Grandparent's Day

National Grandparent's Day is celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day

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Songs & Fingerplays

Let's Go See Our Grandparents - sung to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"

Let's go see our grandparents,
Take us there for a while.
Mommy and Daddy both need a break.
We'll play games and we'll stay up real late!

Oh, we want to thank our grandparents
For all the things that they do,
So it's you're the best
And that we love you!

Grandma's Spectacles - Fingerplay

These are grandma's spectacles,
(make circles around eyes with fingers)
This is grandma's hat.
(use both hands and cup on the head)
This is the way she folds her hands,
(fold hands)
And puts them on her lap.
(put hands in lap)
These are Grandpa's spectacles
This is Grandpa's hat
And this is the way he folds his arms

Arts & Crafts

Quick Planters or Storage Jars

Wash out old baby food jars and peel off the labels. Using some colored tissue paper, wrap the jar and seal by putting a rubber band around the lip of the jar. Fluff up the pieces of tissue paper that stand over the lip. Have your child decorate carefully with markers or with stickers. Then, fill the jar with dirt and a small store-bought plant (with roots already started). For a storage jar, you can fill it with paperclips and other desk items for a working grandparent, or with nails and screws for the tool-savvy grandparent.

Mail Holder or Picture Frame

This activity requires popsicle sticks, glue, and patience. You will glue the sticks together and decorate with markers, stickers, paint, or glitter. For the picture frame, paste the corners of four sticks together, making a square. Let dry. Then, glue approximately five or six sticks down horizontally to this base (this will be the back support). Let dry. Then glue four more stick around the corners again (this will serve as the final picture frame). When dry, glue on a photo (cut to the correct size) onto the back support. Finally, when that is dry, have your child decorate the frame with stickers, markers, or glitter. For the mail holder, glue five sticks horizontally to form the base. When dry, add the sides by gluing three sticks together and gluing to the dry base. Use six sticks for the back and four for the front. When dry, decorate with your markers, stickers or glitter.

Handprint Picture, Cloth Bag, or T-Shirt

For a quick card, get some construction paper and finger paint. Paint your child's hand and print it on the paper. Then, interview your child and record his/her words on the construction paper. Try to solicit answers to such questions as "What do you like most about Grandma?" "What would you like to do with Grandpa today?" or "What does Nana look like to you?" To decorate a cloth bag (available at supermarkets and craft stores) or a plain white T-shirt, you will need to purchase fabric paints or fabric markers (found in art stores), so the colors will not wash off in the washing machine. You can use the paints to make your child's handprints or use markers and stencils to draw pictures. Don't forget to add words such as "To the Greatest Grandma" (or Grandpa).

Cute Card

The children paint their fingers a "flowery" color(s) and their palms green. They then place their hands down on white construction paper creating "handprint flowers." They then glue this to a larger piece of construction paper (their choice of colors) and glue a paper heart to the center. (Some may be able to cut out the hearts themselves.) This poem is then glued to the "card":

A Piece of Me - written by Kathleen Lademan

A piece of me I give to you:
I painted this flower to say "I Love You"
The heart is you, the hand is me
To show we are friends, the best there can be
I hope we'll save it and look back someday
At the flower, we shared on your special day.

Theme Ideas

Learn how to say "grandma" and "grandpa" in a different language.


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