Departing September 7, 2010

The Bear Keeper

Gina - MeMe & Me - Arkansas


Eva - Rock Springs Elementary School - California

Cristy - Precious Petals Child Care - North Carolina

Terri - Country Kids Childcare - Minnesota

Kaci - Butterfly Babies Childcare - Texas

Jana - Step By Step Child Care - Ohio

Valerie - Happy Days Preschool - California

MeMe & Me - Arkansas

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bearemy was "beary" excited to leave on his fantastic adventure today. He spent time playing outside and getting some last minute hugs from his friends before we said goodbye. Have fun Bearemy!!! We will see you when you get back...

Gina - MeMe & Me Family Childcare

Rock Springs Elementary School - California

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bearamy arrived late yesterday after the kids left. There must have been some rough weather that caused the train to jump the track. Beremy's train car door was opened when he arrived here at Rock Springs. I bet he was so excited to be traveling that he wanted to take a peek himself to see what was going on. Miss. Gina's class put stickers all over Bearemy's train car. I can't wait for the kids to arrive so they can meet him.

Eva, Rock Springs Elementary School

Friday, September 10, 2010

The morning class was so excited to finally get to meet Bearemy. They took turns holding him and saying hello. On Monday we will get to see what wonderful gifts he brought. After circle time they took him outside to play. He had great fun on the slide with the boys.

Eva, Rock Springs Elementary School

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bearemy was so looking forward to traveling to his next stop today. Unfortunately, toys are not the only things his friends like to share. One of his Rock Springs friends brought an unwelcome guest to school called the flu bug. Beremy has a tummy ache and a bit of a fever. He is certain he will be well by Monday the 20th to continue on his adventure. He hopes he hasn't made too many sad faces.

Precious Petals Child Care - North Carolina

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bearemy has arrived in Raeford, North Carolina at approximately 2:30pm EST. He appears safe and sound with no damage to his new ride!

Only 2 of our friends are here today and they are sleeping right now, however Precious, one of our dog's is super excited for the UPS guy to pull up. Will probably wait until all of my regular kids are here on Monday before we do a whole lot with him, however I may take him shopping with me this weekend as me and Ms. Brenda planned to go and do a little bit, we'll see how he's feeling after his long trip!

What a great way to end the week, with a new friend!

Bearemy was sleeping when he arrived, must�ve been his nap time too. Once Emelie & Fayeth woke up from nap and had snack their mom�s arrived to pick them up shortly after. A little bit after that I heard a knocking sound�and soon realized that it was coming from Bearemy�s ride!

So, Ms. Cristy opened him up�because she didn�t want him to be lonely all weekend when he could be spending time getting use to his new classroom and getting his wiggles out! He was very happy to meet some new friends, but very concerned about his friends back in California and wanted to know how they were feeling. I let him know that Ms. Eva and the kids were all starting to feel better now and that they missed him, but couldn�t wait to see pictures of his travels. Bearemy was very relieved that everyone was feeling better.

He also asked about Ms. Gina and all of his friends back in Arkansas. I let him know that they were all having fun celebrating the new FALL season. He told me that he missed them, and I reminded him about how much fun it would be to share all of the stories of his travels and about the many friends he made during his journey once he gets back. He had a big ole� smile on his face thinking about telling about his adventures and sharing the pictures and the souvenirs that he picks up along the way.

Ms. Brenda (who some call Nana) stopped by and we asked Bearemy if he was hungry and he told us YES, he was. So we hopped in the car to find something yummy to eat. We ate at Lonestar Steakhouse. He wasn�t so sure about eating a steak�but he LOVED the sweet tea that we drink here in the South.

After dinner we decided to stop by Build-a-Bear since it was right across the street. Bearemy tried to explain why he needed some new toys for his trip, but we told him he could write about his journey on the trip instead and we decided to get him a new outfit and some shoes as well as a passport to help him remember everywhere he gets to go!

He was so excited about the passport that he forgot all about the toys and he closely watched to make sure our Build-a-Bear friend spelled his name correctly and put his home address down correctly, just in case he gets lost along his long journey.

Bearemy quickly played a game on the computer before saying goodbye to his friends at Build-a-Bear. Before we even got back to the car, Bearemy was fast asleep in Ms. Cristy�s arms. It sure has been an exhausting day for him. I bet he�s dreaming right now about all of the fun he�s had since he left his family in Arkansas. Sweet Dreams, Bearemy.

Ms. Cristy

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bearemy woke up and was spending some time with Cierra (11) until Ms. Cristy woke up. Cierra introduced Bearemy to two sisters � Rose & Rosalina, talk about confusing! He was very happy to make some new friends even if he did have a hard time telling the sisters apart. He told both of them about all of his friends in Arkansas at Ms. Gina�s house and California at Ms. Eva�s school.

After he was done telling them all about his journey so far, Rose & Rosalina showed him the really cool Chalk Wall that Ms. Cristy has. It looks JUST LIKE a regular wall; only it�s got special paint that Ms. Cristy made so that kids could write on it like a chalk board. So he practiced writing his name.

When Ms. Cristy woke up, Ms. Brenda stopped by and all of us went shopping, but first, we had brunch at IHOP! We had to remind Bearemy that the sweet tea here IS good, but we have to drink water too.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bearemy and Cierra stayed the night at Ms. Brenda�s house last night. They woke up earlier than anyone else, guess they love playing together! They went outside and played on the trampoline and swung on the rope swing and climbed as high as they could on it!

After Ms. Brenda woke up they had breakfast and then they gave Bearemy a quick lesson on horseback riding because that was their adventure for the day! They taught Bearemy all about safety while horseback riding � always wear a helmet in case you fall off; always pack a little extra water and healthy snacks to keep hydrated AND in case you get lost and are out longer than you thought you would be; always carry your cell phone with you; always let someone know where you are going and when possible, go with a friend. Not only is it safer, but it�s a WHOLE LOT more fun!

The horse that Ms. Brenda & Cierra were riding is an older horse that Ms. Brenda rescued. When she got him he was so skinny that you could see his ribs in his belly! He has a special diet and eats 3 times a day � most horses only eat ONCE a day. He has a special food that he eats to make sure he�s getting lots of protein in his diet so he can gain weight the healthy way. He�s a very sweet horse, OH! His name is Bart!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Today was Bearemy�s first REAL day of daycare. He�s had a lot of fun already, but now it�s time to meet the rest of the Precious Petals Crew! It is suppose to rain all week this wee. That�s really good because we need the rain really badly�but we can�t wait to play outside. I guess we�ll just have a lot of fun inside this week!

All of the kids came one by one, like ants marching in a parade, it was really neat! I met Suri, she�s 3 and is oh so smart! I met Emelie, she�s 2 and loves to play but is very shy at first. I met Liam, he�s almost 2 and he loves to RUN! I met James, he�s almost 2 � and actually only 4 days younger than Liam, wouldn�t that be cool to have a friend that is so close to your age? � James loves to give hugs.

Tomorrow I get to meet another new friend who isn�t here today, her name is Fayeth and she�s 3 and Ms. Cristy says she loves to help others and color. I�m so excited to have more new friends; a bear can NEVER have enough friends!

We�re learning the letter �Bb�, the color R-E-D, Red, the numbers 1 & 2 and the shape of a circle. But first we got to DANCE, DANCE, and DANCE. It was SO much fun taking turns dancing with each other. When I left Ms. Eva�s school with my other friends in California Ms. Eva asked me to surprise Precious Petals with a new CD so we danced to that. For snack I�m going to give the kids another surprise, Ms. Eva sent me with animal crackers & fruit snacks � I just know they will love them � shhhh it�s a secret though!

For art today we did Dot-A-Dobber art. They are pretty neat; I don�t remember doing those before! They are kinda like markers only you�re suppose to make pictures by dotting instead of �pulling� a marker. If you like to pull the dobber and use it like a marker, that�s ok too. We �colored in� the letter B b with our dobbers.

And for snack we had our Animal Crackers & Fruit snacks with some Yogurt. It was very good!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today it has been raining a lot. It rained so much, that water come leaking through the roof. Ms. Cristy and the kids put buckets everywhere the water came in and they told me to just stay on the side of things so that I wouldn�t get all wet and yucky. Thankfully a nice man came to fix it, it just would�ve been better if it weren�t during nap time keeping the kids awake 

OH, but something really cool happened today too! Ms. Cristy told us about a new baby that came into the world today. His name is Gunnar and he�ll be one of our Precious Petals at the end of November. He has SO MUCH HAIR! I don�t think I�ve ever seen a cub with THAT much hair. Ms. Cristy said he�s so cute and reminds her of her son, Donavan who is now 13. He was born with a bunch of dark hair, but now it�s all blonde. I wish I could meet little Gunnar, but Ms. Cristy says he�s too little to be in daycare right now. She will put some pictures up on her website so that I can look at him after Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today has been a good day, but we�re all so sleepy. We can�t believe it�s raining � AGAIN! It makes us all so sleepy. Ms. Cristy said that we would just have an easy day and make it a movie day. We were watching Monsters, Inc. but it scared me and another little girl, so we turned it off and played with playdough instead. That was a lot more fun. It was hard to stay awake today since it was so dark outside. Me and Liam fell asleep before lunch was even done.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The weather has stopped raining a little bit. It�s still too wet to go outside and play, but Ms. Cristy says if it�s still nice after nap time it should be dry enough for us to go and do a lot of running around in the Play Yard. I hope so, we�re all tired of sitting inside, there is only so much play dough a bear can play with.

When we woke up, it was nice outside so we spent the rest of the day outside! When Mr. John got home he told Ms. Cristy that he had a surprise for her. She wasn�t sure what it could be since it�s not her birthday and too early for their anniversary. Whatever it was, it was in a pretty big box, almost as big as the one I get to travel in � oh, what if it�s another bear to play with?!

Well, it wasn�t another bear, but it�s still something we can play with. At his work they found a little bitty kitty. Mr. John knows how much Ms. Cristy loves animals, and she was very happy to see the surprise. We all voted on his name and now we call him Obi Wan. Ms. Cristy wanted Jedi, but she lost the votes.

Friday, October 1, 2010

HOW EXCITING!!! It�s another new month, AND GUESS WHAT? It�s not even raining today!! We are all doing happy dances this morning at all of the fun stuff we get to do this month. The thing I�m looking most forward to today is MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZA FRIDAY. Ms. Cristy lets the kids make their own pizza�s every Friday. I wonder what type of toppings she�ll have and what my friends like to eat on their pizza�s.

A few of our friends are starting to get sick. I wonder why everywhere I go people are getting sick. Ms. Cristy says that it�s NOT my fault and that it�s just the change of seasons and it happens a couple of times each year. She showed us how we could avoid spreading our germs. One thing she said was to cough and sneeze into your ELBOW instead of into your hand.

I�m not sure I can make my elbow touch my nose � can you? Ms. Cristy was laughing really hard and I asked her what was so funny, she said �Bearemy, silly, you don�t actually cough or sneeze into your elbow, but the crook of your arm�. I was even more confused because I don�t know what a crook of your arm is OR why it would be funny. So she showed me.

Now I see why it was so funny to her! To cough in the crook of your arm or your �elbow�, you take one of your hands and act like you�re holding the shoulder of your other arm. After you�re all done coughing or sneezing, you can pat yourself on the back for not spreading germs � GOOD JOB!

Tonight we get to go shopping for all of the new friends I�m going to meet in Minnesota. I get to leave tomorrow morning and I�m SOOOO excited to meet Ms. Terri and everyone at Country Kids! I�m going to miss all of my friends here at Precious Petals, but I can�t wait to meet all of the new friends I will get to meet soon!

Country Kids Childcare - Minnesota

Thursday,October 14, 2010

Bearamy arrived here in Minnesota on Monday afternoon he was welcomed with giggles and squeals from the kids. We have had lots of fun doing bear activities this week. Yesterday we had a Teddy Bear party and all the kids brought their favorite Teddy Bears from home to hang out with Bearamy. We did a fun gummy bear graphing game in the morning with Bearamy supervising. of course after the graphing activity they gobbled up their gummy bears. At nap time all the children slept with their Teddy bear from home and Bearamy snuggled up in the crib.

The children have had fun trying on all of Bearamys different outfits on him, I think their favorite is the Dallas Cowboys outfit. After nap we took Bearamy outside to see the beautiful Fall colors and to play on the playground. He had fun playing football with the boys, climbing on the jungle gym, swinging on the monkey swing, and trying out every slide. At the end of the day Bearamy was exhausted and went to bed early, good thing because his first friends arrived at 6am this morning and could not wait to see him.

Country Kids Childcare

Monday, October 18, 2010

On Friday Bearamy had a fun day with the children but it was sad to say goodbye at the end of the day. They went on a nature walk and picked leaves to send along with Bearamy to his next destination. We have had such beautiful weather for Minnesota Bearamy and the kids spent a lot of time outside enjoying the great weather. Winter is just around the corner here and then our outside time is limited to days where the temperature and windchill is above 20 degrees. Bearamy had fun riding the cars with the kids and meeting all of the parents. One of the kids who was out all week even had a chance to stop in and meet him before he left.

Bearamy left on Saturday morning and was sad to be leaving but excited to meet the next group of children at his next destination. We enjoyed the calenders and Halloween rulers sent from Cristy and her group of kids so much. We put some surprises in the box for his next stop on the Teddy Bear Express, he should be arriving on Tuesday.

Country Kids Childcare

Butterfly Babies Childcare - Texas

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bearemy�s train arrived today in Borger, TX during naptime. He had slept on the train so he wasn�t tired. Bearemy checked on all of the kids to make sure they were sleeping okay.

Everyone was sleeping just fine, so Bearemy visited with Mrs. Kaci for a while. He told her about all of the fun he had on his trip so far. He showed her his journal. He told her about his friends in Arkansas, California, North Carolina, and Minnesota. He is excited to be here in Texas and learn about the things we do here. Mrs. Kaci showed Bearemy the activity boxes she was making for the kids here and he helped with the Cricut machine to put the names on the boxes and then he tried one out. While he was waiting for the Cricut to cut the names, he played ball with Jazz the parrot.

Mrs. Kaci felt silly when she found out that Bearemy was still wearing his pajamas, so Cannon and Charlie changed him into his Nascar jumpsuit and hat. The kids all really like his shoes. Bearemy is excited to have a sleepover with Cannon and Matt tomorrow. He is going to rest tonight, he�s a little tired from the long ride on the Teddy Bear Express since Saturday! He has his blankie and pj�s ready for a movie night with Mrs. Kaci and Mr. Vaughn. On Wednesday, Bearemy is excited for his trip downtown to see a pumpjack and an oil derrick. Bearemy did not know what a pump jack was before he came to Borger and can't wait to see one. He also plans to visit the rodeo team and see the livestock.

He misses all of the friends he has made along the way and is eager to get back home, but he's really excited to meet new friends in Ohio and California soon too!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - Bearemy Visits Downtown Borger

Bearemy Bear has ridden the Teddy Bear Express to come visit us in Borger, TX. Today we took him downtown to see the sights and to learn about Borger. We saw the pump jacks on Main Street and stopped to take a picture. A pump jack moves up and down using a motor and pulls the oil and gas out of a well. We need oil and gas for many things, like to make our cars go and to heat our homes. Bearemy didn't know what a pump jack was before he came to Borger, he just knew he saw them in the fields as the train passed them, moving up and down and looking like some kind of crazy animal pecking the ground.

Then we went to the Hutchinson County Boomtoen Museum. We took a picture outside, It represets the first jail in Borger. The Texas Rangers had to come to town a very long time ago to clean up some bad people. They chained them to a log to wait for trial.

Bearemy saw so many things, like the Philips 66 display. Borger became a town in the 1920's when oil was found. The Phillips 66 (now Conoco Phillips and Chevron Phillips) Plant is still the biggest employer in Borger, TX. They use the oil and gas from the wells, that the pump jacks pull out and make things like gasoline for our cars.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - Bearemy Visits Cannon's House

Bearemy had a sleepover last night with Cannon. When they left in the car, Bearemy was nervous, Cannon said, because their truck is so big and so loud, so Cannon held Bearemy in his car seat on the way to his house. They watched "Dukes of Hazzard" while Cannon's daddy cooked supper. They played with toys, Cannon even let Bearemy ride on his toy Jeep. When it was bed time, Cannon let Bearemy sleep on his pillow and covered him up with his special blanket. Cannon's mom said that they had a wonderful time and that Bearemy was very well behaved and has wonderful manners. Bearemy wasn't scared at all this morning, he rode in the seat belt next to Cannon's car seat with no problems. He is excited for a new fun day at Butterfly Babies. Tonight he will go to church and to Dumas to a signing appointment with Mrs. Kaci so he can go to the big Wal-Mart and look for a present for our friends at Step-by-Step in Ohio.

Thursday, October 21, 2010 - Texas Thunderstorms

Today it rained and thundered all day long. That was no fun because we couldn't go outside to play. The kids were very excited because it doesn't rain here very often at all. Bearemy got scared when it thundered very loud. He hid behind his new, good friend, Cannon. Cannon accidentally scared Bearemy even more when he asked if we were going to have a tornado. Mrs. Kaci was able to calm him down by showing him that there were no tornadoes on the local radar.

A nice man came to visit us today from the Borger News Herald. He took a picture of Bearemy with his new friends and said that he was going to put it in the newspaper. Everyone was very excited.

Friday, October 22, 2010 - McDonald's and Shopping Trip

This morning only Cannon and Shelby came to day care, so Mrs. Kaci took Bearemy and the kids to McDonald's so that they could play because it is just too muddy to play outside. Then we all went to buy presents for our friends at Step by Step in Ohio. Bearemy is so excited to meet even more new friends! We printed a map of all his stops and put it in his notebook today to share with all of our friends. Bearemy is also taking Borger pins, some Halloween stickers, and a preschool workbook to his new friends. He loves his Borger pin, tattoos and his new sippy cup and he is so happy that he gets to take them with him. We are very sad to load him on his train car this afternoon, but we are so happy to have such a wonderful new friend!!

We love you and we will miss you Bearemy!

Step By Step Child Care - Ohio

Monday,October 25, 2010

Hi, it's me Bearemy! I had such a long trip from Texas to Ohio that I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was really dark and quiet. I was wrapped up all cozy in my pjs and blanket. Pretty soon I could hear some noises and next thing I knew the children at Step By Step Child Care in Ohio were lifting me up and out of my 'train.' They were very excited to see me and invited me to have snack with them. They really liked my 'Bearemy' cup! After snack, the children took turns meeting me and then since it was time for them to go home, I snuggled up on the babies Boppy Pillow and went back to sleep.

Next thing I knew Ms. Jana was waking me up and getting me dressed for the gym. She says she goes there a lot to workout. She put on my Arkansas t-shirt and gave me one of her Zumba headbands and off we went. I tried the Step Class with her and that was really fun but I was kind of little for the board. All the ladies there were very impressed with my travels around the country and they loved my workout outfit. Next, we headed over to Stow's Zumba night. Ms. Jana's daughter and some other big girls were having a Zumba night at the high school. I sat on the table and watched everyone dance and listened to the loud music. It was really late and dark when we got home.

I hopped in the swing and fell fast asleep.

Tuesday,October 26, 2010

Wow, there's lots of babies here! I am trying out all of the baby equipment and it's really fun! The big schoolagers got me all dressed up in my Nascar outfit this morning. Ms. Jana says I look very handsome. Everyone was very surprised to see that my name "Bearemy" is on my foot! Ha ha I tricked them!

I got to sing and dance with the preschoolers at school time. The Halloween Songs were really fun! Then we learned about the Food Pyramid and good foods to eat. Did you know that we are supposed to eat 5 fruits/vegetables every single day? I didn't! That made me pretty hungry. It wasn't lunchtime yet so Ms. Jana made a smoothie out of fresh fruits and yogurt and shared it with me. That kept my tummy full until it was time to eat. It was Allie's birthday so right after lunch, we sang Happy Birthday to her and then we all got to eat chocolate cake. Boy, was that ever yummy.

The weather is pretty crazy here in Ohio. It's really warm and very windy today. There are supposed to be storms later this afternoon. Right now we are under a tornado watch so I'm a little scared. Ms. Jana says not to worry because she knows what to do in bad weather. She also says that in Ohio it can be 80 degrees one day, then 40 degrees the next day. She says it can even snow this time of the year. I've never seen snow so that would be kind of fun. Since it's warm right now, Ms. Jana let me run outside really quick and jump into her huge pile of leaves. Boy, that was fun!

It's quiet time now and I'm going to go lay down with Dhyey. He really likes me.

The storm wasn't so bad, but it did get really dark and windy for awhile. The wind even blew down Ms. Jana's scarecrow. I didn't like that. The children here really like me a lot. They have a lot of questions about where I'm from and why I have to go back. Tomorrow is the Halloween Party. Ms. Jana helped me find a cute Pumpkin Face mask to wear for it. I even borrowed some jeans and a hoodie from one of my new friends!

Wednesday,October 27, 2010

Today we had our Halloween Party. All the children got dressed up in costumes. There as a Ballerina Bat, a Fairy, a Dragon, Yoda, a Monkey, a Pumpkin, and I was a Pumpkin too! Then Ms. Jana was a big blue M & M, that was funny! The Dragon was a little bit scary and it kept wanting to hold me. We ate donuts and ice cream. Ms. Jana said that the kids don't normally eat this many sweets but it was a special party day and that it's okay once in awhile. We can't do it every day.

They got me an Ohio State t-shirt and hat!! They said I could keep it and take it back home with me. They said there are millions of Ohio State fans, not just from Ohio, but from all over the country. I'm getting a nice collection of clothes to wear.

When all the children went home, Ms. Jana took me back to her Gym. She took me to her most favorite Zumba Class. I wore my new Ohio State t-shirt and I borrowed Ms. Jana's Zumba headband again. I got my picture taken with the instructor, Jessica. Her class was very fun! At the end I even tried to do a plank but couldn't hold my body up very well.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Everyone, even me, seems really tired today. Probably from all the partying yesterday. The sun is out but it's pretty cold, it's only 45 degrees. I want to jump in the leaves again but I don't have a coat. We are going to learn about the Letter E in Preschool today. I have TWO 'e's in my name!

I got in trouble today and had a Time Out. Ms. Jana says that I am on a sugar high from all the donuts and ice cream I've been eating. I was just having fun. I got stuck up on the ceiling fan and Ms. Jana had to get me down. She told me to be careful. Then I tried to pretend I was a monkey and got in the plant. Ms. Jana said I wasn't allowed to do that either. So then I saw some friends and joined them. I wanted to see how it felt hanging up on the friend hook. My ear got stuck in the clip and I couldn't get down. So I thought if I watched a movie I couldn't get into any more trouble and I got stuck between the movies and wall. Ms. Jana said that was enough. I thought if I got in the fridge and ate some healthy foods that would calm me down but I only got stuck in the fridge door handle. That's when I got a Time Out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Pajama Day!! I'm very cozy in my sports-themed pj's!! I met a couple of new friends today. We all played and danced and watched movies and ate cupcakes and cookies! Ms. Jana told everyone that I had to leave pretty soon and that today we'd all have to say goodbye. Some of the children cried. One little boy, my bestest friend, wanted to take me home with him. I was sad.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm feeling a little sick from all the goodies I ate this week. Ms. Jana made me rest most of the day. I am going to California to meet some new friends, and then after that I finally get to go home. It's cold here and I'm looking forward to going back to some warmer weather. Although the leaves are very, very pretty! Ms. Jana is helping me get ready to leave. We had to find a new train ride for me because I am bringing along so many cool souvenirs and clothes that I outgrew my old train. She's sending a few of our favorite pictures from Ohio and some facts about this state to help my family at home learn about where I've been.

Goodbye Bearemy! We will miss you!

Love, Ms Jana and kids .....
Abby, Preston, Sascha, Connor, McKenna, Tori, Dhyey, John, Allie, Nishan, Brodi, and Kailyn

Happy Days Preschool - California

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bearemy arrives safely in California.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bearemy has been having a lot of fun with us this past week. He has painted and made the cutest turkey craft. Hope Mrs. Gina likes it. The kids have given him a new blanket. He has also became good friends with my dog Gir. My kids just love playing with him. Here are some pictures. God Bless. Mrs. Valerie

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