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Songs & Fingerplays

Poppin' Popcorn - sung to "The Muffin Man"

Do you know how to pop popcorn,
Pop popcorn, pop popcorn?
Do you know how to pop popcorn?

Make it hot and watch it pop,
Watch it pop, watch it pop.
Make it hot and watch it pop.

Pour in a bowl and share with a friend,
Share with a friend, share with a friend.
Pour in a bowl and share with a friend,

I'm a Little Popcorn Kernel

I'm a Little Popcorn Kernel,
(sit on floor with arms around your knees in ball)

Shaking to and fro,
(rock back and forth)

When the oven gets hot enough
(uncurl slowly)

Pop! I go!
(jump up)

Arts & Crafts

Popcorn Collage

Colored Glue (paint or food coloring mixed with glue)

Provide your children with many different colors of glue. Let them basically paint a picture with the glue (glue must be thick enough to hold popcorn) and then have them press popcorn onto the painted parts. This makes a cute and creative collage look!

Another Popcorn Collage

Take dry tempra paint, put in baggies. Pop popcorn, and place in baggies. Shake to make different colors of popcorn. Use to make a colorful collage!

In The Kitchen

Apple-Red Popcorn

Use only food paste, not liquid food coloring sold in the grocery store.

2 quarts popped popcorn
2 tablespoons melted butter
Red food paste

Put the popcorn into a large bowl. Add a little red food paste to the melted butter, stir well, and drizzle over popcorn. Stir gently to spread the color throughout the popcorn.


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