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Songs & Fingerplays

This Is A Heart - sung to "Frere Jacques"

This is a heart, this is a heart.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It's rounded on the top
And pointy at the bottom.
It's a heart, it's a heart.

~Gayle Bittinger

A Red Heart - sung to "Mary Had A Little Lamb"

I have a red heart, a red heart, a red heart.
I have a red heart.
That I will give to you.

~Cloverport Head Start

A Heart Story

To prepare for this Cut and Tell story, fold a piece of green construction paper and lightly draw a half heart on the fold of the paper. Place the paper in your lap. Then tell this story, acting out the movements described.

Mother's Heart

Harry Rabbit's mother was feeling very sad. She'd lost her favorite piece of jewelry-a heart-shaped pin. It was a special pin because Harry had made it at school as a present for her. It was a very unusual heart because Harry had painted it green. "Oh, I'm so sad;' she cried. Harry went outside to look for the pin. He hopped all around in the green grass. (Hold up the green paper with the half heart facing you.)

Harry hopped up the hill. (Tear the paper from the fold toward the top of the heart.)

He didn't see the heart, so he hopped back down to his house. (Tear halfway down the outside edge of the heart.)

Harry still didn't see the heart. "Oh;' he cried, "Mom will be so sad if I can't find her heart. It must be somewhere near here!" Harry hopped down the hill. (Tear a little further down the half heart's outside.)

Still no heart! "I know that heart is nearby;' Harry said. "I know I'll find the heart for my Mother:' He hopped a little farther. (Tear to the bottom of the heart shape and remove the surrounding part of the paper.)

"What's that"," asked Harry. He leaned down and picked up something, and do you know what it was? (Unfold the heart.)

It was his mother's lost heart-shaped pin! (After the children exclaim about the heart. pick up the surrounding paper and open it up.)

And this is where Harry was hopping in the grass.

Arts & Crafts

Making Hearts

Demonstrate how to fold a sheet of paper in half, tear a curve around the fold, and then open the paper to make a heart, as in the story, "Mother's Heart:' Give each of your children a folded paper with a halfhearted drawn on the fold. Have them tear on or near the line, and open their paper to see the heart they've made.

Extension: In the art area, provide scissors and paper, and invite children to tear or cut out heart shapes.

Heart Caterpillar

Heart Snail

Fruit Loop Heart

hand Print Heart Tree

Theme Ideas

Delivering Hearts

Print each child's name on a sheet torn from a heart-shaped pad of paper. Place these in a heart-shaped box. Show your children a large paper heart and discuss its shape. Pass the box around the circle and let each child remove one heart. In turn have the children hold up their hearts. Let the group help them 'read" the name on the heart. Have the child holding the heart deliver it to its owner. As each child makes the delivery, lead the group in the following chant, substituting the recipient's name for Hal.

Heart Today

Hooray, hooray, hooray!
Hal gets a heart today.

Heart Figures

Have each of your children bring a carpet square to the circle. Cut many sizes of hearts from construction paper, enough for each child in the group to have at least six. Cut 20 hearts of various sizes from felt. Explain to your children that heart shapes can make other things. On the flannel board, use the felt hearts to construct different figures. Remove one figure before you demonstrate the next one. After you've shown a few figures, distribute the paper hearts. Challenge the children to use their rug squares as a work area and to make figures from their heart shapes. In turn, let them share their heart creations with the group by laying the carpet squares inside the circle.


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