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Songs & Fingerplays

A Song of One

Make a rebus chart. Write the numerals "1" in black and use colored markers to draw picture mentioned. Read the song with your children, point to each picture on the rebus as it is mention in the song. Then sing the song as a group, letting your children take turns pointing to the pictures on the rebus chart.

A Song Of One - sung to "This Old Man"

I can sing a song of "1".
Singing "1" is always fun.
"1" brown (teddy bear) and "1" red (bow).
"1" yellow (sun) shining all aglow.

I can sing a song of "1".
Singing "1" is always fun.
"1" green (bullfrog), and "1" orange (fish).
"1" blue (blueberry), and "1" black (dish).

I can sing a song of "1"
Singing "1" is always fun.
"1" purple (ring) and "1" yellow (star).
"1" red (marble) and "1" blue (car).

I can sing a song of "1"
Singing "1" is always fun.
So, sing along and have a lot of fun.
Until our song of "1" is done.

Arts & Crafts

A Book About One

At art time have each of your children draw only one item on a sheet of paper. Compile the drawing into a group book and put the authors names on their individual pages. Read the book at circle time, emphasizing the number one of every page; for instance, "Holy drew one rainbow."

Extension: Put the book in your classroom library so children can "read" it independently.

Theme Ideas

Eating One

With your children, discuss the foods they like to eat. Some foods (apple, hamburger) are usually eaten at one at a time. Other foods (beans, peas, spaghetti) are eaten in bigger quantities. Have the children think of foods that are eaten in ones.

The Onester

From felt, make a "onester" shape for your flannel board. Cut out a large head and body shape (without limbs), one each of other body parts (eye, hand, leg, arm, etc.) and a red felt heart. Display the head and body shapes on your flannel board and distribute the felt body parts among your children. Make up a a story about the "onester". (He had one arm, one leg one eye, one ear, etc.) As you mention each body part, have the child holding that part place it on the flannel board to make a ridiculous looking creature. Save the heart for last and end your story, "And he had one big heart, so everyone loved him."


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