What Daycare Providers
Love & Hate Most About Their Jobs

Collected from the seasoned members of the
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I LOVE the kids, I love to spoil someones else's child & send them home. I love getting phone calls from DCP telling me they are bringing their 3-month-old back to my house to move in because he likes me more than he does them.

What I like most about my job.............the kids of course! I love when a parent tells me their child was singing or doing something that I taught them.

What I love about doing childcare is being able to spend time with my children while also supplying a culture rich environment for several children to develop social skills.

The best things about my job are hugs and caring from the children, the excitement of the children when they learn or do something new, and having cool teachers in the class next to me. One more thing I really like is to make messes so it helps to work with kids.

Being around children, seeing things through their eyes. Being free to drop everything, turn on the music, and dance.

That I am able to stay home with my own children and also earn a good living. I enjoy working with children and feel I am making a positive impact in their lives. Even though I know they'd really rather be home with Mom, I'm their Aunt Laura during the day. I like being my own boss and having control over my own day, rather than punching a time clock somewhere.

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I love being home for my own children when they return from school each day. I love the time I get to spend with my dc babies and love to give them back to their parents at the end of the day!

Smiling Faces, hugs, kisses, I did it's, giggles, laughter, I love you's, appreciative parents.

Love not having to drag my kids out in the morning in bad weather. Love being home for snow days with hot chocolate and sledding. Love having dcks who love to come here. Love being here for my kids even if they have to share me. I love not paying someone else to raise my kids but I also like being able to help raise others. Love smiles, hugs, giggles, and sloppy kisses!

Love being home for my own kids, love spending time with the dcks and watching them learn and play, love when I have great dcf's that appreciate what I do.

Three things I like: 1) Being able to be home for my children before and after school and having time to spend with them. 2) Being able to have a positive effect (teaching the children and informing the parents of different resources available to them) on families that HAVE to use childcare. 3) All the smiles, hugs, kisses, mud pies, painted shirts, eyes of wonderment and I did it's and being able to see that the work I do is important.

Three things I like about my job. Being busy. The funny things kids come up with. Example: "Aunt Ruthie, I have a grandson and SHE lives under the sea." Translation - To Mikey, a relative is a grandson. He has an aunt who lives in Florida near the ocean. Logical to me! Having an excuse to buy all the cutest toys.


I dislike rude, inconsiderate parents. Disrespect is BIG no, I can't handle a parent who does this.

What I don't like about my job......... the parents! I have been taken advantage of time and time again by parents. They make the job less fun.

What I dislike the most is having parents deviate from a schedule, often by hours, without thinking to give me notice. I also dislike being told about a parent's holiday expenses, etc. trying to explain why they will be late paying when they seem not to notice that I have those very same expenses.

The worst parts are parents who have "perfect kids" (I'm sure you know what I mean, the ones that are offended when you tell them something happened), parents that don't make an effort in their child's life, (for example sending the child in jeans and no other clothes with him on swimming day, and not being concerned with it when you tell them), and lastly, putting up with bosses that sometimes think they know everything, and they don't.

Parents who believe a signed contract is negotiable or doesn't really pertain to them.

I dislike the fact that my job comes with a few benefits, such as insurance and retirement. I *really* dislike it when parents are irresponsible. When they bring a sick child to my door and act irritated when I have to ask them to come back when their child is well, so as not to risk illness to my other daycare children, as well as my own. When they do not bring their children in weather-appropriate clothing (no coat in winter, etc.). When they "forget" to bring diapers on a regular basis. Such a lack of concern is shown for the child.....this kind of stuff really makes me angry. I also dislike getting up at 5:30 AM. :-)

I LOATHE parents thinking that I have no overhead, "She has to have the lights on if she is home anyway" and that I can wait until it is convenient for them to pay me!

Late (pick-ups & Payments) Parents, Sick children with parents nowhere to be found, unappreciative parents.

Hate being taken advantage of and others not understanding the amount of work and patience it takes to do this job. Hate it when parents are too accommodating to their children thus undoing everything we are trying to learn here. Hate it when the parents have so much guilt for placing their child in care that they forget who is the parent and who is the child.

Hate when I am not appreciated and dcp think the rules don't apply to them, hate having to ask for my paycheck, hate when dcps bring sick kids!

Things I strongly dislike: 1) Being called a babysitter - I do not get to watch tv or play on the computer all day long nor do I sit on babies. People assuming I have an EASY JOB 2) Parents that tell me they never wanted children in the first place and it shows 3) Parents that are not honest.

Things I don't like. Feeling like I can never take a day off. Not being paid, winning the case in small claims court and still not being paid. Parents who don't respect us. Example: A parent who showed up 3 hours late and told me it was my fault because I had the kids outside when she called and got the message machine. She didn't leave a message. She said I should have a cell phone. Example: a parent who said "You have too much protein in your diet and it won't come out of my child's clothes" She wanted to dress her child in party clothes every day and didn't want her to go outside to play because she would get dirty.

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