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Songs & Fingerplays

Triangle Song

Here's a triangle.
(spread index and middle fingers apart; right index finger forms base)
Here's a triangle.
(draw a small triangle in the air)
Now draw one more with me.
(draw in the air)
Can you count them?
Are you ready? One!
(repeat the first action)
(repeat the second action)
(repeat the third action)

~Submitted by Cheryl

The Triangle Song - sung to "POP! Goes the Weasel"

I am a small triangle
I have three sides you see.
I also have three corners.
They're just right for me.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Triangles - sung to "Jingle Bells"

Triangles, triangles,
Have three sides.
Triangles, triangles,
Have three sides.
You can draw big triangles
In the air,
(Use both hands to draw a triangle in the air.)
It is fun to use your hands
And make them anywhere.

~Barbara Conahan

This Is a Triangle - sung to "Frere Jacques"

This is a triangle, this is a triangle.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It has three sides
That join to form three points.
It's a triangle, it's a triangle.

~Jeanne Petty

One-Two-Three - sung to "London Bridge"

Triangles all have three sides,
Have three sides, have three sides.
Triangles all have three sides,
Count them one-two-three

~Kathy McCullough

Found a Triangle - sung to "Clementine"

Found a triangle,
Found a triangle,
Found a triangle with three sides.
It can't roll,
It can't bowl,
It just sits there where it lies.

~Jean Warren

Arts & Crafts

Triangle Witch

3 medium sized black triangles for the arms and hat; 1 large black triangle for the dress; 1 small yellow triangle for the broom; 1 circle for the head.

Have the children paste the shapes on construction paper to make a witch. Hair, facial features, the brim of the hat, and the broom handle can be added with crayons.

~Submitted by Cindy

Some Triangle Ideas

* make triangle prints using triangle objects (blocks, toys). Dip triangle in paint and press down on paper.

* let children cut out triangles by cutting on the solid black line and gluing them onto a large triange.

* make a triangle collage by gluing on different materials that look like a triangle.

* make a picture or design using triangle shapes.

~Submitted by Susan N

Theme Ideas

Making Triangles

For each of your children, fill a small plastic bag with many different lengths of yarn, 10 inches and shorter. Decorate a small suitcase with a large triangle and put the bags of yarn inside, Tell the children that this triangle suitcase is full of triangles. Open the suitcase and take out a plastic bag. Express surprise that it's full of yarn. Ask the children what they might do with the yarn to make triangles. After a brief discussion, give each child a bag of yarn and let them use the yarn pieces to construct triangles on the floor. Encourage them to make many different kinds and sizes of triangles. Compare the results.

Extension: Invite the children to work collaboratively, combining their yarn to make a giant triangle.

All Kinds of Triangles

From paper or felt, cut a variety of triangle shapes. Cut some with three equal sides, some with two equal sides, and others with three sides of different lengths. Also cut a circle, a square, a heart, an oval and a diamond. Show your children the triangles and explain that all triangles have three sides and three corners. Count the sides and corners on all of the triangles you present. Help the children see that although the sides may be different lengths if a shape has three sides and three corners, it is a triangle. Mix all of the shapes together. Pick up one at a time and let the group tell you if the shape is or is not a triangle. Put all of the triangles together on a large triangle-shaped paper on the floor. Put the other shapes in a grocery bag. When all shapes have been sorted, check to see that all of the items on the floor have three sides and three corners.

Find the Triangle

Put a rectangular block, a square block, and a triangular block in a dark-colored pillowcase. Invite a volunteer to reach into the bag without looking and feel the different shapes. Ask him or her to pick out the triangle and remove it from the bag. If the shape is not a triangle, have the child put it back in the bag and try again. Return the block to the bag and repeat the activity with a new volunteer.

Big Triangle

Designate three children who are sitting far apart in the circle as numbers 1, 2, and 3. Give the first child a ball of yarn. Have child 1 hold onto the end of the yarn and roll the ball to child 2. Have that child catch the ball, hold onto the yarn where it is, and then roll it to child 3. Now have child 3 hold onto the yarn and roll the ball to child 1. At this point, there should be a large triangle of yarn in the circle. Have the children let go of the yarn. Rewind the yarn ball and begin again with three more children. Continue until every child has had a turn.

Lace a triangle using yarn.

~Submitted by Susan N.


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