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March 2 is the birthdate of Dr. Seuss. Born Theodor Seuss Geisel, Dr. Seuss has entertained children and adults alike with his rhyming text, wacky story lines, and made-up words.

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Songs & Fingerplays

Cat in the Hat Fingerplay

One little cat on a sunny day
Put on his hat and went out to play
Two little cats when it started getting dark
Put on their hats and went to the park.
Three little cats when the sky was blue
Put on their hats and went to the zoo.
Four little cats by the kitchen door
Put on their hats and went to the store.
Five little cats on a sunny day
Put on their hats and they all ran away

Arts & Crafts

Cat in the Hat

Use a large piece of white construction paper and have students paint, color, or glue on red stripes. Cut "tabs" in the paper by making 1-inch cuts along the bottom and turn the tabs outward. Cut the inside out of a paper plate. Roll the striped paper into a cylinder, insert the cylinder into the paper plate and staple the tabs of the cylinder to the paper plate. The plate forms the brim of the hat. Add a chin strap if needed.

In The Kitchen

Cat in the Hat Edible Hats

1 Ritz cracker
3 Red Lifesavers (gummy ones would work best)
small amount of white frosting or cream cheese

Students assemble their edible cat's hats by placing the Ritz cracker on the bottom, spreading the white frosting, placing one red lifesaver, spreading more frosting, etc. (alternating the frosting and lifesavers). Students end up with a miniature Cat in the Hat hat!

Theme Ideas

For pre-vocational skills, students can decorate a spring basket made out of a milk carton (they can be collected at the school cafeteria) and cover it with construction paper, add grassy ester filler inside, and gather green plastic Easter eggs and fill them up with goodies for children (candy or small toys). The green plastic eggs will serve to represent the green eggs from the story green eggs and ham. As the theme is being extended by making spring baskets, students will be doing a good cause by donating the spring baskets to special needs children in the school. The baskets can be presented to the children after the story Green Eggs and Ham is read to them.

~Submitted by Valerie from Florida

Read the story Green Eggs and ham. Then have the kids make scrambled eggs and chop pieces of spinach and ham into it. (or use green food coloring) Could also use a flannel board or rebus board and have the kids do the story by looking at the pictures.

~Submitted by Criss


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