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Songs & Fingerplays

If Your Clothes Have Any Red - sung to "If You're Happy and You Know It"

If your clothes have any red, any red,
If your clothes have any red, any red,
If your clothes have any red,
Put your finger on your head,
If your clothes have any red, any red.

~Submitted by Paulette

Arts & Crafts

Red Collages

Set out sheets of white or red construction paper, scissors and glue. Let the children look through magazines to find red pictures. Then have them cut or tear out the pictures and glue them on their papers to make collages. Let younger children choose from precut pictures.

Theme Ideas

Red Ideas

1. We played a RAINBOW SHAPE game, recognizing colors and shapes.
2. We counted and patterned crayons. We matched colors. We made a picture with those colors.
3. We practiced spelling the word RED.* We rhymed RED.* We printed the word RED*

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

More Red Ideas

1. We traced, cut, and sponge painted ELMO red.
2. We sorted, patterned, and counted beans painted 6 different colors.
3. We played GRIN AND BEAR IT, a color match game, with colors and color words.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare


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Red Day - Family Theme Days

For any color day:

1) Make Vanilla pudding and add food coloring of the color you want.
2) Make Jell-O in the color you want and even add some fruit of that color.
3) Kool-Aid Art - Sprinkle Kool-Aid powder of the desired color on a large piece of white paper. Use Spray bottles to spray the KoolAid with water. It makes some very interesting artwork that smells good, too!!!!!
4) Fingerpaint with the color you are "studying."
5) Fill the water table and add food coloring of the desired color and toys of the desired color.
6) Make some colored water using food coloring and freeze it in ice trays the day or night before. Then, Put them on trays or in the water table and watch them melt to make colored water. If you use different colored ice cubes, the colors will mix to make new colors.

These are some things I do in my preschool special needs classroom!!!!

~Submitted by Lisa in North Carolina

Quick Starts for Red Day

* Take a walk to collect red autumn leaves
* Eat strawberries
* Make tomato soup
* Play the game Red Rover
* Visit a local fire station to see the red fire engines
* Fingerpaint with white paint, then add a little red to create pink


* Dress in clothes that are the color of the day
* Add the desired color of food coloring to playdoh and set it out on the art table
* Take a walk to look for a particular color of car
* Dip cooked spaghetti in the desired color of paint and let it "dance" across white paper
* Make chart listing foods that are the color of the day
* String the desired color of buttons on matching colored telephone wire to make necklaces
* Use paper plates and napkins that are the color of the day for snack time
* Try guessing how many of the same colored buttons, beads, etc., there are in a glass jar, then count to see who came the closest.
* Add food coloring to white glue to coordinate with the color of the day.
* Mix cream cheese with the desired color of fruit or vegetable bits (tomatoes, pineapple, blueberries, etc.) and spread on crackers for snack.
* Plan a scavenger hunt to search for objects that are the desired color.
* Freeze water tinted with the desired color of food coloring in milk cartons to make ice sculptures for the water table.
* Use the desired color of paper cups for stacking in pyramids or for counting.
* Make finger Jell-o coordinate with the color of the day.
* Tint rice with the desired color of food coloring to use for sandbox play.

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