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Little Wonders Preschool - California

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Calla has been very busy this week getting ready for her trip. Today at preschool the children all gave her hugs, talked about her traveling and said their goodbyes! But not before Calla had a photo shoot in the City of Oakley. She met a Fed Ex driver, Chef of Police, Firefighter and Librarian. She is getting some rest now and reading her favorite book to her puppy, Lil'Chloee.

Nanette Sposito, Director
Little Wonders Preschool

Friday, September 10, 2010

After preschool we went to Starbucks for an iced-chocolate milk. When we were leaving Starbucks, she saw the FedEx truck and got so excited about her journey across country that she jumped into the Fed Ex basket hoping she could hop up into the truck! But, we told her she was leaving tomorrow and we needed to do her photo shoot for her photo album.

First stop, Black Bear Diner for a bite to eat, then we went to city hall where she got to meet the Chief of Police and had her picture taken with him, next the Oakley Fire Station and a photo with Firefighter Gil. Next was the Oakley library where she read a few books and had a photo taken with the Librarian. We were almost back at Little Wonders when Calla saw a purple and black motorcycle and just had to take a photo on it! We had so much fun taking Calla's photos. We hope all the children on her route enjoy them as much.

Nanette Sposito, Director
Little Wonders Preschool

Child's Play - New York

Monday, September 13, 2010

Calla has arrived here on Long Island! But wouldn't you know it I have no daycare kids today b/c it's my dd 1st day of preschool - lucky day off!! So I have not opened her box yet but will be doing it tomorrow morning so all can enjoy her first coming out!!

I was sooo surprised to get her so soon all the way from California! We will take good care of her and take lots of pictures.

Sooooo excited to meet her,


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for the gifts & crafts! The kids were soooo excited to open her box and let her out! We had "Letter T" pancakes this morning in honor of our Teddy Bear Guest! I know you said she likes strawberry but we had banana pancakes and Calla LOVED them, we also enjoyed some California Sweet Raisins with them! I will be sure to keep you updated on her visit.

Thank you,
Kyle & the children of Child's Play

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello All!

Calla has been enjoying her visit here in Holbrook, NY. In honor of Calla we have been working on the letter "T" this past week and the color Brown (of course). She has been joining us in all that we do circle time, weather, arts & crafts, etc... Miss Kyle won't let her outside to play in fear of getting her dirty but she takes a nice rest at the window watching us. She does go on wagon rides though and she really enjoys that. Calla has visited preschool with 2 of our preschool children (Miss Kyle's dd, Caitlyn and a dcg) and they shared with the class all about Calla, where she is from and where she is going. Calla obeyed all the rules and played nice with others. She also will be visiting the elementary school tomorrow afternoon for "Share Time" in the 1st grade and 3rd grade with Miss Kyle's daughters Jaidyn (1st) and Mikayla (3rd). Calla is really looking forward to being a big girl and sharing all about herself to the grade school kids. She also is very excited to ride on the big yellow bus. Calla was a wonderful help to one of our dcg's on Saturday morning as Calla came with Miss Kyle's dd to dance class and dcg was in another class and not wanting to dance. So Calla bear asked dcg to teach her how to dance and dcg was very happy to do so!!We also will be taking a field trip tomorrow to the post office before we send her off in her box to travel on to Miss Gina's group in Arkansas. Right after the field trip we will be packaging Calla Bear up and sending her off with big hugs from us all. We will miss Calla Bear but know she must move on to the next wonderful group of children so she can learn and play some more.

Thank you Calla Bear for sharing yourself with us all!!

Miss Kyle & the children at Child's Play

MeMe & Me - Arkansas

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Calla arrived safely in Arkansas today. Unfortunately, today is Saturday and all the kids are at home. Calla plans to spend her time this weekend resting and getting ready to meet her new friends on Monday.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Calla was so excited when all of her new friends arrived at school today. She spent the morning sharing hugs and stories about her home in California. Calla was very sweet to bring crafts for all of her friends. She also shared her favorite music during music play. Everyone enjoyed dancing with Calla. During Science Time, Calla helped her friends sort yellow buttons and she helped the teachers hide them so her friends could find them. When nap time rolled around, Calla zonked out from all the morning excitement.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today was field trip day! Calla and her friends visited Harrison City Hall. While there, they met Mayor Pat Moles. He is a very nice man. He gave the kids an American flag to hang at daycare. After visiting with the Mayor, we visited the police station. We met Police Chief Pat Murphy, Captain Joe, and Corporal Matt. We saw lots of cool things while at the police station and Corporal Matt let us sit in the police car!!! Calla was really excited when he turned on the lights and sirens!!! After saying goodbye to Corporal Matt, it was off to the Fire Station. The firemen were nice enough to let Calla and the kids crawl around on one of the big red fire engines!!! What fun! Before heading back to daycare, we stopped at the Post Office for a visit with Postmaster Dennis Wilson. He was nice enough to show us all around and explain how Calla would get from Arkansas to "A Ton of Fun Childcare and Preschool" in Michigan . We also met another really nice man at the Post Office. His name was Mr. Les and he let all of us weigh on the giant scales. It was so much fun!!! Wow! We had a very busy morning! We were all ready to eat lunch and take a nap as soon as we arrived back at daycare. Sweet dreams Calla.....Sweet dreams kids.........

Thank you,
Gina "Michelle" Tatum
MeMe & Me Family Childcare

Friday, October 1, 2010

Calla spent her last day at MeMe & Me reading, dancing and sharing hugs with her friends. During music play, Calla and her friends danced to classical music using yellow streamers. What Fun!!! During science time, the kids helped Calla explore a lemon using a magnifying glass. That was tons of fun too! After all the kids had gone home, Calla visited TCBY for a sweet treat. Calla was a little sad to be leaving her new friends but, very excited to begin her journey to Michigan to make even more friends. Good bye Calla!!! We will never forget you!!!

Thank you,
Gina "Michelle" Tatum
MeMe & Me Family Childcare

A Ton of Fun Childcare & Preschool - Michigan

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Calla has arrived!! We were super excited to meet her. We had so much fun opening the box with Calla and all her neat treats. We took a few pictures and started to settle in, when all of a sudden, we heard a noise!! It was Calla!! We were a little surprised that Calla had a voice!

Calla and the kids went outside to play. She liked the slide and the play structures, but the swing was her favorite.

This week is fire prevention week and Calla joined in all the festivities. Sara and her assistant, Katie, took 7 kids plus Calla to the fire station for their annual open house. Calla got some free stuff, including a sticker, a pencil, and candy. She got a balloon, too, but lost it when it went up to the angels. We toured some fire trucks and saw the inside of an ambulance. The bigger kids got to work a real fire hose! The most exciting part was going for a ride on the fire truck! This was how Calla got to see the elementary school where some of her new friends attend. Once we got back to the fire station, we snacked on pizza and popcorn. We finally left the fire station and went back to Sara's. After everyone brushed their teeth and was read a quick book to, it was bed time. Everyone went right to sleep; they had a busy day!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Calla was surprised to see Sara get up at 5 a.m. to begin her day. Heather gets up first and was excited to get ready for school with her new friend.

Calla's school-age friends were busy getting ready for school and some new friends were arriving for the day. By the time breakfast came around, Calla was ready for a nap! but it wasn't rest time yet. We got busy for a fun day at preschool.

This weeks themes at preschool are fire safety and the number 19. Calla was especially excited to play with the ice cream game, where she learned her numbers from 1 - 10. Calla loves ice cream!

Judy's Kids @ Simply Circus - Massachusetts

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I got home from a long weekend and found a special box on my porch. Calla has arrived in Newton, Ma. We will open the box tomorrow at circle time!

Judy S

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Calla Bear arrived in Newton Ma on Sunday. On Monday Zoe, Uma, Benjamin, Manaal, Iris, Alexis, Tylee and Christopher opened her box and let her out. We were so happy to see her. She got lots of hugs from everyone as we welcomed her to our program. On Tuesday we had music class. Calla Bear danced and sang along with us. She had a great time. On Wednesday we made Calla Bear puppets. We have lots of things planned for the remainder of the week.

Judy S

Monday, October 25, 2010

Calla is having such a great time in Boston! On Thursday we had our weekly music class with Miss Diana. Calla sat by the guitar and helped to pick songs. She also played the games and sang and danced with everyone. She was a wonderful dancer. The kids made some great drawings during art time. After lunch Calla went to the Teddy Bear Club (a French school) with Zoe and Uma. She went to visit both classes, and got to be the calendar girl in both rooms. She learned how to sing a good morning song in French. After school she went for an overnight to Zoe and Uma’s house. She slept part of the time in each girl’s bed. It was so much fun!

On Friday we played some games and read some new books. Calla bear loved “On Noah’s Ark” by Jan Brett. We made a cardboard ark and some animals. We wondered if Noah’s granddaughter had a teddy bear on the ark.

On Saturday Calla went to Simply Circus, to take some circus classes. She really enjoyed the basic skills class. She tried balancing on the rolla bolla, walking on the rolling globe, flying on the lyra and most importantly walking the tight rope. She was so excited to be doing what Mirette did in her book. After basic skills class, she went to contortion class where she did some stretching and moving into weird positions. She helped everyone do assisted splits! Calla got to have lunch with the staff after classes. They bought her some pizza.

On Sunday she went with Judy to a nursing home to visit with Nonni and some of the residents there. They were so excited to hold her and hear about her adventures! Calla bear made them feel young.

On Monday Calla got to say goodbye to everyone during circle time. The kids are going to make a large bear puppet to remind them of Call Bear today. They all gave her a big hug and we packed her into her box for the trip to MD. (Judy wanted to hop in the box too as her son lives in MD!)

We also want to thank everyone at A ton of Fun Preschool for the book, game and jump rope. Jumping rope has become the most favorite game here. We used the game during circle time and loved the Blue’s Clues stories!

Judy and all the kids

Caution! Kids at Play Child Care - Maryland

Calla Bear arrived in Millersville, MD. on Wednesday, Oct. 27th. David couldn't wait to help carry her soaking wet box in from the front porch. Andrew couldn't wait to climb on it in hopes of a better view of what was inside :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

She arrived yesterday in the midst of our rain storm (I didn't know she was on the front porch) and her box was soaked! We opened her up this am and the kids have been so excited and and loved all on her. We had our Halloween Party today - she was so excited to be our special guest for that. She is getting ready to leave with me and Andrew now to go to our Elementary school to watch their Halloween Parade. We are letting her miss her afternoon nap for that - she is so excited!

Patriot's page may be viewed here

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday, Oct. 28th we had our Halloween Party. Calla was dressed in costume - depending on who you asked, depended on what she was. . .a ballerina, an angel, a princess. She enjoyed watching our preschool time (she was too shy to participate) and playing our Halloween games. She played Spider Toss, participated in our Boo Walk!, and played Ghost bowling with us. Then she enjoyed going on our Halloween Parade where she got to sit next to Patriot Bear in the stroller. To think she met a bear who participated in the Teddy Bear Express before was so exciting for her :) Afterwards we came home to make a delicious lunch of Mummies, eyeballs and hearts! She ate it all up! When it was time for me to go to the bus stop to get David and Emilee she was quick to want to go with me! Emilee was so excited to see her when she got off the bus! David couldn't wait to push her back home for me. Later that day Calla learned that Emilee had Girl Scouts and they were celebrating Halloween at her troop meeting so Calla asked to go too. She really enjoyed trying to eat her chocolate donut off the string! Then it was time for bed! I had two tired girls that night!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Calla was so excited to learn that another bear participating on the Teddy Bear Express was just minutes away from us so we went over to Ms. Dawn's to meet and play with Camo. They had a great time exchanging stories of where they've been and what they've done. Calla also enjoyed spending time passing out Halloween candy to all our trick or treaters that night.

Andi Campbell
Caution! Kids At Play Child Care

Little Hands Home Daycare & Preschool - Illinois

Monday, November 8, 2010

As expected, the children were anxiously awaiting the appearance of Calla from her box this afternoon, and finally the pictures on the website, and the map of her travels posted on the wall all make sense now...she is finally a real object and not just a story we like to talk about. We paged through her photo album, and the girls were especially excited to see the clothing she brought with her.

The fun notepads and Disney pens were distributed immediately and children started drawing pictures for Calla, and I could swear one of my girls was scientifically documenting the process (not really, but she had that demeanor about her with the notepad in hand). Of course we had to share in the snacks that Calla traveled with as well for our children--Thank you Andi! The children showed Calla around the classrooms and then outdoors for some exercise. Each night she is assigned to a child for a sleepover. Calla is a true celebrity in our daycare!

Thank you,
Little Hands Home Daycare & Preschool

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

During the remainder of Calla's stay here, she has enjoyed spending the night with each of the preschoolers here, experiencing all the new houses and telling late night bedtime stories with her hosts. She also got to enjoy Wisconsin Dells one weekend (the "Disney World" of the Mid-West), she participated in computer classes with our students in the Tech Adventures class, as well as the Jungle what a climber she is! I don't think Calla's feet have been on the ground too often as she always seems to be in a child's arms at all times during the day. We have enjoyed our special teddy bear express project immensely, and look forward to next year's route. We send Calla off with thanks and love!

Little Hands Home Daycare & Preschool

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Calla is on her way back home to California!

Little Wonders Preschool - California

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Calla is home!

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