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Spring is coming soon!! Want to do
a spring theme with the children?
Three full pages of spring-related
activities here!

Easter is on Sunday, April 20.
I have 4 fun-filled, cute arts
and craft, songs, and theme
ideas on my Easter pages.

Children love ducks! Why not do a
duck theme? This page will get you
started with books, songs, arts and
crafts, and even duck recipes!

Most children love pancakes! How
about having a fun Pancake Day?
Great idea starters right here!


Step By Step Newsletter
My daycare newsletter updated
monthly. Also see my monthly
daycare calendar.

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Forms for everything daycare!
New forms added regularly.

Daycare Articles
A series of articles written
by Fiona Lohrenz. She gives
advice on starting and operating
a child care service.

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Your Daycare

Tried and true and unique
ways to market your family
child care business.

Information & Resources
You will find tons of info
here! Everything from being
burnt out to gift ideas for
providers to some great
parenting articles.

Daycare Advice for Newbies
Sensible advice from seasoned
providers for newbies in the


Acetaminophen in pregnancy linked
to 'ADHD-like behaviors'

Doctors frequently recommend
acetaminophen, commonly found in
over-the-counter pain relievers
including Tylenol, to pregnant women
for treating mild pain.

Study: Signs of autism may show up
as early as first month

The first signs of autism may be visible
as early as the first month of a child's
life, according to a study published
Wednesday in the scientific journal

Kids of less-educated moms may
have noisier brains

A mother's level of education has
strong implications for a child's
development. Northwestern University
researchers show in a new study that
low maternal education is linked to a
noisier nervous system in children,
which could affect their learning.

Pertussis vaccine in teens may
reduce infant hospitalizations

More adolescents being vaccinated for
pertussis appears to result in fewer
pertussis-related hospitalizations in
infants, according to a new study
published in the journal Pediatrics.

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