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Songs & Fingerplays

A,A, what can I say?

Just what can I say about the letter A?
Airplane and alligator start w/ an A
Acorn and apple begin the same way
Anchor and astronaut start w/ an A, too
As do apron and acrobat, to name just a few.
Abracadabra begins w/ an A
It's a magical word that I like to say
Ant and ax both stat w/ an A
Let's here it for A! Hip hip hurray

~Submitted by Susan in OH

Arts & Crafts

**Cut out a large letter A - decorate with pictures of apples,apple prints, or apple stickers OR put ant stickers.

~Submitted by Susan in OH

"My "Aa" Book"

Make the pages to look like apples. On each page glue on a picture that begins with Aa.

~Submitted by Susan in OH

A is for Apple

Theme Ideas

Aa Box

Get a box or tub and put in as many things that start with A - acorn, airplane, album, alligator, angel, apple, apron, astronaut

~Submitted by Susan in OH

Aa Tree

Make a tree out of felt for flannelboard. Put a felt letter A on the tree trunk. Cut apple shapes from construction paper and glue on pictures, some that begin w/ A and some that do not. The children have to figure out which apples go on the tree.

~Submitted by Susan in OH


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