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      Arts & Crafts

      Ghostly Hands

      Buy a bunch of plastic gloves (you can get them at the dollar store) with no powder on them. Pop mounds of popcorn. Have Kids fill gloves with Popcorn. Tie off the end with string or twist tie. Draw a ghost face on the palm part of the glove. They are ghosts!

      Halloween Bottle

      Take an empty, clear 20oz bottle add orange colored water or you can have children add some red and yellow food coloring if you want to demonstrate how the color orange is made, add some Halloween confetti (bats, moons, witches, ghosts), glitter - hot glue or tape on the lid .

      ~Submitted by Judie in FL

      Halloween Stamping

      Use halloween sponges or cookie cutters and let children stamp them onto paper (orange)

      Trick or Treat Bag

      Make a halloween trick or treat bag by using lunch sacks and decorate with halloween stickers, cut out ghosts, pumpkins, bats, etc. Tape or staple a piece of yarn for a handle at the top of bag.

      ~Submitted by Susan

      Haunted House

      This is a cute Halloween craft we have done. Cover the carton in yellow constuction paper then cover in black constuction paper Cut out window flaps and door flaps and have the children use Halloween stickers under the flaps for a haunted house.

      ~Submitted by Diane

      Cute Halloween Craft Idea

      Cut a landscaping timber into 6" sections.let the kids paint them orange. With adult supervision, pound a small twig & 1 silk leaf into the top of the timber. Then let the kids paint faces on their 'pumpkins".

      ~Submitted by Debb

      I am a Daycare Provider, and have been for some 5 yrs now. This is a craft we do every Halloween. Take adult size rubber gloves, like doctors use. Then pop some popcorn. You will also need carmel corn candy, and some plastic Halloween kids rings. Have the kids put carmel corn candy in the finger tips of all the fingers, then have the kids stuff the hands with popcorn. Make sure you do this at snack time! HAHA! They like to eat half of it! Then when you are done stuffing it full, put Halloween rings on the fingers. Take some black string and tie the gloves shut. Make sure you have enough string left over to hang the scarry hands from the ceiling! The kids love to do this craft!

      ~Submitted by Janel in Montana

      My name is Guyla & I have been a daycare provider for almost 6 years. I have just moved to a different house with my dh,ds & dd. I am still trying to get organized but felt the need to start decorating for Halloween today. I am in the planning stages for my Oct. calendar for crafts. I have mostly 2 year olds so I'm always in search of easy craft ideas. If any of you have 20 oz plastic pop bottles you can paint them orange then use a black marker and make pumpkins or black with white eyes and add construction paper for wings. We will then hang them from the ceiling.


      A Treat for a Trick (Trick or Treat Game)

      Make up a bag of candy or small treats. Make up another bag (or box) of 'tricks.' The tricks will be written on small pieces of paper, folded in half. On each paper write a trick that the child has to perform in order to get a piece of candy. (You can alternately have a booby prize too...maybe spider rings or something for kids that don't want to perform the trick or are too shy) On the papers write things like: Count to 10 while holding your tongue, Sing the alphabet, while hopping on one foot, Sing the Barney song, while spinning around, Hop on one foot and pat your head 10 times, Say Happy Halloween with a marshmallow in your mouth, Make your scariest face, Screech like a witch, Walk like a zombie.

      Any kind of silly thing or you can make it times tables, Naming state capitals, presidents, whatever.

      Catch the Spider

      Make "spiders" from marshmallows and black licorice strings. Thread a string through it. Hang it from a stick. An adult holds the stick and swings it back and forth. Kids try to catch the "spider" with their mouth. Hands behind their backs.

      Search For Pirates' Treasure Chest

      Player searches for treasure by completing obstacle course. Examples for course are walk plank on balance beams, climb steps, wiggle through chairs,a nd crawl through tunnel made by covering table with sheet.

      ~Submitted by Barb in Texas

      Rat In His Hole

      Player stands beside quart jar and drops clothespins or rubber rats (found at pet stores) into jar.

      ~Submitted by Barb in Texas

      Boo Walk

      Print out paper size pictures related to your party theme. Laminate or contact for durability. Make small notecard size copy of each picture. Tape the large pics to the floor in a circle. Add music and a bucket to draw the smaller pics out of and you have a cake-walk-type-game. We used goodie bags one year and then just trinkets the following year. Kids LOVE this game.

      ~Submitted by Betheny

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