Behavior Issue Letter

Dear ______________,

This letter is in support of and a follow-up to our conversation on ___________________(date). I wanted to let you know there has been no improvement in _________'s behavior this first day back. I do not expect a miracle the first day back after a weekend, but I feel that we will be better suited to resolve this most expediently if we keep the communication of this issue on the table.

We must hold _____________ accountable for his/her behavior. This is hurting people physically and emotionally, especially for the littlest ones being bullied. One of the most unfortunate incidences today was __________(tell story here).

Additionally, I made note of other incidences and will be closely watching to see if there are any triggers for this lashing, or if it is done out of defiance. My concern is that we are not effectively addressing this very serious behavior issue. We must be consistent with each and every situation where _________ is using negative ways to express himself/herself.

I think, like any other parenting tactic, that the key is consistency across the board in how we handle it. Verbal warnings and redirection are not showing positive results. I am interested in hearing what you have used at home when correcting him/her.

Over the past _______ months, while caring for _______, I have witnessed considerably more than what I have revealed to you. I certainly do not want to end the day with what could be misinterpreted as complaints. I see this behavior escalating. As we discussed on Friday, I do agree that _________ needs to be held accountable by you for his behavior while in my care. I have also noticed that when he/she hits or kicks family members in the rush during drop-offs and pick-ups, he/she is not reprimanded. I think this would be another time when we should start addressing the issue.

Consistency is the key. It cannot be okay to hurt people anywhere regardless of who they are. I am not saying I feel you are doing anything wrong, but it is happening then and it needs to stop. I will be glad to approach this in any effective manner so that we are in agreement with and consistent with this problem.

I believe a behavior sheet may be an avenue of which I can communicate how the day went. (This is also good documentation for ________'s file concerning this ongoing problem.) Please give me any and all feedback you have on this so we can work through this with ___________ in a way that benefits all the children in my care, especially ____________.

I feel this is a rectifiable situation, and my hopes are that I do not have to terminate care.

~form submitted by Becce in Missouri edited lots by me