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Snow and Snowmen
What small child does not like a
Snow and Snowman theme! There are
so many fun activities to go along
with this theme! Here you can find
8 pages fun of them!

Groundhog's Day
Will the groundhog see his shadow
this year? Make this into a fun
theme with some special activities!

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is such a fun day
for a Preschooler! You can find 4
pages of fun ideas here!

President's Day
President's Day is Monday, Feb. 16!
On this page you can find songs,
arts and craft ideas, and more for
this special day!

Penguins are so cute! But there
is more to this enchanting animal
than that! Come here to find out!


Step By Step Newsletter
My daycare newsletter updated
monthly. Also see my monthly
daycare calendar.

Daycare Forms
Forms for everything daycare!
New forms added regularly.

Daycare Articles
A series of articles written
by Fiona Lohrenz. She gives
advice on starting and operating
a child care service.

Advertising & Promoting
Your Daycare

Tried and true and unique
ways to market your family
child care business.

Information & Resources
You will find tons of info
here! Everything from being
burnt out to gift ideas for
providers to some great
parenting articles.

Daycare Advice for Newbies
Sensible advice from seasoned
providers for newbies in the


Mickey, Minnie and Measles
Some recent visitors to Disneyland
left the fabled theme park with a
souvenir they won't soon forget:

Brutally Honest: Is it OK to Spy
On Your Kids?

Whether you think spying on your kids
is acceptable in today's digital age
or a breach of trust seems to really
depend on how you define "spying" in
the first place.

For Birth Control, What's Old Is
New Again

"I can't afford to get pregnant,"
says 25-year-old Aisha Mukooza.
So every morning, for the past two
and a half years, Aisha's been strict
about taking her temperature as soon
as her alarm goes off at 6 a.m.

What if You Don't Like Your Kids Friends?
If it hasn't happened already, it probably
will at some point: the moment you don't
like one of your child's friends. What do
you do?

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