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Songs & Fingerplays

The Squirrel - fingerplay

Whisky, Frisky
Up he goes
To the top
Whirly, Twirly,
Round and round
Down he scampers
To the ground
Furly, Curly,
Tall as a feather
Broad as a sail
Where's his supper
In a shell
Snappity, Crackity,
Out it fell.

There was a little squirrel.
He ran up a tree.
When he turned around
He threw a nut at me

See the Squirrels - sung to "Brother John"

See the squirrels,
See the squirrels,
Climb the tree
Climb the tree.
Hiding nuts for winter
Hiding nuts for winter.
In the tree
In the tree.

Arts & Crafts

Cut out an outline of a squirrel, and lie it flat in the bottom of a box (or any container with sides). Place a spot of paint on the squirrel and then add several acorns. Roll the acorns through the paint to make painted designs on your squirrels.

~Submitted by Larissa from Ontario, Canada

Nut Painting

collect different kinds of nuts for children to investigate. Place a squirrel shaped contruction paper in a flat box. Put nuts into a small container with paint. Have children scoop out nuts and place on squirrel. Tip the box to have the nuts roll back and forth (similiar to marble painting).

~Submitted by Donna from California

Theme Ideas

What Do Squirrels Eat?

Search the internet to find out what squirrels eat and then take the children on a walk outside to collect these items and place in a cup or bag.

Circle Time Question Ideas

Do squirrels crack nuts?
Is it as hard for a squirrel to crack nuts as it is for us?
Do squirrels use nutcrackers?


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