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Book List

A Busy Year - Leo Lionni
A Clean House For Mole and Mouse - Harriet Ziefert
A Garden for Miss Mouse - Michaela Muntean
Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse - Leo Lionni
Come Out And Play, Little Mouse - Robert Kraus
Count With Maisy - Lucy Cousins
City Mouse and Country Mouse: A Classic Fairy Tale
Frederick - Leo Lionni
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - Laura Joffe Numeroff
Little Mouse's Birthday Cake - Thacher Hurd
Maisy's Bedtime - Lucy Cousins
Maisy's Colors - Lucy Cousins
Maisy Dresses Up - Lucy Cousins
Maisy Makes Gingerbread - Lucy Cousins
Maisy's Pool - Lucy Cousins
Mouse - Sara Bonnett Stein
Mouse Count - Ellen Stoll Walsh
Mouse Paint - Ellen Stoll Walsh
Mouse Views: What The Class Pet Saw - Bruce McMillan
Mousekin's Frosty Friend - Edna Miller
Mousekin's Woodland Birthday - Edna Miller
Muffin Mouse's New House - Larry DiFiori
Seven Blind Mice - Ed Young
Stuart Little - E.B. White
The Kitten Who Thought He Was A Mouse - Miriam Norton
The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear - Don and Audrey Wood
The Mother's Day Mice - Eve Bunting
The Silly Sisters - Dave Werner
The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse - Jan Brett
Theodore Mouse Goes to Sea - Michaela Muntean
Three Blind Mice: The Classic Nursery Rhyme - John W. Ivimey
Tillie And The Wall - Leo Lionni
Two Tiny Mice - Alan Baker
Where Are You Going, Little Mouse? - Robert Kraus
Where Is Maisy? - Lucy Cousins
Whose Mouse Are You? - Robert Kraus

--Bake cookies to go with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.
--Use rubber mice to make mouseprints with paint to go with Mouse Paint.
--Use rubber mice for counting and sorting activities.
--Play Mouse Trap board game.
--Play movement games--trying to be 'as quiet as a mouse.'
--Design Mouse traps using a variety of recycle materials.
--I also made a box of small props to go with the story (ie small mouse puppet, cookie, etc) and covered the box (a cigar box but any will do) with choc chip cookie packaging.

~Submitted by Barbie

Songs & Fingerplays

Five Hungry Mice

Oh, five hungry mice
Found a box full of rice;
So they ran to the top
With a squeal and a hop,
To eat all the rice
That they knew would taste nice;
Oh, five hungry mice
And a box full of rice!

Those five hungry mice,
Dived right into the rice;
And they munched and they crunched
'Till they'd eaten a bunch.
They ate all the rice
'Cause it tasted so nice;
No more hungry mice
And no more box of rice!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Mouse Fingerplay

Boing, boing, squeak
Boing, boing, squeak
A bouncing mouse is in my house
He's been there for a week. (chorus)

He came from out of nowhere
And quickly settled in.
I'm thankful that he came alone,
I heard he had a twin.

He bounces in the kitchen
He bounces in the den
He bounces in the living room
Look, there he goes again

That mouse just keeps on bouncing
every minute of the day
He bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
But he does not bounce away

~Submitted by Lou in SC

Hickory Dickory Dock
The Mouse went up the clock
The Clock struck two
The mouse said "Boo"
Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock
The Mouse went up the clock
The Clock struck three
The mouse said "Whee!"
Hickory Dickory Dock

~Submitted by Lou in SC

Three Gray Mice - sung to "Three Blind Mice"

Three gray mice, three gray mice,
See how they run. See how they run.
They all were chased by the farmer's cat.
They ran and hid in an old straw hat.
Did you ever see such a sight as that?
Three gray mice, three gray mice.

~Linda Ferguson (read Tillie And The Wall with this)


I think mice
Are rather nice.
Their tails are long
Their faces small,
They haven't any
Chins at all.
Their ears are pink,
Their teeth are white,
They run about
The house at night.
They nibble things
They shouldn't touch
And no one seems
To like them much.
But *I* think mice
Are nice.

~Submitted by Barbie

Mice Fingerplay

Five merry mice were born in May.
(Show five fingers.)
The first one said, “In the Mud, let’s play.”
(Touch thumb.)
The second one said, “No way, Jose!"
(Touch index.)
The third one said, “In the middle I must stay.”
(Touch middle.)
The fourth one said, “ I am mad today.”
(Touch ring finger.)
The fifth one said, “Our Mom we must obey.”
(Touch little finger.)

~Submitted by Paulette

Three Blind Mice

Three blind mice,
Three blind mice,
See how they run!
See how they run!
They all ran after the farmer's wife,
Who cut off their tails with a carving knife,
Did you ever see such a sight in your life,
As three blind mice?

Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory, dickory, dock,
The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck one,
The mouse ran down,
Hickory, dickory, dock.

Little Mousie

Here's a little mousie. (Cup hands and stick finger out)
Peeking through a hole. (Peek to left/right)
Peek to the left.
Peek to the right.
Pull your head back in, (Pull head in)
There's a cat in sight ! (Meow as if cat)

~Submitted by Barbie

Five Little Mice

Five little mice came out to play,
Gathering crumbs along the way,
Out came pussycat sleek and fat;
Four little mice go scampering back

Four little mice came out to play
Gathering crumbs along the way
Out came pussycat sleek and fat
Three little mice go scampering back

Three little mice came out to play
Gathering crumbs along the way
Out came pussycat sleek and fat
Two little mice go scampering back

Two little mice came out to play
Gathering crumbs along the way
Out came pussycat sleek and fat
One little mouse goes scampering back

One little mouse came out to play
Gathering crumbs along the way
Out came pussycat sleek and fat
No little mice go scampering back

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Five Little Mice on the Pantry Floor

Five little Mice on the pantry floor
This little mouse - he peeked around the door
(hold one finger 'crooked' like peeking)
This little mouse - he nibbled on some cake;
(make eating motions with hand)
This little mouse - not a sound did he make!
(make "shhhh" to mouth)
This little mouse - took a big bite of cheese! (make BIG biting motion)
And this little mouse - he heard the kitten sneeze!
ACHOO!!!! sneezed the kitten
(yell achoo)
and SQUEAK they all cried!
(yell squeak)
They found their hole and hurried inside!!!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

5 Little Mice

Five little mice were hungry as could be
"Let's go to the kitchen and see what we can see!"
The first little mouse found a tasty cookie crumb.
(See the tie-in?)
He ate it right up and said, "Yum Yum!"
The second little mouse found a piece of jelly bread.
"That snack was pretty good" he said
The third little mouse said
"For goodness sake Just look at that delicious chocolate cake!"
The fourth little mouse found a big piece of cheese.
All of a sudden he started to sneeze!
The fifth little mouse hollered,
"We'd better scat! Here comes Tommy that big old cat!"

Use cut out mice--Duplicated a cute mouse pattern onto gray paper and cut them out and laminate. Tape them --5-- onto my big book stand (easel) and remove them one by one while telling the story and we act out this fingerplay as a drama.)

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Mouse Fingerplay

There was a little mouse
(stick up right thumb)
And he lived in a hole
(insert right thumb into left fist)
And when everything was quiet, as quiet as can be
Out popped he!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

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