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Songs & Fingerplays


Here's a rectangle, straight and tall:
(arms straight up, over head, fingers touch)
Two long sides, and that's not all.
Two short sides that face each other.
Draw one rectangle, now another. (draw in the air)

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

It's A Rectangle - sung to "B-I-N-G-O"

There is a shape that has four sides,
But it is not a square NO!!
It's a rectangle; It's a rectangle; It's a rectangle;
It is not like a square NO!!
Two sides are long; two sides are short.
They are not the same NO!!
It's a rectangle; It's a rectangle; It's a rectangle;
The sides are not the same NO!!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

This Is a Rectangle - sung to "Frere Jacques"

This is a rectangle, this is a rectangle.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It has two short sides,
And it has tow long sides.
It's a rectangle, it's a rectangle.

~Jeanne Petty

Rectangles - sung to "Jingle Bells"

Rectangle, rectangles
Have four sides.
Two are long and two are short,
(Hold hands far apart, then close together.)
Please give them a try.
(Draw rectangle in air with finger.)
Rectangles, rectangles
Have four sides,
Two are long and two are short,
(Hold hands far apart, then close together.)
Please give them a try.
(Draw rectangle in air with finger.)

~Barbara Conahan

Rectangle Kid

Cut felt rectangles to make a Rectangle Kid, as shown in the illustration. Arrange the felt figure on the floor and help your children note that all are rectangles. Then put the figures on the flannel board as you recite the following rhyme.

Rectangle Kid

Rectangle Kid, Rectangle Kid,
Have you seen the Rectangle Kid?
IA rectangle head and cheeks of red.
A rectangle shirt looks very pert.
Rectangle hands like to play in sand.
Rectangle pants like to dance.
Rectangle shoes come in twos.
A rectangle hat. Imagine that!
Rectangle Kid, Rectangle Kid,
Yes, we can see the Rectangle Kid.


Photocopy the rhyme for your children and have them illustrate it at art time.

Arts & Crafts

Rectangle Robots

Pre-cut several rectangle shapes: larger rectangle for body, smaller for the head. For arms, legs, hands, and feet I cut paper strips with my paper cutter, in various sizes. Actually, I use my paper cutter for all the rectangles for this craft, come to think of it! Lots of colors. It's fun to use wrapping paper or paper with other textures too. The kids put their rectangles on their paper first --I tell them it's like making their own "puzzle". Then when they are pleased with their arrangement they paste them on the paper. Add facial features with crayon or marker and "antennas" with coiled pipe cleaners. They really turn out cute. Everyone is different. Some of them look like they are walking, some have arms raised, some have feet turned in, etc. It's a fun way to emphasize "rectangle" and makes a cute display too.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Theme Ideas

Rectangle Thoughts

Invite your children to play a thinking game. Have each child in turn name a rectangle in the classroom (table, window), a rectangle at home (bed, pillow), or one somewhere else (book at the library, cereal box at a grocery store). Record your children's answers on a chart using words and simple sketches.

Getting to Know Rectangles

Show your children a variety of rectangles. Explain that a rectangle has four sides and four corners like a square, but that all four sides of a rectangle are not the same length. In a rectangle, only the two sides opposite each other are the same length. From a rectangular box, remove classroom and everyday items one at a time and have the children determine if they are rectangles. Include only a few items that are not rectangles.

Hint: Your children may observe that a square is also a rectangle since it has four sides and four corners, and its opposite sides are the same length. If a child mentions this, explain that a square is a special kind of rectangle. Otherwise, don't introduce this concept because it will confuse many children who are just beginning to learn about shapes.

Mail Call

Ask parents and friends to help you collect envelopes from junk mail. Using file-folder labels, write the name of each of your children on a separate envelope. Put three construction-paper rectangles of various sizes and colors in each envelope. Place the "mail" in a shoe-box. Have the children take turns selecting a piece of mail and delivering it to its recipient. Help them discover that the envelopes are rectangles. Let children open their mail at the same time. Discuss what they find inside. Challenge them to arrange their rectangles in order from large to small then have them return the rectangles to the envelope and take them home to share with their families.

Mailbox Game

Make a mailbox by covering the lid of a shoebox with construction paper and cutting a slit in the top. Draw a rectangle on the lid. Collect 12 envelopes. Draw a rectangle on the fronts of half the envelopes and other shapes on the remaining half. Mix up the envelopes. Let your children take turns finding the envelopes with rectangles on them and mailing them in the rectangular mailbox.

~Totline Books, 123 Shapes


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