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Songs & Fingerplays

Action Rhyme

Make a rebus chart of the following rhyme. Insert pictures for words that I've (") Read the chart with your children, and then let them act out the rhyme.

I Have Two

I have "2" (eyes) to see with.
I have "2" (feet) to stamp.
I have "2" (ears) to ear with.
I have "2" (hands) to clap.

I have "2" (legs) to jump and jiggle.
I have "2" (thumbs) that I can wiggle.
I have "2" (elbows) see them bend.
I have "2" (arms) to hug a friend.

Arts & Crafts

Glue sets of 2 things all over a large tagboard number 2 cutout. 2 buttons, 2 stickers, 2 pompoms, etc.

Theme Ideas

Two of Each

Have your children tell you how many shoes they are wearing. Discuss number 2. What else do they wear in twos (socks, gloves, earrings)? Then ask your children how many feet they have? What other body parts do they have in twos (eyes, ears, arms, legs, hands, elbows, etc.)?

What's A Pair?

Set out an assortment of items that come I pairs (mittens, socks, gloves, castanets, etc.). Arrange the pair of items in the center of the circle. Ask your children to tell you how many items are in each set. What does pair mean? How many items are in a pair? Invite your children to name other things that come in pairs.

Extension: Show your children some scissors and a pair of jeans. Why are these called a pair? What do they have two of?

Two by Two

Make a learning game by cutting index cards in half to make pairs of cards. Make sets of matching cards by attaching an identical sticker to each card in a pair. Pass out the cards among your children and then put a bottle in the middle of the circle. Spin the bottle so that it points to one of your children. Have that child show his or her card to the group. Have the rest of the children check their cards to see if they match.

Hint: This is a great way to dismiss children, two by two from circle time.


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