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Thank you for your interest in advertising on the Step By Step CC website. Online since 2000, Step By Step has become one of the most visited sites for resources for Child Care Providers, Parents, and Educators. This makes Step By Step the perfect location to gain substantial exposure for your product or service.

      1. How much does an ad cost?

(per ad, per page)
Time Period Discount Text Ad Graphic Ad
1 month 0% $35 $45
3 months 20% $84 $108
6 months 30% $147 $189
12 months 40% $252 $324

      At ths time, there are no specific ad size stipulations for the above rates. However text ads should be no longer than 3 short sentences and graphic ads should be a small or medium square or standard sized banner. The webmaster will judge the size of your ad when reviewing your application.

      2. What pages can I advertise on?

      When applying for ad space, you may request any page or pages within the Step By Step website with the exception of the home page. You can view a Site Map here. The webmaster will offer alternative page recommendations for your ad if space is not available on the page you request. Recommendations are also available if you are not sure of the best location for your ad. The webmaster reserves the right to place your ad in any location within your requested page once your application is approved.

      3. How do I apply?

      To apply, email the webmaster with the subject title of "website advertising" and include the name of your company, your URL, your text or graphic ad, requested page or pages you'd like your ad to be placed on, and the length of run time you'd like to purchase. Please include all information for consideration. Ad content must be relevant to the subject of the webpage.

      4. How do I pay for my ad?

      PayPal is the preferred method of payment. You may pay for your ad online securely via PayPal by eCheck, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or VISA. Or if you prefer, you can pay by snail mail using certified check, money order, business check, or personal check.

      If paying online, your ad is placed as soon as PayPal clears your payment (1-24 hours). If paying by business or personal check, your ad will not be placed until your check clears our bank.

      The webmaster will send you a funds request from Paypal or snail mail info after all the details of your advertising run have been clarified.

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