Departing Sept. 10, 2005

The Bear Keeper

Dianna – Nanny’s House Daycare - Arkansas

Benjamin's Hosts

Sheron - Nana’s Nest - Pennsylvania

Tricia - Little Depot Preschool - Nebraska

Mary Beth - Busy Day Family Daycare & Preschool - Connecticut

Jana - Step By Step Childcare - Ohio

Marijane - Lil Angels Home Daycare - Iowa

Nanny's House Daycare - Arkansas

September 9, 2005

This week we are studying about Bears and the color brown. Benjamin and the kids are having a great time. Today we talked about Benjamin's journey across the US. We have had teddy bear muffins,porridge, milk for breakfast, and teddy grahams and chocholate milk for snack. After snack we said our good-byes & packed Bejamin up and got him ready to go to Nana's Nest in Pennsylvania to visit Ms.Sheron and her kids. He is so excited about going, although he did say he was a little nervouse about going so far away from home. We all reasured him that it would be fun and he could sleep the whole way if he wanted to. Ms. Sarah and I gave Benjamin a big bear hug and told him the he was going to meet tons of new friends and he would be coming home before he knows it. Benjamin wanted me to tell Ms. Sheron that he will be on his way tomorrow and that he would like to have some whale crackers and grape juice for snack when he gets there.

Dianna, Nanny's House

September 10, 2005

Ms. Sheron, Benjamin is on his way!!!


Nana's Nest - Pennyslvania

September 12, 2005

Benjamin has just been delivered in fine condition. The children have not seen the box. We are having preschool but will reopen the box with them before lunch. I will begin taking pictures and I will send a journal segment about the children and the box later. Thanks for letting us be a part of this project. Thank you Dianna for sharing Benjamin.


September 12, 205

Benjamin arrived at Nana's Nest Family Daycare in Hanover, Pennsylvania at 10:00 AM on Monday morning. When I first opened the box he acted shy and peeked his head out to make sure it was okay. It only took a few minutes for him to make friends with the children and to be comfortable. Benjamin said that it was a long trip from Nanny's House Daycare in Arizona but he was very glad to be here. The children were ready for lunch and Benjamin said that it had been a long trip without something to eat. He sat at the table with the children and ate his fish sticks and macaroni and cheese like a good little bear. After lunch everyone gathered their pillows and blankets for naptime. Brady invited Benjamin to share his blanket and Benjamin said that he was ready for a little nap. Everyone woke up at 2:30 and the children helped Benjamin to get aquainted with his surroundings. One by one the children left daycare and went home. Benjamin was sorry to see them go but thought that after such a hectic day he might enjoy a quiet evening with Nana and Pappy.

September 13, 2005

Benjamin slept in today. When he woke up at 7:00 Kaitlyn, Jennifer, Brady, and Ryan were already here. Everyone was happy to see Benjamin. After Taylor arrived breakfast was served. Today was french toast day. Benjamin was very excited to have maple syrup on his french toast. His paws got a wee bit sticky but he washed them when the other children washed their hands. Benjamin enjoyed the songs that we sang at circle time. Kaitlyn rocked Benjamin for awhile and Brady included Benjamin in his block play. It was another busy day for Benjamin. He is looking forward to tomorrow..........he thinks that he heard someone mention going to the library. Benjamin has ask me to tell Miss Dianna and everyone at Nanny's House that he misses them but he is having a great time and is making many new friends.

September 14, 2005

Benjamin was excited to go to the library today. At 10:00 everyone grabbed their backpacks and off we went. Benjamin rode part of the way in the stroller with the baby. We enjoyed the story told by Mr. George at the library.

September 15, 2005

Today Nana's Nest spent most of the day at the playground. Benjamin had so much fun especially on the slide. At lunch time we all enjoyed a picnic lunch on the grass under the trees.

September 16, 2005

Well Benjamin's time at Nana's Nest is almost over. Most of the children said goodbye before they went home! We have enjoyed having Benjamin with us and will miss him so much. Good-bye Benjamin, you are now going to Little Depot Preschool in Nebraska. Have fun in your travels.

* Before Benjamin jumped back into his box the children awarded him with a blue ribbon for being an outstanding friend.

Benjamin with children in front of Hanover's Town Bell.
It once hung in the old fire station and rung to alert the
volunteer firemen that they were needed. It now stands
at the new fire station across from Wirt Park.

Little Depot Preschool - Nebraska

September 22, 2005

Benjamin arrived today in perfect shape. I came home from a long day at preschool and he was sitting on my deck. Poor fellow I bet he was scared being outside all afternoon. Luckily it was cooler today so he shouldn't have gotten too hot. Yesterday was a scorcher and I am afraid the poor little thing would have got overheated sitting outside waiting for me to come home.

I don't have preschool now though until Monday, but he will be loved and played with through the weekend by my 3 dear daughters. Actually right now my 11 year old, just discovered him sitting in my office and is playing with him. My 4 year old wants him and the older one won't give him up. LOL!!!

We are doing a bear theme next week and will make bears for our crafts and read little bears star. I am really looking forward to introducing him to my preschool classes. He will definitely find lots friends there with 24 little ones running around him next week.

I will keep you updated this weekend on the activities that he does with our family, and then let you know on Monday what he thinks of preschool.


September 23, 2005

I would like to thank Nana's Nest for all the goodies that she sent us at the Little Depot Preschool. The kids will love both sets of stickers and the crayons will be put to good use also. I can't wait until snack time. they will definitely enjoy the popcorn.

Benjamin is doing well. He had a good nights sleep with my 4 year old daughter Courtney. I didn't here a peep from them all night. I thought Benjamin might cry some being in a new home but he settled right in with my girls. Benjamin and Courtney have become the best buddies. He has gone with her everywhere today. I believe he has adjusted to his new surroundings quite well. I will get some pics hopefully today or tomorrow with him at the house and then some Monday at preschool.

Little Depot Preschool--Nebraska

September 27, 2005

Benjamin has had a great week. Yesterday, Monday, he finally got to meet the preschool class. He was so excited and could hardly go to sleep Sunday night and then he was up bright and early (6:30) to go meet the kids. He loved it there and really enjoyed the story we read about Benjamin and Barbara Bear being best buddies, but it is always nice to play with others also.

He also learned about Johnny Appleseed and wore a pan hat that we made. I have his picture and will try to get it posted. (My camera isn't working exactly right though. So if not I took some with my regular camera and will send them through as soon as I get them developed.)

Today, Benjamin took a long nap to rest up from all the hugs and cuddles and learning from yesterday. We will be heading to preschool again tomorrow, to learn about the little red house, with no windows or doors, a chimney on top and a star in the middle. Anyone have guesses??

I will post the answer tomorrow. Don't want Benjamin to find out before class tomorrow.

Little Depot Preschool--Nebraska

September 29, 2005

Benjamin has had a great time visiting The Little Depot Preschool. I know the kids have all enjoyed having him here and will miss him when he is gone. Yesterday he did learn that there is a star in the middle of an apple. He was pretty surprised, along with all the kids, when I cut that apple in half and there really was a star in the middle. Pretty amazing!!

Today he sat back while the kids painted pumpkins for our bulletin board. He didn't think painting was for him, as he thought he might get paint in his fur. We all agreed with him. He did enjoy when we did our Color Bear game and he participated with us in this song (game).

He will be missed a lot by the preschool, along with my girls at home. I hope he enjoys his travels and everyone enjoys him as much as we did. Thanks so much for sharing him with us.

Little Depot Preschool--Nebraska

Busy Day Family Daycare & Preschool - Connecticut

October 3, 2005

Benjamin arrives!

Mary Beth

October 4, 2005

We at Busy Day want to thank Tricia for all of the goodies she sent to us. Benjamin is having a great time and says hi to you.

October 5, 2005

We have been having so much fun with Benjamin. Today we took him to the fire house and boy did he have fun!

Step by Step Childcare - Ohio

October 13, 2005

Benjamin arrived mid afternoon! Benjamin, 9 months, and Sascha, 19 months, were here to greet him. Sascha was a little scared and very shy with Benjamin but baby Benjamin was very excited. He was so excited he jumped into Benjamin's box and Benjamin bear gave him a kiss! Benjamin Bear was very curious about meeting meeting a child with the same name as his!

October 14, 2005

Benjamin anxiously waited to meet some more new children this morning. Savannah, 21 months, and twins Taylor and Tyler, age 4, were just as anxious to meet him. They've been talking about Benjamin for days now. Taylor and Tyler are 4 years old and have had many questions about where Benjamin is from and where he's been and where he's going when he leaves us. They are constantly looking at our TBE map on the wall. Tyler especially loves Fire Trucks so he was amazed when Benjamin pulled a Firehat out of his box to share with him! Savannah likes the photo album the best, she wants that all to herself. Wait until she sees her own picture in there!

The kids kept Benjamin very busy all morning long! We did Arts & Crafts. Benjamin was a bit scared of the monster face the kids were making. Then we played a game. Taylor and Benjamin were the winners and were so excited! We took a break to enjoy some Halloween cookies that Savannah brought to share with us, boy were we ever hungry! Then the kids got out the musical instruments and Benjamin put the bells on!

After lunch, all the kids and Benjamin Bear went down for nap. They were so tired! Benjamin is a bit sad because we won't see the kids for almost a week as Ms. Jana is going to Florida tomorrow to meet her new grandson. Benjamin will stay behind in Ohio where Jana's 13 year old daughter, Tori, will keep him company. Benjamin will enjoy an extended stay here at Step By Step so that he will be able to meet the rest of the children. He's already met 5 children and has 6 more to meet yet! Plus lots more fun activities like playing in the leaves and going on a Field Trip with us. Thank you Mary Beth for the fun stuff you included for us in Benjamin's box! We have plans to play with all of that when we return also!

October 21, 2005

Benjamin was soooo happy to see the kids after I returned from my trip to Florida. He had 2 very busy days meeting more of the Step By Step children.

October 24, 2005

October 26, 2005

Today is Benjamin's last day with us. He got to meet 13 new friends at Step By Step Childcare! Not to mention Ms. Jana and her dd, Tori, and also many of the parents of the children! We spent our last busy day with Benjamin by going to our weekly Wednesday trip to the library for Storytime.

Today the kids were all dressed in costumes and went trick or treating throughout the library and then back to the storytime room for stories, singing and dancing!

After Story Time, Benjamin got to meet SpongeBob! He couldn't believe his good luck. On our way out, he posed with the children in front of the library pumpkin!

Bye, Bye Benjamin! We are going to miss you tons and tons!

Jana and kids
Step By Step Childcare - Ohio

Lil Angels Home Daycare - Iowa

October 29, 2005

Well Benjamin arrived today and boy oh boy. I think he ate some of the treats Jana. He was wound for sound. LOL. He got to go trick or treating and even borrowed my puppy dogs costume and wet as a witch. Once I get done with Raymond's party I will have the film developed and send the pics in. Jana thanks for the goodies and the item for the babies. With my crew being mostly babies they will love the new item water item you got them. Thanks a bunch.

Sunday Oct 30, 2005

Benjamin got to attend Raymonds Halloween party and got to meet some of his friends and family. He wasn't to sure of all the spider webs and scary music but once the witches showed up he found a fast friend and had fun dancing around. Boy oh boy Jana you must have taught this little guy some dance moves while he was there in Ohio with you.

Tuesday November 1, 2005

Benjamin got to meet 2 of the kids boy did Nathaniel fall in love with him. All day he kept going over and giving Benjamin kisses. Katalina kept looking at him like he was some sort of weird animal but then again she is only 5 months old.

Wednesday November 2

He got to meet Jonathan and played they ate a snack together and had fun playing with the water mat for a little while.

Thursday, November 3

Thursday was a quiet day and we just hung out together. He was worn out from playing with the babies and the party from the weekend.

Saturday, November 5

Benjamin got to meet Jessika and Jordan. He got a little upset when they wanted to play to much so I put him down for a nap. He loves the baby swing for naps. LOL

November 7, 2005

Monday was packing Benjamin up and getting him and treats ready to go. Ben had some special prizes in with him from his travels to Iowa and even has some special items left from Halloween to remember his trick or treating adventures.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Tuesday morning at 6 am he grudgingly crawled into his box and said bye to me and his friends for his travels else where. Hope you have a nice safe trip Benjamin.

Nanny’s House Daycare - Arkansas

November 19, 2005

Benjamin has arrived home safely!!

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