Departing September 11, 2010

The Bear Keeper

Stephanie - P.J.'s PlayHouse - Ohio


Judy - Judy's Kids @ Simply Circus - Massachusetts

Dawn L - Lamb Home Child Care - Illinois

Marianne - Heaven's Garden Children's Place - Pennsylvania

Nanette - Little Wonders Preschool - California
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Dawn H - Ms. Dawn's Family Child Care - Maryland

Cristy - Precious Petals Child Care - North Carolina

P.J.'s PlayHouse - Ohio

Thursday, September 9, 2010

P.J.'s PlayHouse kids are helping Camo pack for his trip! We are very excited to be a part of TBE this year and even more excited that Camo will be traveling. We love him very much and hope that the kids he visits will give him lots of hugs and remind him we love him. Here are a few things about Camo that you should know.

    1. He likes to camp out
    2. His favorite color is green
    3. His favorite snack is Build a Bear fruit snacks
    4. His favorite show is I Carley (remember his boy Chance is 12)
    5. His favorite movie is Pee Wees Big Adventure
    6. His favorite story is Panda Bear Panda Bear What Do You See? (Camo wants to be a Panda Bear when he grows up).
    7. His favorite song is Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn Around
    8. His favorite sport is soccer
    9. His hobby is collecting rocks
    10. He loves to color with friends!

We will be putting Camo's stuff in his box today and sending him out Saturday to start his journey and look forward to all the stories he will have when he returns!

P.J.'s PlayHouse

Friday, September 10, 2010

Camo bear is on his way! We will miss him and hope he has a great time on his trip. We sent along a book about the 50 states to help him see where he is going. We hope everyone else will like it too! All the kids at P.J.'s PlayHouse love you Camo!

Tricia, Chance, Jaylee, Rian, Kylee, Ali, David, Christian, Roman, Rowan, Mr. Chris and Miss Stephanie

Judy's Kids @ Simply Circus - Massachusetts

Monday, September 20, 2010

Camo says to tell everyone how much fun he is having at Judy�s kids in Newton, MA. His first day here he was greeted by a whole bunch of new friends. Zoe, Uma, Christopher, Iris, Tylee, Alexis, Benjamin and Manaal were all very happy to meet Camo. They played with him, brought him to music class, helped him to sing and dance and had a great time. He has played with blocks and cars, and lots of animals. We are doing an animal theme this month. Camo had lots to tell us about bears!

On the weekend he went to work with Steven who runs a circus school. He got to meet some more kids and try out lots of circus equipment. He is very good on the trapeze and rolling globe. He also loved the rolling barrels and Spanish Web. What fun that was!

Today he is going to a special place � The Teddy Bear Club! He thinks it is a club just for him, but really it is a French pre-school. He will learn some French words and meet yet some more kids.

Cam will be boxed and ready to go to the next place on Wednesday. We have so many pictures we will make a cd of them to share.

Judy S

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Camo had so much fun at the Teddy Bear Club! Then he had an overnight at Zoe and Uma�s house. They read stories and he spent half the night with each girl. The next day he went back to Judy�s kids to play with all of the kids and have a good bye party. He got to attend another music class and we all had animal crackers for snack. Tomorrow morning he will jump into his cozy box for a long trip to IL . He got a surprise Red Sox Uniform as a gift from all of the kids here!

We hope he comes back to visit one day soon.


Zoe, Uma, Manaal, Benjamin, Iris, Alexis, Tylee and Christopher from Judy�s kids (

Adeira, Clementine and Riley from Simply Circus

Anna, Sam, Mikey, Will, Ben, John and Zoe from The Teddy Bear Club

Lamb Home Child Care - Illinois

Friday, September 24, 2010

Camo has just arrived and is already out of his box. Robert (5) and Jason (4) were here when he came and carried in the box and went slightly bonkers with excitement. In a little while Camo will come with us to pick up Justin (6) and two of my kids, Ashlee & Brian. We are already setting the timer so everyone has equal time with Camo, and Camo is already changed back into his original clothes. Since I have one child recovering from the flu and I think I just broke my toe, we are having a cozy TV afternoon just relaxing, so Camo will get plenty of time to rest up from his long trip.

Thank you, Judy for the popcorn and crackerjacks. We are a huge baseball group here (although we're half Chicago Cubs and half Chicago White Sox). We will definitely have to hide the crackerjack from my husband, who is known to the kids as Coach Ed. :)

Lamb Home Child Care - Illinois

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wow! I have had the busiest first full day here in Bolingbrook!!! Yesterday afternoon I met some of the kids at Lamb Home Child Care and Ms Dawn's kids. I had my first snack there, popcorn. I was so happy because I smelled the popcorn the whole way from Massachusettes. After snack, we all sat down together and read thru my journal and looked at my pictures. We also looked at the cool stuff that I brought, like the Hawkeye Nut. Ms Dawn read the Courderoy book to us all while the kids made me a lego chair. How cool is that!! After Justin (6), Jason (4), Robert (5), and Nathaniel (7) went home, some of Ms Dawn's friends came over for a cookout. I got to meet Cassi (9) and Sydney (5). The girls spent the night and I got to eat smores and roast marshmellows. Yum!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I slept GREAT snuggled in Ashlee & Cassi's arms. Today started with volleyball practice. Ashlee and Cassi play for the Breeze. Coach Ed (Ashlee's dad) is their coach. After volleyball practice, I played outside with Brian, Ashlee, Cassi, and Sydney. We went up in Brian's treehouse and rode bikes and skateboards. There are no daycare kids here on Saturday, so I spent the day just hanging out with Ashlee and Brian.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a busy day here! Ashlee plays fastpitch softball and has a double-header on Sundays. Both Ashlee and Cassi play and Coach Ed coaches that, too. Ms Dawn's big daughter Kaylyn (17) came to watch the games with her friend Mike. 10U softball is kinda boring because the girls walk a lot because everyone is learning, but they have lots of fun! It was pretty cold today. One minute the sun would be out and it would feel hot, then the next minute it would be windy and cold. Ms Dawn says that's Chicago weather!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday is here! It was my first day at Lamb Home Child Care preschool. Ms Dawn let Jason and I play all morning together until it was time to pick up Courtney. Courtney is 5 years old and goes to morning kindergarten. Jason buckled me up for the car ride in Ms Dawn's big, blue van. I got to sit with Courtney on the way back. What fun! We had make your own sandwiches for lunch - Courtney's favorite. Courtney likes to do preschool with Jason, so we waited to do school in the afternoon. Today we talked about how to be loving and make people not feel sad. We learned about the letter "T", and we took out our What is It? books and looks for our 3 sight words - "a", "it", "is". I got to make a feather necklace about being loving, and guess waht? I get to keep it and wear it! Afternoon pick-ups and snack happen at 3pm. Then the big kids do their homework, Jason naps, and everyone else has to be quiet. I got a good rest with Jason. Monday night we watched football. Go Bears! The Lambs are NOT Packers fans. They were very excited Da Bears won!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Tuesday! Today was a pretty calm day. I played with Jason in the morning and watched The Rescue hero’s movie – his favorite. After that, we picked up Courtney. Lunch today was BLT sandwiches and chicken noodle soup. Of course the BLT’s didn’t have tomatoes or lettuce, so they were really “T” sandwiches. In school, we read a book called The Surprise Party. We then made a Peek A Book Bunny. The bunny pops up from it’s cup, which is really supposed to be grass, and we all yell, “Peek A Boo”! That was so much fun! We also talked about recycling and worked on making patterns. We picked up Justin and Libby, Nathaniel, Brian, & Ashlee. Libby is a new friend. She is 8 and Justin’s neighbor. They go to the same school. She is very nice. We played outside in the backyard all afternoon. That was pretty tiring. I played with Nathaniel until he left and then I went to sleep. I was soooooo tired!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday was not such a great Wednesday. Brian was sick. He was throwing up during the night. I'm so glad I slept in my box! It was just Jason to play with during the day. In school, we talked about our feelings and learned about maps. We looked at all the places that I’ve been and will go to. How exciting! I have 2 riddles for you. I learned them in school

What Am I?
I have 4 legs & a tail.
You may hear me back or growl.
I started out as a puppy.

What Am I?
I have 4 legs and a tail.
You may hear me purr or meow.
I started out as a kitten.

We picked up Robert, Nathaniel, Justin, Libby & Ashlee and we played outside again. What a beautiful day!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I guess Thursdays are just Jason & Justin days. Jason likes that Ms Dawn has him all to himself! Well, he had to share with me, too! IN school, we talked about school friends and what a good friend does – like share a crayon with you. We made special friends holding hands & used paint, water, and eyedroppers. How cool! When you folded the 2 friends together, they had the same colors. Wow! Tomorrow is Kaylyn’s birthday.

Friday, October 1, 2010

This is my last day here in Bolingbrook. It is a very exciting day, though. The elementary schools did not have school so Jason & Justin are here all day. Kaylyn was watching us because Ms Dawn and Brian had a Dr appt. We even got to drive in Kaylyn’s car to pick up Robert! She made us corndogs for lunch. We played outside all afternoon. I tried riding bikes and skateboards. When Ms Dawn got home, Kaylyn left because she had to get ready for the homecoming game. She is on Poms. We all hurried up, bought a few special stuff for the kids at Heaven’s Garden Children’s Place in Pennsylvania. I hope everyone likes them! We did a very special field trip to Bolingbrook High School to see Kaylyn dance. It was awesome!!!! She did great and we made her laugh. We made signs that said Happy Birthday, KayKay and we yelled it real loud and her whole team, then everyone in the bleachers sang Happy Birthday. The cheerleaders even threw Wheat Thins at all of us. All the kids caught one bag each. Yum! The long day ended with a birthday bonfire and a serious One on One basketball game for the big kids. I went to sleep with Ashlee while everyone else watched movies and ate. Teenagers are crazy!!!! I had so much fun here. I will be very sad to leave, but I am so excited to meet my new friends at Heaven’s Gardens. I also really miss my family at PJ’s Playhouse. One of my favorite books here to read was Officer Buckle and Gloria . It is so funny! Anyway, Ms Dawn said I could keep it to share with all my friends and family! WooHoo! Pennsylvania here I come!

Thank You from Ms Dawn

Thank you so much for letting Camo be a part of our adventures. I only wish we could have done more sleepovers, but the stomach flu had hit us pretty hard here. So far 5 kids have battled thru it. We have truly enjoyed every second of Camo's stay. He stayed a bit longer due to the illness. And Camo is now disinfected and germ-free! Inside you will find treat bags for the kids at Heaven's Garden. We hope you enjoy! Since Halloween is just around the corner, we decided to give Camo a Halloween costume. Also, we have included the book, Officer Buckle and Gloria. Please make sure these return home to PJ's Playhouse in Ohio with Camo.

With All Our Love, Gratitude, and Friendship,

Ms Dawn - Lamb Home Child Care, Bolingbrook Illinois USA
Jason (4), Courtney (5), Robert (5), Justin (6), Nathaniel (8), Libby (8), Ashlee (10), Brian (13), Kaylyn (17) and Franki the Dog

Heaven's Garden Children's Place - Pennsylvania

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hi everyone! It's me - Camo!

I arrived at Heavens Garden Childrens Place around 4PM today (Thursday October 7th). There was a 15 month old dcg here so Mrs. Marianne said I could come out so she could give me a big hug after my long trip. It is a beautiful Fall day but Mrs. Marianne said we had to get ready for Kindermusik class so we couldnt go outside today. She said that there were more children coming and they were going to be happy to have me join their class. Well just before 5 oclock they began to arrive! Oh my! They were all so nice to me! They each smiled at me and shook my hand. Their mommies couldn't believe how far I traveled all by myself! They said I was brave. Hmmmm I never thought about that. I guess I am! That made me feel so proud. During the class I got to play rhythm sticks, zig zag blocks and scarves. We sang a song about building a house and we got to pretend to hammer and saw with our zig zag blocks. It was a lot of fun! Me & the other kids were giggling so hard!

Then we talked about the different kinds of houses and different places to live, like in the city or the country or by the ocean. Oh that was a lot of fun too! We pretended to beep horns and climb stairs and ride in elevators. When it came time to play with the scarves we pretended to dust up high and down low. We even got to pretend to make Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. THAT one made me really hungry. You know it was a long trip after all! Mrs. Marianne said that she would make me a peanut butter and banana sandwich after class.

And get this. I even learned some ASL. Mrs. Marianne says that stands for American Sign Language. She was telling me how she had to use that all of her life to talk with her mommy & daddy because they were deaf. That means that they couldnt hear and they couldnt talk with their voices so they went to a special school where they learned to communicate (that is a big word for talking) with their hands. Oh it looks so nice. I want to learn too! She said she will teach me some more while I am here. She said that she will teach me some say a lot do a lot signs I will bring a practice sheet home with me. All the kiddlets use it here.

I hope that all of my friends at Ms. Dawns are doing better after their stomach flu. Mrs. Marianne took my temperature and she said that I was fine. She liked my T-shirt and Halloween socks. She says she doesnt do costumes either ha! ha! ha!

She said that she has a special treat planned for me for the weekend. I am SO EXCITED!

Mrs. Marianne said I will be here for a whole week. Then I will be on my way to California to visit with Ms. Nanette at Little Wonders Preschool next Friday October 15th.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I had a really good night sleep. Mrs. Marianne let Elvis her Black Lab sleep in the room with me so I wouldnt be afraid. She doesnt have any little ones here at night so I was really happy that Elvis was there to keep me company. But I fell fast asleep. All of this traveling surely makes a teddy tired!

This morning more kids came! YAY! We had breakfast together we said grace before we ate It had a catchy rhyme. Today we had waffles with peanut butter on them, milk & we had pears because it rhymes with bears. Then we did circle time. Mrs. Marianne said that I could be the flag holder today. We said the pledge of allegiance and the Lords Prayer before we did calendar and the weather. Then we had free play. One of the infants needed some extra attention today so we didnt go outside in the morning.

We learned about fire safety today and we kept chanting Get low and GO! Get low and GO! Get low and GO!

The kids have been learning about the letter D all week and they made some Dalmatian Dog masks they helped me to make one too. Then we sang I wanna be a Dog.

I got to meet Mrs. Mariannes granddaughter today too she is going to be 5 years old in a couple weeks. And we had lunch together. Todays lunch was fish. But one of the kids kept asking for more chicken. I was confused. :-/

The kids from HGCP decorated my box today.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Camo had a sleep over on Columbus Day weekend. The Walsh Family was so happy to have Camo for a sleepover. The youngest member of the family quickly became best of friends with Camo. On Friday night, Camo got to go with them to an eye doctor appointment. Camo saw a pair of pajamas that he just had to have at Sears in the Viewmont Mall. Camo chose a special weekend to visit because they had special visitors come home for a visit. The childrens cousins were home from the Milton Hershey School. It had been 70 days since they saw each other. Camo really seemed to like them, but he chose to stay home with the youngest when all the bigger kids went on a Haunted hayride. On Saturday Camo enjoyed a family party at Nay Aug Park. He especially liked climbing the Tree House that overlooks the Gorge & the beautiful waterfalls at the bottom of Nay Aug. Camo went with the Walsh Family to Church and then to Robas Farm going through a corn maze and cow train ride. He finished off his vacation by meeting the newest member of their family who was just born a couple of weeks ago.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It was a PLEASURE to have Camo visit with us this week. I am a little disappointed that the fall foliage wasnt at its peak last week. It is sure beautiful this weekend, I am glad Camo got to see the crimsons and gold and tawny hues before his journey continues. I know that he is looking forward to California. I am a little jealous because as the cold air moves in here in Scranton, PA I cant help but envy the warmer climate that our little friend is going to. However our mountains do look breathtakingly beautiful!

On his last day he was able to enjoy a little Science and Math when we made Pumpkin Playdough. He was such a patient bear while waiting his turn to put in the ingredients.

Right before we prepared him for his long trip across the United States to the West Coast my grand- daughter read him a story to prepare him for his quiet time. We had a little problem with the schedule of the Postal Store but this morning we said our final good-bye and wished each other well. I know that the children at Little Wonders Preschool will have a lot of fun adventures for Camo, I know that I would love to go there too ahhhhhhhhh maybe someday! He is one lucky bear! Unfortunately when I got home from the Post office I discovered some things that I forgot to put in his box that were visitor guides and fun things to do here. The pictures here and the postcards he is bringing with him should give you a very good idea though.

So long Camo! Gone but not forgotten - you will be forever in our hearts! Mrs. Marianne & the children from Heaven's Garden Children's Place Scranton PA

Ms. Marianne

Little Wonders Preschool - California

Monday, October 18, 2010

Camo is here in Oakley, CA!! Have not opened his box yet, kids are gone. We will open it tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Camo arrived safely at Little Wonders Preschool, Oakley, CA yesterday afternoon. Today, we welcomed him to class! He was a little tired from his long journey but was eager to meet his new preschool friends! At circle time we read the book, Stellaluna. It is one of Miss Nanette's favorite stories. After that we colored books about bats. We then made a friendship fruit salad; each child brought in a piece of fruit to contribute to the salad. We made the salad because Stellaluna is a fruit bat and we wanted to eat food just like her! Camo's favorite was the mango, just like Stellaluna's.

After class Miss Nanette had to do some errands, Camo wanted to watch the San Francisco Giants play baseball, so she let him stay home to watch the game. Even though Camo is not from the Bay Area, he was routing for our team the Giants!! And we are very happy to report that the Giants won!

Tomorrow at preschool is orange day, so Camo and Miss Nanette are going to see if he has anything orange to wear!

Nanette Sposito, Director
Little Wonders Preschool

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thank you, Marianne for the awesome gifts we love them. Miss Nanette will probably make a book out of the wonderful things from, PA. We love singing and dancing to the Kindermusik CD. Matter of fact, we have Kindermusik class once per month with Ms. Jane.

It has been crazy busy here at Little Wonders Preschool this past week! We have been learning the life cycle of a pumpkin, we explored the inside of a pumpkin and learned the fingerplay "5 Little Pumpkins".

Camo was able to participate in our Orange Days with all three classes! We ate orange food, made an orange collage, and wore orange to school!

Today we had picture day, all 19 children came to LWP dressed with the big smiles. Camo was even able to be in our school photo. The chidren adore him and made sure is was cared for and loved!

After school hours, Camo and Miss Nanette watched the SF Giants playoffs! Camo is a true Giants Fan now!

The Children are very sad to see Camo leave but have made a good friend! We wish him the very best on his journey.

Miss Nanette & the children of Little Wonders Preschool

Ms. Dawn's Family Child Care - Maryland

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Camo Bear arrived today - It is late in the evening, so the daycare children will open the box tomorrow morning!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Only a few children are here today. Camo was very excited to come out and play! The children played with Camo all day. He even went outside with us. Camo likes to do "belly whoppers" down the slide. The children showed him how it was done. Camo mastered it the first time!

Friday, October 29

Today is our Halloween Party! Camo and the children are so excited. Camo is gonna wear his "I don't do costumes" shirt and Halloween socks for the party. The party was a blast - Camo had alot of fun!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Camo is going to take the day to rest up. He had such a great time at the party.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! Guess who came to visit Camo? Calla!!! Ms. Andi brought Calla by for a visit - they were both so excited to meet each other and talked all about the great places they have visited to so far. They both said that they really enjoyed meeting all the other friends along their routes! Camo is going to help give out candy to the trick or treaters. He's decided that next year, he thinks he will get a costume for Halloween. He really enjoyed seeing everyone dressed up, but he ended up with a tummy ache from eating too much candy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Camo had a great day playing with all of his friends. They read stories to him and told him all about their Halloween.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today is Jump Bunch day here at Ms. Dawn's. Camo and the chldren learned how to do Yoga. Camo found it to be a bit challenging, but some of the poses were rather easy, even for a bear. Camo was very interested in watching the election coverage on the news. He was very excited when they would show the map of the United States and he could see all the states he had been to!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Camo played outside with the children today. He loved the little garden it was just his size!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today is Camos last day here. It rained all day so we were not able to play outside today. Camo and his friends enjoyed doing puzzles together. Tomorrow we will send Camo off to North Carolina! Camo is very excited!

Thanks for visiting us Camo!

Your Friends,
Ms. Dawn, Lily, Cristina, Logan, Shannon, Jackson, Brett, Amanda, Allison, & Himali

Precious Petals Child Care - North Carolina

Monday, November 8, 2010

Camo arrived during nap time so Ms. Cristy let him finish his nap before disturbing him. After nap time we were celebrating Liams 2nd birthday and everyone was very anxious to see Camobefore we had a chance to get him out of his train, Liams Mommy came to pick him up. Since we knew Liam would be very disappointed we didnt open the train to let Camo out. After Liam left Cierra & Emelie begged to let Camo off of the train so we decided hed slept long enough on his trip and he could get up!

Camo misses all of his friends at Ms. Dawns in Maryland but told us all about his time there. He was so excited to show us EVERYTHING in the train that traveled with him, but Ms. Cristy said that she needed to make sure that nothing got lost while he was traveling before he could show us. We made a copy of the packing list and checked off things one by one as Camo showed us what all was there. There were some really cute coloring pages and some fruit snacks that werent on the listMs. Cristy said that Ms. Dawn & all of her friends sent them as a special gift, just for us! We cant wait to eat the yummy snacks! Thank you so much Ms. Dawn!

Emelie was very upset when she had to leave a little bit later, but Cierra promised to take really good care of Camo until the next morning. Cierra is Ms. Cristys daughter, so she spends a lot of time at Precious Petals. Emelie gave Camo to Cierra and said see you tomorrow! Camo waved and gave Emelie a big hug! Cierra and Camo spent the rest of the night playing and learning where everything goes here at Precious Petals.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today at Circle time Camo went through his stuff and showed all of his new friends at Precious Petals pictures of all of the places hes traveled. He has so many souvenirs that its hard to know where to start! We started by looking at the 50 states book and magnet set that P.J.s Playhouse sent and seeing the different states on the map.

He showed us where Ohio is on the map. Thats where Camo lives with his boy Chance. Cierra got really excited because thats where her Dad lives. She hasnt seen him in a long time. But she told Camo that if he sees him, to give him a big hug for her. Then they talked about Camos outfit and how it looked a lot like her Dads that he wears a lot at work hes in the United States Air Force.

Camo was super excited to show the kids something special he had made at Simply Circus with Ms. Judy & her kidshe hopped in his train and was digging through it looking for his special thing he wanted to share. The next thing we knew A MONKEY was climbing out of the box. We were scared!

Camo popped his head from behind the Monkeyturns out; it was just a monkey puppet that he made! PHEW! He said that it was a lot of fun to make and then we all started singing 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed.

It was a busy day today but Ms. Cristy says that this whole week is busy. Can you believe that 3 of my friends here at Precious Petals are celebrating birthdays this week?? WOW! Thats a lot of partying isnt it?! I better get plenty of rest so I can have fun at each party. On Thursday Ms. Cristy says that she has something special planned. Were celebrating something called Veterans Day. I wonder what that is.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today is Suris 3rd Birthday! Were so excited to be celebrating another birthday! When Suri came in, she brought some yummy chocolate chip muffins that her Momma made. They are much healthier than cupcakesbut healthy cant be goodright? I guess well see, Ms. Cristy says she bets they will be SUPER yummy and just as good as cupcakes, maybe even better.

Today at circle time Ms. Cristy showed the kids some of the souvenirs that I brought with me. I was so excited to read them the story of Officer Buckle & Gloriaafter I was done they said it was one of their FAVORITE books. We talked about another Ms. Dawn and her kids that I metcan you believe it, TWO Ms. Dawns on one trip! She lives in Illinois and we talked about how neither Ms. Dawn nor Camo do costumes for Halloweenbut he still had a special Halloween outfit with some really cool socks. They are very cool!

Camo was very excited and crawled back into his train saying he had something else he wanted to show us. He was digging all through that suitcase of hisits amazing how much stuff one little bear can own thanks to all of his wonderful friends on his journey! Suddenly we saw a Dalmatian puppy sitting in the boxbut we werent fooled this time, it was another cool arts and craft project that he did!

At lunch time after everyone finished their lunches we all ate the chocolate chip muffins that were for Suris birthday. Her Momma and Ms. Cristy were right, these muffins were DELICIOUS!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today Precious Petals is closed in observance of Veterans Day. Ms. Cristy says that there are a lot of very important people that we should thank and remember today. There are a lot of people out there who fight for our freedoms and make sure our country stays safe. Ms. Cristys dad is a Veteran and so are Dylan, Donavan, Cierra, Suri, Fayeth & Liams dads! Some of them are even living in other places for a year or more at a time, all to make sure we are able to do thingssome as simple as going to the store or wearing a tee shirt. Can you imagine being told what to do every second of the day? I cant!

Ms. Cristy says that one thing that is famous about the area she lives in, is a place called Ft. Bragg. She says that there are LOTS of Veterans that live here, over 45 THOUSAND in fact, with more coming over the next year! She promises to take me another day to see it and to buy me some special things to take back home from here.

Ft. Bragg is called The home of the Airborne and Special Operations Forces. Airborne is when people jump out of planes. It sounds scary, but it looks really neat. They even have a special parachuting team called The Golden Knights. Special Forces is a generic term for elite highly-trained military, police or civilian paramilitary tactical teams these guys have LOTS of training. Usually they wear either Green or Black berets to show that they are an elite group. Ms. Cristy says if were lucky she will be able to find one in my size so I can show you WHAT a beret is!

It sure does sound like celebrating our Veterans is something we should all be doing! Im glad Ms. Cristy taught me more about Veteran's Day and Ft. Bragg. I cant wait to share with my friends.

P.J.'s PlayHouse - Ohio

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Camo has arrived home safely!

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