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Route #2 --- Coco Bear -- Jean Lang --- Minnesota
Treasures of the Heart Preschool

Departing September 5 or 6, 2008

The Stops

1. Stephanie Ratliff - P.J.’s Playhouse - Ohio

2. Cheryl Martin - Cheryl’s Childcare – North Carolina

3. Shelly Jones - Park Lane Child Care - Iowa

4. Andi Campbell - Caution! Kids At Play Child Care - Maryland

5. Patti Cook - Cradles-2-Crayons Family Daycare - Ontario

6. Jean Lang (home) - Treasures of the Heart Preschool - Minnesota

    Sunday, August 31, 2008

    Coco Bear is a "brand" new bear. He joined Treasures of the Heart Preschool just for the Teddy Bear Express. He's very excited to meet all the children but he is a little bit nervous. During nap time he loves to sleep with his bear blanket and he hopes that he can sleep with one of the children. That way he won't be too scared. Coco Bear is also bringing along a little stuff bear called Peace. Coco Bear is also bringing his favorite book to read. Brown Bear, Brown Bear - What Do You See? I wonder why it's his favorite book.... The children at "Treasures" had a lot of fun with Coco Bear. Look at the pictures and you will see Abby, Riley, Julian, Micah, Mason, Henry, Evan and even Wyatt playing with Coco. I hope you have fun with Coco too.

    Treasures of the Heart Preschool

    Monday, September 8, 2008

    Coco Bear was mailed out this morning, and his 1st stop is to: Stephanie Ratliff - P.J.’s Playhouse - Ohio... He was very excited. :)

    P.J.'s Playhouse - Ohio

    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Coco arrived last night! The kids are excited and he shared the Kit Kats with them so they are all in love! I will post more this evening when I have more time.

    P.J.’s Playhouse - Ohio

    Friday, September 19, 2008

    Coco was a wonderful guest! He brought the kids Kit Kat bars and was everyones instant best friend. We all enjoyed reading his journal and looking at pictures of Coco at Treasures of the Heart. During his time here Coco shared his book and his friend Peace Bear. All the kids took turns napping with the bears. They had snack together and did everything we did. Coco helped Patricia, Chance and Charlie with their chores and even helped me do laundry. We went on walks with the dogs and went to the grocery store. Coco learned about the color red and the letters A and B. Guess which one was his favorite? If you said the letter B you were right! We took a trip to the Columbus Zoo and looked for animals that start with the letter B. Our favorite was the Grizzly Bear of course. We look forward to learning about the rest of the bears adventures. They will be missed. We hope they can come back again sometime. Please give them lots of hugs from us!

    Love all of us at P.J.'s PlayHouse,
    Miss Stephanie - Mr. Chris - Charlie - Chance - Patricia - Gabriel - David - Sarah - Christian - Nate - Emma - Jaylee - Kylee and Ali
    And the animals - Angel and Izzy (dogs) Piper (cat) Brian (mouse) and the Terrific Ten (fish)!

    Cheryl’s Childcare – North Carolina

    Monday, September 22, 2008

    CoCo arrived at Cheryl's Childcare on 9/22/08. The children, Kyosha, Sunetra, and Sloane, just loved opening the box and getting CoCo out. They all took turns hugging and playing with him.

    Cheryl Martin
    Cheryl's Childcare
    Eden, NC

    Friday, September 26, 2008

    Today we had a party for Kyosha, she turned 2 today, here are a few of the pictures of us saying Happy Birthday.

    Cheryl Martin
    Cheryl's Childcare
    Eden, NC

    Park Lane Child Care - Iowa

    Monday, October 6, 2008

    Coco arrived today. His official arrival for the kids will be tomorrow when everyone is here. (Only one today, so I kept Coco's arrival a secret until tomorrow).


    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    Coco enjoyed meeting his new friends: Miss Shelly, Cade, Chloe, Lilly, Caleb, Nicholas, Nick and Grandma Ruby. We liked reading Coco bear's favorite book, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear". We are learning about fire safety this week. Coco and the children learned how to "stop, drop, and roll". We talked about good fires and bad fires and calling 911 for help. We read a book about a trip to the fire station. After circle time, we got to go to the real fire station! Coco went with the children and got to climb inside the fire engine and the ambulance! We got to see all the firemen's uniforms and helmets and where they keep their hoses, ladders and other tools. The kids got to take home fire hats. Lilly shared her fire hat with Coco. The children are having a great time with Coco and Peace bear. Thank you Cheryl's childcare for the bubbles and cd.

    Thursday, October 9, 2008

    We are having Teddy Bear Day today! There are lots of other teddy bears here today to have a special teddy bear day with Coco and Peace bear. We had porridge (oatmeal) with honey for breakfast. We read lots of bear books and sang bear songs. "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear" is our favorite. We love to dance! We made a teddy bear book. Miss Shelly took a picture of each of the kids with Coco bear so they could have a special picture for the cover of their book. At snack time we had teddy grahams with milk. The kids have been taking turns napping with Coco. We love to play and cuddle with Coco. He is so soft and is always so happy! We will miss him when he goes, but we are happy he can travel to see so many children! We got Coco an Iowa license plate with his name on it as a souvenir of his trip to Iowa.

    Caution! Kids At Play Child Care - Maryland

    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    Coco Bear arrived on Saturday and David and Emilee were so excited to get him out of the box. Coco couldn't wait to get out and stretch, get some hugs and then have a good night sleep in a comfy, warm bed! He got to spend the first night with Emilee and Peace Bear got to spend the night with David and Peace Bear's long lost cousin, Rainbow Bear. Imagine our surpirse to find out they were related.

    Peace Bear and Rainbow Bear have spent the week catching up, talking about memories of family and fun times in the past.

    The kids were THRILLED to get the books that Coco Bear brought to them - thanks so much Shelly and friends. We have read the book over and over and the kids have had a great time seeing all the bear friends in there. They will definately always remember their time with Coco Bear. Thanks!

    Coco Bear got to participate in our Preschool time and he had lots of helpers showing him the ropes. He was able to help make his 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Fence shirt. He had his friend Colin help make his handprint spider on the back of his shirt. He didn't think it would wash off his fur very easily.

    Olivia became quick friends with Coco Bear and he was never far from her when she was around! On one of our nice days we all took a nice walk and showed Coco Bear our neighborhood, he went to the park and played with us and got a piggy back riide home.

    It was shortly after that trip we noticed he had a problem with his back - he must have been hugged 1 time too many (at least!) and was starting to come loose. I had to track down the right equipment to stitch him up. He was very brave during the entire procedure and the kids are glad he is just like new again now.

    Cameron was glad to see Coco Bear and snuggle up with him at naptime after Coco Bear's surgery. He made sure he was fine and all his needs were taken care of.

    Cradles-2-Crayons Family Daycare - Ontario

    Thursday, November 6, 2008

    The postman delivered the notice that there was a parcel at the Post Office during our lunchtime. Everybody was so excited they finished eating in record time! They KNEW it was Coco Bear coming to visit. It was perfect timing too since we are learning more about our community this week. I took the preschoolers with me to the Post Office to pick up Coco. It was a great opportunity to meet the people who work at the Post Office. We were allowed to take a picture too while I signed for Coco Bear. The kids loved it! We then came back and opened the box with everyone there to watch. I read Coco's favourite book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, to the kids and Matthew commented afterwards that he could see why that book is Coco's favourite. We met Coco's friend Peace Bear and Amanda thought that it was so nice of Peace Bear to keep Coco company during his travels. We then opened up the bag with our gifts from Andi and Caution! Kids at Play Child Care. The kids started writing and tracing in their books right away! Matthew, Daniel, Laina, and Amanda all want to say thank you!

    Coco also met his new friend Po and received a gift from her. A Halloween hat that matches Po's vest shirt. That way they can remember each other forever! (My husband sewed both the hat and vest by hand)

    Patti Cook

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    We've been having a great time this past week with Coco Bear and Peace Bear! They have gone with us for rides in the car and slept with us at quiet time. On Friday we ate our snacks and lunch with them and played outside in the leaves in the afternoon. This week we are learning about Nutrition so we all went for a trip to the grocery store. Coco sat in the cart with Daniel. He liked the ride through the store! Tuesday was Remembrance Day and Patti's daughter Brittany, Chief Petty Officer at our Sea Cadet Corps, dressed in full uniform and marched in the parade. Coco Bear had his picture taken with her! Today we made oatmeal cookies with Coco Bear looking on to make sure everything was done right. He likes cookies! Tomorrow we will spend our last day with Coco Bear and Peace Bear. We will be sad to see them go but we know they are headed home and are excited for the journey.

    Matthew, Amanda, Daniel, Laina, Brittany, Ryan, Kelsey, Tyler, Ron and Patti all wish them the safest trip home!

    Cradles-2-Crayons Family Daycare
    Patti Cook

    Friday, November 14, 2008

    Hi All!

    We really enjoyed having Coco Bear and Peace Bear here with us for the past week! The kids were sad yesterday when I started packing the box but they felt a little better when I told them that he was going home. They asked if he was going to ever come back and I told them that we would definitely take part again next year and have another bear visit.

    Patti Cook

    Treasures of the Heart Preschool - Minnesota

    Tuesday, December 2, 2008

    We got a delivery from the mailman yesterday and I couldn't figure out what I had ordered... :) I saw the box and knew right away it was Coco Bear. I was making lunch, but we put that on hold so we could open and let Coco Bear and Peace out of the box. The kids at "Treasures" had a great time looking through the box and photo book. I placed the photo book in my reading center so the kids can go look through it any time they want. Coco Bear looked adorable in his new shirt and hat.

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