Teddy Bear Express

BearKeeper Rules

* Teddy Bear Express will begin between September 8 and September 12, 2012. This means you must have your teddy bear and all required contents (see below) boxed up and ready to go out during this time frame. Please use a good, sturdy box because it will be doing a lot of traveling!! You must notify me when you send out your bear on this day.

You are considered to be Stop #1 on your own route. This means you will also adhere to the Host Rules because you are a Host as well as a BearKeeper. If you opt to submit a story to your local newspaper (or any other publication) regarding your participation in the TBE project, I do require a proof of the article to be sent to me for my approval before the story is publicized.

Mailing - Your bear is to be shipped via Parcel Post with Delivery Confirmation or Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Insurance is optional. Please email me with your Confirmation Number and to confirm that you've sent the bear out.

Packing Your Box

* You must use a STURDY large box and include the following:

      * a teddy bear (new or used if in excellent condition) - size should be at least 18 inches or larger. Remember that your bear will be handled by many, many children so it needs to be of a quality enough to withstand this type of wear and tear. I expect an email picture of your bear in .jpg format at the same time you apply for this position. The teddy bear needs to have a name and you must let me know if it is a boy or a girl.

      * a a clear protected sheet of paper that will hold your Route Addresses which I will email to you prior to your send off date in a MS Word Document format. Just print this out and place it into a clear protected covering and into the box.

      * a second protected sheet of paper labeled BOX CONTENTS. On this sheet of paper write your name and list all the contents of the box that are to remain with the bear. It might look something like this:

      Jane Doe (BearKeeper) - teddy bear, journal, route list, photo album, teddy bear t-shirt, teddy bear blanket, Cleveland Indians hat (souvenir)
      Sue Smith (Stop #1) - bear book (gift), Texas banner (souvenir), blue shirt for bear, photos, postcards
      Julie Howard (Stop #2) - puzzle (gift), California mug (souvenir), small stuffed animal friend for the traveling bear, photos

      This content list is done so the next Host on your bear's route will know what should be in the box when it arrives and what should be in the box when it departs from their location. Each Host will then add to this list the items they include with the bear.

      * small journal - please start the journal by writing the date, the teddy bear's name, and something about getting him/her ready to leave, or anything else you'd like to share with your route members.

      * small photo album - the kind you can stick photos or postcards in the 4x6 sleeves. Please add at least one photo of your children with the bear and/or a postcard(s) of your state or city. Preferably both.

      * an EXTRA LARGE ZIPLOCK bag labeled #1 GIFT - add something small for the bear to give to the first daycare on the route. Examples - crayons, a book, small inexpensive toy, playdoh, stickers. Be imaginative, you know what your kids would like right? NO FOOD OR CANDY ITEMS are to be included.

      * an EXTRA LARGE ZIPLOC bag labeled #2 STAYS WITH BEAR - add something that will stay with the bear for all of the locations on the route to view. This will be returned to you with the bear at the end of the route. Examples - souvenir from your city/state, items for the bear like a blankie or a binky or a hat or shirt, etc. These items should be listed on the BOX CONTENTS list.

      NOTE: please find 'quality' ziplock-type bags for your #1 GIFT and #2 STAYS WITH BEAR. Big is good!!! Like those new huge ziplock storage bags for clothing I think?? In the past, flimsy and cheap grocery store type bags just fall apart, the items fall out, and no one knows what items belong to whom.

Anything Else I Should Know?

* The Box - Your box MUST BE LARGE AND STURDY. Carefully choose your box to be not too small nor too large. You don't want it crammed packed because there needs to be room within it for the souvenirs that will be collected along your route and returned to you at the end. You also don't want it too large because you need to keep shipping costs in mind. Please make sure your box is sturdy enough to hold up to lots of traveling and handling by small children! We don't want others along the way to have to replace your box.

* Decorating - Feel free to decorate your box! It is FUN to receive a decorated TBE box in the mail!

If you have any questions regarding our Teddy Bear Express project, please do not hesitate to email me privately.

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