickers & CD! Robin thank you for my gift. Hope is already receiving lots of hugs from the kids. She arrived on a rainy gloomy day so she really brightened it up for us all!!!

    Child's Play

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Well, Hope will be leaving us soon, she will be mailed out to Krissy on Friday. We are really enjoying having Hope - especially my own 3 daughters (ages 6, 4 and 3). She went to preschool with my 4 y/o and 1st grade with the oldest. So my youngest brought her to her dance class this past Sat. This week at Child's Play we are focusing on Manners and Hope has helped us a lot with that. Being that everyone wants her we have had everyone saying their pleases and thankyous working on patience and sharing. We had a tea party today and Hope did a nice job with her manners. Having Hope, I explained to the kids that she is being shared by many kids and by giving gifts it is another way of using manners by saying thank you for sharing. Also, it leads into Thanksgiving nicely by being thankful we had the opportunity to partake in TBE and meet Hope and make new friends. We will miss Hope but know she has a job to do and will bring much joy to the next group of kids she will visit with. Thank you for letting us take care of Hope and play with & love her.

    Kyle (Child's Play)

    Busy Bugs Dayhome - Saskatchewan

    Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that hope arrived here in canada safely today!!!!!

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