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Songs & Fingerplays

B, B, B - sung to "Three Blind Mice"

B, B, B; B, B, B,
How many B's can I see?
There's B for butterflies in the air,
B for buttons found here and there,
B for bears found everywhere.
B, B, B.

~Submitted by Susan N.

Arts & Crafts

Letter B Craft

Cut out a large letter B from tagboard and let the children glue buttons or dried beans all over it.

B is for Bird

B is for Buttons

B is for Boat

Theme Ideas

"Bb" Activities

* In a box place items that start with B - ball, banana, bandage, basket, bat, bear, bell, belt, bib, blanket, block, book, boot, bottle, bowl, brush, butterfly

* Blow bubbles

* Bow for B's - Print B's and some other letters on index cards. Have children Bow when they see the letter B

* "B" birds in birdhouse - make a birdhouse by turning a medium size box upside down. Cut a hole in one side. Color or cover the house. Make some birds and on some of them place the letter B and on others birds put other letters. Only B birds can go in the house.

~Submitted by Susan N.


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