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Songs & Fingerplays

Fitting in Squares

From construction paper, cut squares in assorted sizes, one for each of your children. Gather a number of classroom materials, large and small. Have the children take turns naming one of the items and predicting whether it will fit inside their square. Have each child place his or her item in the square to check the prediction. While the child is experimenting, sing the following song as a group.

Fitting Squares - sung to "Skip to My Lou"

Will the crayon fit in Eric's square
Will the crayon fit in Eric's square
Will the crayon fit in Eric's square
Yes, it fits in his square.

Substitute the name of the item for crayon, the name of the child for Eric, and yes or no, depending on the outcome.

This Is a Square - sung to "Frere Jacques"

This is a square, this is a square.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It has four sides,
All the same size.
It's a square, it's a square.

~Jeanne Petty

Squares - sung to "London Bridge"

Squares have four equal sides,
Equal sides, equal sides.
Squares have four equal sides,
One, two, three, four.
(Draw a square in the air with a finger.)

~Barbara Conahan

The Square Song - sung to "You Are My Sunshine"

I am a square, a lovely square,
I have four sides, they're all the same.
I have four corners, four lovely corners,
I am a square, that is my name.

~Rita Galloway

What Is a Square? - sung to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

What is square? Now you decide,
It has four sides, all the same size.
One side goes up, one side goes down,
One side's on top, one's on the ground.
What is square? Now you decide,
It has four sides, all the same size.

~Diane Thom

Put your square shapes in the air,
Hold it high and keep it there.
Put your square shape on your back,
Now please lay it on your lap.
Put your square shape on your toes,
Now please hold it by your nose.
Hold your square shape in your hand,
Now will everyone please stand.
Wave your square shape at the door,
Now please lay it on the floor.
Hold your square shape and jump, jump, jump,
Now throw your square shape way, way up.

~Submitted by Paulette

Arts & Crafts

Sponge Painting

Square sheet of paper, paint with square shaped sponges.

~Submitted by Kathie


Cut a bunch of square from construction paper (or even better. . . let the kids), have them glue the squares onto a square sheet of paper and make a square collage.

~Submitted by Kathie

Shape Pictures

Give them a bunch of different sized squares and have them make a picture of anything they want with them.

~Submitted by Kathie

Shape Painting

Give them a large sheet of square shaped paper and let them choose their favorite color paint. Encourage them to paint the whole square. While still wet, sprinkle with glitter.

~Submitted by Kathie

Animal Square Puppets

Have your children glue construction paper squares to craft sticks. Let them use felt-tip markers, construction paper scraps, fabric scraps, ribbon, and yarn to create animal faces on their squares.

~Totline Books 123 Shapes

In The Kitchen

Square Day

cheese cubes, crackers, rice krispie squares, sandwiches cut into squares

~Submitted by Kathie

Square Sandwiches

Cut slices of cheese, cold cuts, tomatoes, and bread into squares of the same size. Set out butter or margarine, plastic knives, and paper plates. Let your children put the square sandwich makings of their choice on their plates. Help them spread butter on their bread slices. Then let them put their Square Sandwiches together.

~Totline Books 123 Shapes

Theme Ideas

Square Activities

Lacing - Cut out a square, punch holes along the side, take some yarn enough to thread thru your square, put tape at both ends of the yarn and thread thru holes on the square.

Nesting - Give the children several cut out squares of paper each smaller than the last(or have them cut them out themselves). Have them glue one on top of the other according to size.

Shape Table - Have a special table and whenever the kids find something square they can put it there!

Shape Hopping - Tape a bunch of squares to the floor and have a hopping game or play musical squares.

~Submitted by Kathie

More Square Activities

* have the children sort, seriate, or match square shapes

*use bingo dobbers and have the children dob onto a square

*allow children to cut out a square

* make square prints by using square items (blocks, potatoes, etc)

~Submitted by Susan N

Is It Square?

Collect a number of familiar items and put them in a large square box. Include some square items, such as handkerchiefs, paper, and blocks, along with items of other shapes. Lay a square blanket or scarf on the floor and show the square box. Help your children discover that the blanket is also a square. Tell them that the box is full of items, but only the square ones may go on the blanket. Then spill out the items on the floor and have the children take turns selecting an item and placing it on the blanket (if it is square) or back on the floor (if it is not square).

Folding Squares

Spread a square scarf on the floor. Help your children understand that it is a square. It has four corners and four sides, and all four sides are the same length. Attach two paper clips to two opposite sides of the scarf, Then fold the scarf in half so one paper-clipped side is on top of the other. Show the children that the two touching sides are the same length. Next, unfold the scarf and fold it diagonally. Show the children that the touching sides of the scarf are the same length. Fold this triangle in half diagonally so that your children can see that all four sides are equal. Give the children square washcloths and let them fold their own squares. Go for a walk and point out and/or collect all the things that are square. You could make it a game seeing who can find the most things.

Make a Square

Display a square shape on your flannel board. Lead your children in counting the four sides and four corners. Cut a piece of yarn the same size as one side of the square. Hold the yarn next to each side of the square to demonstrate that all four sides are the same length. Then give each of your children four equal-length pieces of yarn. (Give some children 10-inch lengths, some 7-inch lengths, and some 5-inch lengths.) Challenge the children to use their yarn to form a square on the floor in front of them. Have them count the sides and corners. Let them compare their squares. Help them discover that longer sides create a larger square.


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