Darlington will leave Little Ones Child Development Home in Tulsa, Oklahoma
on February 12, 2005. This is Darlington's 2nd time out! Please come back
soon to follow his travels along in his journal. Enjoy!

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The Stops

Busy Day Family Daycare and Preschool
Oakville, Connecticut

Wed, 16 Feb 2005

Thank you, thank you for all of the wonderful goodies. Darlington arrived safe and sound today at nap time (right before) and all of the kids argued over who would be napping with him. LOL. I told them today he'll sleep on his own and starting tomorrow we can all take turns napping with him. I'll send pics in.


Homecare For Little People
Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico

Sat, 26 Feb 2005

Hi Everyone!

Darlington arrived today. Since it's Saturday we will wait until Monday morning to open the box and take plenty of pictures. He has plans to meet the Commander and hopefully he will get to get his picture taken with the F-117 Stealth jet fighter!

I will keep you all posted! Have a great weekend!

Lynda Forcum
Homecare For Little People

Dr. Seuss Wacky Wednesday
Darlington dressed up Wacky too!

Here are some pictures of Darlington on the F-117 Stealth. He had a blast.

Fri, 4 March 2005

We are having so much fun with Darlington. Here is a picture of Montanna reading him a story.

Sat, 5 March 2005

Poor Darlington was shoved back in his box headed for Ohio this morning. Montanna was in tears. She wouldn't stop kissing him. I hope he had a wonderful time here because we sure loved having him. Good bye Darlington!

Oh and I have to send his friend right behind because when I got home it was under my seat. I had to take things out and rearrange the box and he must have jumped out.

Lynda Forcum
Homecare For Little People

Step By Step Childcare
Stow, Ohio

Tues, 8 March 2005

Darlington arrived here in Ohio just as the children were going down for their naps! So needless to say naptime was a bit delayed today. Darlington was very tired and cold as it is only 16 degrees here and snowing. Bailey put a warm sweater on him right away and claimed him as hers. They are sleeping soundly now. This is Darlington's 2nd time with us and the children are very excited!!

Thank you Lynda for all of the GOODIES!!!

Jana in cold and snowy Ohio
Step By Step Childcare

I'm so glad he arrived! I tried to tell him to put his sweater on but he was hot here since it was 70 degrees. I hope you all enjoy!

His friend is coming behind him along with a new paci! :)

Lynda Forcum
Homecare For Little People

Wed, 9 March 2005

Good Morning,

Darlington sure was happy this morning to meet some more of his old friends from his last visit here! Bailey especially has really latched onto him as she's having a very hard time sharing him with the other children. The kids are giving Darlington a checkup now and still keeping him very warm as it is only 11 degrees here in Ohio. Licensing is coming in soon and Darlington is anxious to make a good impression for all of us! LOL

Step By Step Childcare in cold, cold Ohio

Sat, 12 March 2005

Sgt. Freedom, another traveling teddybear, arrived at Step By Step Childcare today!! Darlington immediately took over and gave Sgt. Freedom a checkup.

Fri, 18 March 2005

Darlington is on his way to Virginia! The kids miss him already!

Someplace Special Family Childcare
Reston, Virginia

Wed, 23 March 2005

Darlington Bear arrived on Monday afternoon!! We opened him up and have been playing with him. The kids have been having lots of fun. He will participate in out Easter Egg hunt tomorrow and we are going to the Mall on Friday!!


Once Upon A Time
Wyoming, Pennsylvania

Thurs, 7 April 2005

Yes Darlington has arrived!!! Thank you for all the goodies you are tooooo sweet.


Fri, 15 April 2005

These are photos of Darlington Bears visit to Once Upon A Time Daycare. We had lots of fun and he went many places with the children. He went to the Post Office, The Paint Supply Store, Grocery Shopping and even when one little girl went to preschool he went on a field trip to see the local ambulance. The children enjoyed his stay and will miss him for sure.


Fri, 15 April 2005

Darlinton Bear is off to Dawns House. We had lots of fun and will miss him. Rebecca.


Lamb Home Child Care
Bolingbrook, Illinois

Mon, 18 April 2005

OMG, are the girls excited! Now I know I should have waited for the full daycare tomorrow, BUT Ashlee & Markia were so excited to see the box waiting for us. They saw the Bears stickers and went nuts!!!!! They're now dressing Darlington to go outside & play with the bubble blaster. I'll send pics in a minute.

Thanks Becky for the wonderful candle for myself & the bubble blaster for the kids & the snacks. We're gonna save the snacks for tomorrow when everyone is here!!!!!


Little Ones Child Development Home
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wed, 8 June 2005

We got home from the store this afternoon & when we pulled up, there sat poor Darlington in his box on the porch. Its over 92 degrrees today. Poor thing. So we rushed him inside & opened his box up. Boy was he glad to get out of there! The girls were sooo glad to see him again & he was soo glad to be out of the heat! We loved the Uno game that Dawn sent & the cookies & animal crackers were a big hit! Thanks again!

Little Ones Child Development Home

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