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Hi, my name is Jana and I'd like to welcome you to Step By Step Child Care online! Step By Step Child Care was an in-home Child Care located in Ohio which operated from January 1991 until October 2015. I have a lot of information and resources and experience to share with you. If you are starting daycare or have been in business a while and need new ideas, you can find daycare forms, daycare menus, daycare advertising tips, support, and much more here. If you work with children as a preschool teacher in a child care facility or daycare center or in a family daycare setting or perhaps you are a homeschooling mom or parent and you are looking for preschool activities or preschool crafts or preschool curriculum, you have come to the right place. Within my daycare website, you can find children's poems, songs, games and more. I hope you have as much fun surfing through my pages as I've had making them for you.

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